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  1. Very good choices,I'm over electronicized probably would have difficulty without the Net.Yellow Pages and phone books are only online. Now.TRY to look things up WITHOUT THE NET.I guess you are more real as a person.I agree about having good books.--and the squirrels jump off my roof like acrobats 6:AM HAH--and jump onto a near branch bouncing."Morning Squirrel"! Then there's the "Afternoon Squirrel", too,same act.Nature still has the best act.
  2. YES,I had to get Xfinity Comcast cable TV in Oregon it's the monopoly here.I don't think besides the Dish(which I can't use cause of the heights of my TREES deletes a Dish)there is any basic good t.v. options.XFINITY IS TERRIBLE. I only kept it cause I got"The Threesome"cable TV,the Net,and my phone uses the Net.And it's good for long distance,so they did that.Got TCM extra ten or $15.I also had a friend call up Xfinity,she volunteered,and I got WETV cause I can't exist without my weekly "dope" of LAW AND ORDER. (strange channel but I'm white.)Altogether,phone,Net,TCM,regular bad cable, and WE
  3. YES, signed up several times, never get it.HOW do you get it?Experts?AND I use Chrome.Maybe the guide don't like Yahoo,lots people hate it,TCM HATE YAHOO?WHAT EMAIL does TCM LIKE?IS IT XFINITY xing it out?That's the carrier.IS there any tech master of Forums?Moderator?Moderator? Nope?🤨
  4. Yes,if you look at Hollywood, so much of men in it are huge f----- you get disgusted. Maybe even most of them.You think R.Crumb was a nice guy too?I saw the drawings he did of little school girls in their school uniforms he was very attracted and he said on it"don't stare too long."--So he really did that.Stared.I'm not too surprised about Woody Allen more than I am about a huge segment of male **** sapiens.ANYONE for being realistic about men and the species?No illusions about humans any more.They're killing the planet ,guys,its the reason for the first Pandemic.--and it's not the last. one.I
  5. YOU GOT IT.The world is about power and money,thats IT,ALL OF IT.I found Women's Lib to be a complete waste.And I worked in a federal program to enable women to be put in union,high paid work mans' jobs.WOW WAS IT A FAILURE.Those women were driven out by horrendous male violence the majority of time.Most of them were driven back to pink collar jobs---type,type!Women's Lib has been such a huge failure, and it had such a big backlash it almost vanished. I recommend to young women,DON'T BOTHER W-/WOMMENS' LIB.IT just does not work,men hate it.AND CAREER wise it stinks!Get over it.Despite the new
  6. YES, I AGREE mostly "product of it's time" exactly and it's a real time capsule.---and it helps others get made.KEEP MAKING MUSICALS.AND it really provoked thought.I'm not a millennial and I am an "artist" among all the artists who had to have DAY JOBS and I was in the MAJORITY who did that.MAJORITY, GUYS.ARTISTS all got "day jobs."ALL OF THEM.EVEN famous ones.Witers of old Sci fi ALL had day jobs!YOU KNOW HEMINGWAY lived off rich women that was his job!I PROBABLY would have done that except for "women's Lib"which turned out to be a complete waste of time!WASTE !If I HAD known that,I would ha
  7. IT WAS a great part of the Brit Invasion."Ferry"is still yummy.GROOVY, MAN! 🤣YOU GOTTA admit African Americans greatly influenced much of American music and dance and we owe them a lot for that(altho some might consider the extra stuff not worth it) but they sure never decided to come here,cause slavery is never worth it.Even Ancient Rome found that out.(AND SLAVERY is returning to the world, thank you,CHINA!We hope you find that out some day, that it can bite you in the b---.).The music of America was also influenced by "rockabilly"and we can't deny that.WHY DON'T you guys stop arguing and
  8. THANKS FOR ELVIS! We Elvis lovers gotta say this "ELVIS IS KING!"I especially love "JAILHOUSE ROCK" you can never show it too many times for me ,it's ELVIS GOLD. And I love Bette Davis she's great.We really love movies from the 60's and 70's ---good music in movies is welcome forever.(I love all kinds of music and dance.)But yes,I had peanut butter on bananas when I watched Elvis,he's still the KING IN OREGON.🥰
  9. the worst--Since I know that Hemingway was not the saint everyone said he was,and he managed his money by living off of rich women,and even leaving them if they lost their money,I don't care for the Sainthood everyone gives him.There were plenty of other good writers who didn't marry to support themselves,and I don't think he's even the BEST WRITER of them. the best--I agree with the author here,who notes that money and gold IS VERY IMPORTANT,AND IF you are poor they are VERY VERY IMPORTANT.--Some cockeyed notion that "life is manageable with no money" is in the area of Frank Capra,(who I
  10. hi, I am a member of TCM; you may connect to me,here, if you have any questions about old films.I am not a genius,or a prophet, and I don't have knowledge of ALL OLD FILMS.--but I will try to help,if you have questions.I have been around a LOT of the web, and I might be able to answer your question.--or just suggest other sites or people to talk to.It is a BIG WEB. ---There are many places,including YOUTUBE that SOMETIMES have "expert opinions"and they might answer your film question .----I do not advocate breaking of copyright films. I do not advocate breaking the law--of course.--I would n
  11. One person,or prez., is incapable of saving this govt. or country.---once a huge republic gets its govt. and poiticians, THIS CORRUPT, you are not going to save it by "voting out the corruption."---America is too far gone, and you won't reverse the damage any more than you can reverse "Global Warming" or whatever is drastically changing the USA's and worlds' weather. ===(Yes, weather all over is going EXTREME, whatever you call it.) Concentrate as well as possible on trying to keep your family safe, try to be prepared as possible, and do not count out ANYTHING that could happen.We are curs
  12. dear members; i am really angry!! here i pay for TCM, EVERY MONTH, AND WHAT DO THEY DO? THEY TAKE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OFF PASSOVER SCHEDULE!!! THAT IS THE WORST F-- bs i have ever seen!! we're supposed to go to a theater, to see it!!! -F-- that! !!I have a mind to demand my money back, from this tcm channel, cause of cut-service I no longer get!!! I am, sick and tired of all the supposed-services we pay for, being more cut back(like the dumb wine and other commercials on TCM ALL THE TIME)Aand I have seen this in other media. One very famous fashion magazine, that I took for decades,
  13. "Psychedelic, man!" "That dress is GEAR!" "That's so gear!" "Fabulous" "Groovy, man!"(my favorite, groovy) Yeah,"Outta sight, man!" "Rockin!" "That is so BAD!" "mellow-yellow" (from the song, of course) "Fantastic!" is still used. "Super-duper!" "Peace!" "Love!" (peace greeting was more common.) "Cool it, man!"(to calm down) "How's yer Old Lady"?-- is that still used?("Your old lady" your girlfriend or wife.)and includes "My old man". "It's cool"( just meant its ok.)"Bitchin' " was a very popular expression of "so great, so hot!" it was used a lot. "That's bitchin'!(man!)" "Boss!" same thing.
  14. yes, "nix" was used a long time for" don't do that! stop that! no, to that! stop that!"get rid of---??" or "NO to that!"
  15. OK, Jimmy Cagney or another gangster would "rubb you out," i think, "to erase you."--to kill you.
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