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  1. I missed the first half hour or so unavoidably. I do want to see it in its entirety again. Some things I liked, some didn't hit me well. Some were moving like when they went to Siberia and are leaving the palace. It felt quiet though you know what is hanging in the air and the tenseness carried. I went to the Romanov exhibit years ago in New York. It was very moving. The items were not only some directly connected to them but to the Romanoff dynasty and family members that came before them. You see clothing, Faberge items such as the eggs, jewels, and other personal items and it is moving.
  2. Thanks! Yup, Asta Charles is the man! Uh, dog. And I knew I forgot some, but this one just popped up, because I remember being so moved and bawling. Well, Claude Rains killed me in every scene. But when his daughter starts crying over ice cream and begs to go with him in Mr. Skeffington. His hurt face in most of the movie is just too much. He always tries to be a gentleman, and kind, and move forward, but man…the eyes and the hurt face. I can't…he is so great! He can be doing so much, without a lot of noise and movement.
  3. Ok, in no particular order because they are 3 very different actors….but my absolute favorites are these three. I can't go very long without popping into my dvd one of their movies, and if they are on TCM I barricade myself into my house. Clark Gable William Powell Leslie Howard But, I also love Claude Rains, Errol Flynn, Fred Astaire, and Rex Harrison. I will watch anything they are in. If I had to pick later ones, I would have to say, I love John Cazale. Short career film wise, but he was amazing in everything. And I love Daniel Day Lewis. He can play anything and be fan
  4. Every time I cry with this one: Hattie McDaniel walking up the steps of the Butler house with Olivia de Havilland after Bonnie died in Gone with the Wind. I can't keep it together. Her dialogue, the voice constricted with grief, the crying, wiping her eyes, her worry for the both of them. She knows Scarlett, only to well, and Rhett had grown on her, and she has no idea how they will fare and what is going to happen because of this tragedy. She was wonderful. And knowing that the poor girl died, what happened to the pony, and that the always contained Rhett is a mess. It is too much. Myra k
  5. I love My Man Godfrey, so that would be my choice. But I have a very special love for "Double Wedding." It is so funny and sweet, and Powell and Loy are opposites attract to the extreme. It is just so silly and a fun movie. Certainly not the greatest film ever made, but so cute.
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