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  1. the worst--Since I know that Hemingway was not the saint everyone said he was,and he managed his money by living off of rich women,and even leaving them if they lost their money,I don't care for the Sainthood everyone gives him.There were plenty of other good writers who didn't marry to support themselves,and I don't think he's even the BEST WRITER of them. the best--I agree with the author here,who notes that money and gold IS VERY IMPORTANT,AND IF you are poor they are VERY VERY IMPORTANT.--Some cockeyed notion that "life is manageable with no money" is in the area of Frank Capra,(who I liked in my youth,but now see as a total idiot.)Ask the Chinese and Jews; they have a huge litany of old sayings,dealing with HOW "life is so lousy without money,.even wisdom does not make up for it."I could quote you a lot of them.They should know;the Chinese had to sell their kids,or spouses,cause they did not have enough money to feed them.In states like the Pacific Northwest,where money means you eat,and being poor means you rifle thru resorts' garbage cans.(true stories) to eat,money means a great deal.--as I am sure the United States' peoples now realize,.having such bad paying jobs they make enough to still qualify for welfare.(true stories.) Those movies that denote life being ok while poor were made during the eras when people could manage well in this society without being rich;that is no longer true. And, in most societies, being poor means no money for medical treatment, and if you get hurt,you may die.---cause you cannot work. My saying is"It's better to be rich than poor,cause I've been poor,and you can HAVE IT!!"
  2. hi, I am a member of TCM; you may connect to me,here, if you have any questions about old films.I am not a genius,or a prophet, and I don't have knowledge of ALL OLD FILMS.--but I will try to help,if you have questions.I have been around a LOT of the web, and I might be able to answer your question.--or just suggest other sites or people to talk to.It is a BIG WEB. ---There are many places,including YOUTUBE that SOMETIMES have "expert opinions"and they might answer your film question .----I do not advocate breaking of copyright films. I do not advocate breaking the law--of course.--I would never do that!!!I am pretty conservative. --now. I'm not telling how conservative I might have been in my youth.---who knows?--Just know.I am not a member of ANONYMOUS,not do I communicate with them.--not do I have knowledge of the DARK WEB.--and I don't suggest you go THERE, to find anything.--I myself was hacked, on a site,and it was pretty traumatic.--so I do not advocate dangerous sites. I am of course a strict obeyer of all laws. Please obey all the laws of TCM, they are such a great, helpful company!!--they really LOVE old movies,of course. --but if I can't answer your question, I might be able to refer you to someone who can.I am surprised that there are not many people here, sharing great stories about old films. Maybe TCM has just changed their software, and had to clean up the forum. (???) am i breaking TCM RULES, by talking about old films?-- my husband is a policeman, so I could never get away with even jay-walking!!--I'd be in the whoos-cow!! OK, I really would like to just gossip i with other seniors,about old movies (all legally of course) which are shown on TCM. anyone there?? THANKS, TCM, for all yer great movies!!YOU ARE SAINTS!!!--LUV YAH!!!
  3. One person,or prez., is incapable of saving this govt. or country.---once a huge republic gets its govt. and poiticians, THIS CORRUPT, you are not going to save it by "voting out the corruption."---America is too far gone, and you won't reverse the damage any more than you can reverse "Global Warming" or whatever is drastically changing the USA's and worlds' weather. ===(Yes, weather all over is going EXTREME, whatever you call it.) Concentrate as well as possible on trying to keep your family safe, try to be prepared as possible, and do not count out ANYTHING that could happen.We are cursed to be living in "interesting times."It could always get a lot worse, read history for examples, cause there are plenty.
  4. dear members; i am really angry!! here i pay for TCM, EVERY MONTH, AND WHAT DO THEY DO? THEY TAKE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OFF PASSOVER SCHEDULE!!! THAT IS THE WORST F-- bs i have ever seen!! we're supposed to go to a theater, to see it!!! -F-- that! !!I have a mind to demand my money back, from this tcm channel, cause of cut-service I no longer get!!! I am, sick and tired of all the supposed-services we pay for, being more cut back(like the dumb wine and other commercials on TCM ALL THE TIME)Aand I have seen this in other media. One very famous fashion magazine, that I took for decades, is now cutting its service and size, and RESORTING TO HIP HOP STARS!!---and cutting out its coverage of fashion events, so you have to buy more publishings on the side!! I refuse to do it. I am dumping that magazine, cause once a service no longer functions, (yes, hip-hop-pop stars,and street fashion only) its no longer any good,If TCM gets that way, I can always find other ways to get old movies,I;'m not an old,inept person.I should be paying LESS MONEY TO CABLE TV, because of the cut of The Ten Commandments, for that month. I used to watch it, every year, and now, no one on tv channels shows it any more. I don't approve of "movie and tv pirates on the web", but I can see why they do it; all these old movies used to be on free tv,and even the tv series used to be great.(the 60's had great westerns.)Now, EVERYTHING ON TV IS BAD.--and we have to pay for it!! I don;'t even watch any series, now,cause all the tv series are terrible!! the last one, was "the New X-Files," which got brought back,and I used to watch "Supernatural," and that was it.(I watched "The Red Road," but they cut it,.too.) Even HBO STINKS!!! THAT is crappy!!Every single thing on tv, you gotta pay for, (twice, cause of tv commercials,) and just try to watch re-runs. the whole industry is on its last legs. --so, having TCM deliberately cut the Ten Commandments, and make you pay a theatre, to see it, is such BS!! I am not buying any thing that TCM ADVERTISES, EVER AGAIN. NOTHING. i HAVE REALLY HAD IT WITH ALL THE GREEDY MEDIA!!!--- **** OFF WITH ALL THE "PAY-TV" BS, IN usa ..
  5. "Psychedelic, man!" "That dress is GEAR!" "That's so gear!" "Fabulous" "Groovy, man!"(my favorite, groovy) Yeah,"Outta sight, man!" "Rockin!" "That is so BAD!" "mellow-yellow" (from the song, of course) "Fantastic!" is still used. "Super-duper!" "Peace!" "Love!" (peace greeting was more common.) "Cool it, man!"(to calm down) "How's yer Old Lady"?-- is that still used?("Your old lady" your girlfriend or wife.)and includes "My old man". "It's cool"( just meant its ok.)"Bitchin' " was a very popular expression of "so great, so hot!" it was used a lot. "That's bitchin'!(man!)" "Boss!" same thing. "Be cool, man!" first heard in the musical "West Side Story" by the gang leader, to not act out,get violent, or lose control. that was one of the most accurate and expressive usages of "cool"; as in, "don't lose it, stay focused." You may have heard,"It's been real, man" as a way to say goodbye. And "Its been real" is probably one of the most confusing, ambiguous remarks anyone could make.It usually mystified the person receiving it."Real in comparison to WHAT?" The remark was abused, so much, even as a goodbye to the driver, when you got off a bus,that "it's been real" became the remark that had NO MEANING. It was only uttered by some fake-hip person,to make themselves seem "hip" and it was verbal posturing. POSING as "hip". It originally was meant to signify "Our conversation or meeting has been very satisfying" or even "down to earth" or "not fake or shallow."--as to "not being genuine or honest." "Not a fake construction, or a fake experience." "Having substance and character." Using it to say, bye, when you get off a bus, to the driver, makes the remark" it's been real" sound totally shallow.fake! and verbal showing-off. Better to leave this phrase alone. What else? "Gim-crack" ?? was just a cheap item. ok, you all prob. know this;" window pane", was LSD. and heroin was "horse"."Sunshine" was good LSD."magic mushrooms ' you know what. "grass"? does anyone still use"grass"? (pot) there were a lot of different names for heroin.I bet you are up on all these drug names.But sometimes, some people don't know any names."Meth-heads" users of Methamphetamines, uppers,"A Downer-freak"is someone who likes codeine. Acetophimn is pain and anti-inflamation-medicine .I am sure you know more drugs in circulation."Goosey-woosie" was a real remark. "That's a whole bunch of stuff!"-- as they say, cause my brain is too full .Me thinks , therefore, me thinks I am drying. up..more later!
  6. yes, "nix" was used a long time for" don't do that! stop that! no, to that! stop that!"get rid of---??" or "NO to that!"
  7. OK, Jimmy Cagney or another gangster would "rubb you out," i think, "to erase you."--to kill you.
  8. DAME? HAH, only "dame" now is when a woman is made a "Dame" by Queen Elizabeth; like "Dame Joan Collins".(yes, she is one.) --which is an honored royal title. "There is nothing like a dame!" is the army-guys song, from "South Pacific" the musical and movie, made in the 50's or 60's. Those guys "needed a dame!"--which was slang for female or woman. I have not heard it recently.
  9. hi, yeah, we old ladies still wear sun-hats to keep from getting burnt or getting skin cancer, ect. but then, during the 70's, we young women shopped in thrift stores, and picked up very old cotton sundresses; not even sure how old, pretty old.--and we wore them, often to satirize" ladies- meeting -for- tea" or "ladies who lunch". My bunch of overly-non-conformist artists, in a big city, often went for thrift and "vintage" old dresses; one person I knew, did the traditional"scarf-dress" where she constructed a whole dress made out of old scarves. It was very attractive. But, yes, I have to keep the hot summer sun off my head,and very fair skin, so I still wear sun hats I got from--where else?--thrift stores.
  10. You poor boy, we old ladies still wear them! hah hah!
  11. WOW, I must be showing my age! that saying is SO OLD, I really don't know when it started, or where it came from; it's just"always existed," heh heh. It does sound like it came from a particular comedy movie, or an old comedian I don't remember. But, it's so old, I suspect its from one of those, way way back.I'm 67,and if I ever knew, i've forgotten. But, hey, it could be as far back as the 30's or 40's. Good question! Tell us if you find the source! I have forgotten, heh!
  12. Yes, she launched a "silent" smiling, glad, arms-out motion to embrace her husband, (off screen) happily. he said he'd forgive her for the silent-movie gesture, since she started in them. Yeah, i didn't care for his comment, it wasn't that alien a gesture, considering the husband (and all the men) were only off-screen. --how was she supposed to make an embrace-happily-gesture? they couldn't SHOW any of the men! She had to compensate, and do all the acting for 2 people.Kind of picky remark of Osborne, I thought. I thought her acting was ok, considering the story was so soap-opera and comic. It WAS so dishy and satirical, but the OBJECTS of all the fuss, the men, were never on screen. Must have been rather difficult to write this, AND act in it! Congrats to all the Women, one of my favorite movies!
  13. HI, I CAN'T FIGURE HOW TO USE "image" it does not work without a url; i just want to get gifs out of my downloads! how do you do it, add an attachment? i tried everything, i can't get anything to work, not attachments either. thanks, doreet in USA opps, looks like i just found attachments at bottom!
  14. "There's always Tomarrow" with Barabara Stanwyck and Fred McMurry, (he is the husband and dad, bored and sick of being ignored by his wife and the whole family). This movie has Fred as the ignored husband,in favor of the children, which is truly the new American family--the KIDS have taken over completely. Fred runs into Barb, his old flame from school, and , ignored more and more, gets a new crush on Stanwyck, and wants to leave his family. BUT IN THIS VERSION OF THE AMERICAN MARRIAGE CRISIS---Barb convinces him to stay with his wife, cause he'll miss his kids too much, and still loves his wife. WOW!!!. This is exactly why American marriages DO SPLIT UP! The kids take over the family, and the wife devotes her self entirely to the kids, and neglects her hubby ---they never have their own vacations,fun,privacy, and romance DIES. This newer thing in the U.S., about the kids controlling the family,is a contemporary thing; the old European form of the family was, "the husband and wife''s marriage comes first, and the children are 2nd. A wife paid attn. to her husband,and kept a relationship with him.The parents ran the marriage together and the kids followed their orders.Kids who got out of line, refused to follow orders, and talked back to parents either got severely disciplined or had their privledges taken away, or even got physically punished. And it was legal. In other words, the kids did not run the family, or make important decisions." Of course, today kids get NO TRAINING, MANNERS, OR ANY RULES from their parents.They're out of control; other people in the same restaurant, or public places either have to put up with modern parents' complete lack of control over their rampaging kids, or do something about the kids' behavior themselves. Like,tell the kid to shut up, go away, stop running around, screaming, ect ect.Or tell the RESTAURANT, to do something about them, or lose customers. (Some restaurants have started to ask rampaging kids & their parents, to leave.) And in the above movie, you can see Fred McMurry's kids yelling, calling for mom, and running the mom ragged. Barbara Stanwyck's charecter in this movie is wrong,telling Fred at the end of the story, that he has to stay with his wife & family.HA HA! In real life, Fred would still go out and find another girl friend, cause his wife no longer acts like a wife, and takes him for granted.He'd either have an affair on the side, or even divorce his wife, and his kids, and see the kids every other week end. But the writing in the movie was stupid; men don't sit around if their wives ignore them, and not seek female companionship elsewhere; and even in the era of this movie, they still ran around.Men HATE getting ignored. Lots of them go else where when it happens.Even if they like kids, and having a family, that's no excuse for the end of the marriage's romance.When the wife completely stops being a wife, the marriage is bound to die.Ditto for husbands; their neglect can kill the marriage too.And people don't "stay together for the sake of the kids" anymore.......
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