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  1. I love Cagney as a gangster AND a song and dance man! "Look Ma! Top of the world!"
  2. I've always known this but what I find hard to tell about their talent is that the taps are then synced in later. How do we know that Ruby was actually the one doing the tapping during foley? Or that she doesn't do it over and over until it is perfect. Even she has been quoted as saying she looked untrained. She always has to look down at her feet when she taps also. Which I noticed James Cagney did during his dance on this bar top and table. Which is what I would have done also...except I don't tap. But is that a no no? Like in old-fashioned typing class. Don't look at the keyboard?
  3. Thank you, MsAllieB, for finally putting into words what I have always felt about Eleanor Powell I think Eleanor Powell is a good dancer, but there has always been something that just doesn't live up to the hype of "best tap dancer ever" to me. You explained it very well. Keeler seems to have actual hooves on her feet when she dances. She is obviously not a dance expert which shows in the numbers she dances in. They only show her dancing for 30 seconds or so and that it the last we see her, until the end when she appears at the end, usually with Dick Powell. She's not much of a singer ei
  4. 1. As many have said in previous posts that the movie definitely portrays life as brighter and happier than what was going on outside of the movie theater. Ziegfeld giving away his 5 pound note and joking about it...money is not a concern of his. The expensive orchids in the elephant vase. Very large. The mention of the cost of said orchids. The choice of Anna Held's (played by Luis Rainer) song as light and playful. And Depression Era musicals always sparkle and shine. Her brooch is diamonds, so are her rings. The satin bow on the elephant's trunk. The theater in which she performs is
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