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  1. No, I haven't noticed it, but now I'll look out for it. Goodness that is a TERRIBLE mistake....I thought everyone on the planet knew that Felix was the fussy one, and Oscar was the slob, lol.
  2. Ick. I am very happy that you are not their programmer, no offense to you personally.
  3. I saw this maybe four years ago at like two in the morning. It was not censored. Great movie, not for everyone, but great movie. I liked it even better than the book.
  4. Oh my! I hadn't heard about this. Pity.
  5. Ahhhh Brother Theodore! I'll never forget that old nut! Great, great stuff.
  6. Yes, but how? Do they send plants out to the movie theaters? Do the ticket sellers estimate the ages of every movie goer, when they can barely count change? How do they know the movie theater isn't filled with walkers and Geritol imbibers? Hey now! I'm 44 and take Geritol! I also watch Lawrence Welk every week. Wait, what point was I trying to make? Oh yeah, I'm not dead yet!
  7. I agree, and if I have been an offender, I apologize.
  8. Absolutely! I really love when poor old Bela Lugosi dies in real life, yet the film marches on with a replacement (never mind he looks NOTHING like Lugosi) LOL!!!
  9. Eva Marie Saint has aged well. Kim Novak, oy! If not for the surgeries and procedures, we'll never know how she would have turned out. Such a shame. Gregory Peck aged well. I think Paul Newman looked his best in his 50's, and I thought William Holden was a pretty nice looking old geezer, lol. Maybe I just have a thing for older men!
  10. I can't believe she got the top off of that can without losing a finger! I'm glad I don't have to use a can opener like that.
  11. In what movie did Cary Grant say "Judy, Judy, Judy!"?
  12. Oh! Then they could start airing the after-school specials from the late 1970's and early 1980's! I really liked the one where Helen Hunt's boyfriend whipped up a batch o' Angel Dust in the school laboratory, and someone went flying out of a window. Oh my.
  13. Yah, right? How annoying. The problem with this country is that people are always so bent out of shape. Why is the focus always on America? Those guys in Europe sailed around trading God-knows-what for how long for what...why is it always America? Furthermore, my ancestors didn't get here until after 1900, so how is all of this related to me? I am really sick of hearing about it. Just like if you join a nostalgia Facebook group for the 1960's and it's always the lunch counter and bus. Well, there were lots of people like my mom and dad (for example) that have fond memories from the lunch count
  14. My wishes for 2015 are that they will finally stop playing "It Happened One Night" constantly. And they won't run a long-winded documentary series narrated by an annoying Irishman that uptalks at the end of every sentence.
  15. Why? Because Jane Fonda was married to Ted Turner? I should not post this, but I will. I am a recovering alcoholic, and in the 1990's I was in a treatment center, and during one of our sessions, this one guy that was in the Vietnam war opened up about Jane Fonda. By the time he was done, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, and I (and a few others) clapped. I have lost one of my nephews in the Iraq war, but I just can't think of anyone more scummy than Miss Jane Fonda and what she did to the morale of our boys over there. Flame on!!!!
  16. For some reason my liking of posts has been cut off. But I would just like to comment now that I can't like your post: TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I guess I don't watch certain movies at a certain time. An interesting topic, but I am ruled more by a schedule than my emotions. I cannot watch movies between 4 and 10 pm. I have other responsibilities. But if I had a nickel for every time TCM has aired a juicy one that I would love to watch at that time period, why, I'd be like Warren Buffet. I am a night owl and an insomniac, and TCM has shown a great variety that has entertained and enlightened me through the years, but then again there is always room for criticism. I am sick and tired of the theme nights on Friday and the asinine hosts. I
  18. Yes! I too, was pretty irritated about the inclusion of that movie. Good grief, what on earth were they thinking? The Essentials needs a serious overhaul, or maybe it should just fade away into the sunset, lol.
  19. Oh, what a stinker this movie was! I tried to watch it, I just couldn't make it even 15 minutes. Of course this means that now it will be re-aired with frequency.
  20. So true! I am one of those "diehard conservatives", and I absolutely loved Alec Baldwin on The Essentials.
  21. Ahh, bingo! You just nailed what I dislike about Orson Welles.
  22. lol I've never noticed his nose, now the next time I see him I'll have to check it out.
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