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    retired cooking teacher and artist; I still do arts and crafts a lot.

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  1. the worst--Since I know that Hemingway was not the saint everyone said he was,and he managed his money by living off of rich women,and even leaving them if they lost their money,I don't care for the Sainthood everyone gives him.There were plenty of other good writers who didn't marry to support themselves,and I don't think he's even the BEST WRITER of them. the best--I agree with the author here,who notes that money and gold IS VERY IMPORTANT,AND IF you are poor they are VERY VERY IMPORTANT.--Some cockeyed notion that "life is manageable with no money" is in the area of Frank Capra,(who I
  2. hi, I am a member of TCM; you may connect to me,here, if you have any questions about old films.I am not a genius,or a prophet, and I don't have knowledge of ALL OLD FILMS.--but I will try to help,if you have questions.I have been around a LOT of the web, and I might be able to answer your question.--or just suggest other sites or people to talk to.It is a BIG WEB. ---There are many places,including YOUTUBE that SOMETIMES have "expert opinions"and they might answer your film question .----I do not advocate breaking of copyright films. I do not advocate breaking the law--of course.--I would n
  3. One person,or prez., is incapable of saving this govt. or country.---once a huge republic gets its govt. and poiticians, THIS CORRUPT, you are not going to save it by "voting out the corruption."---America is too far gone, and you won't reverse the damage any more than you can reverse "Global Warming" or whatever is drastically changing the USA's and worlds' weather. ===(Yes, weather all over is going EXTREME, whatever you call it.) Concentrate as well as possible on trying to keep your family safe, try to be prepared as possible, and do not count out ANYTHING that could happen.We are curs
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