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  1. I missed the first half hour or so unavoidably. I do want to see it in its entirety again. Some things I liked, some didn't hit me well. Some were moving like when they went to Siberia and are leaving the palace. It felt quiet though you know what is hanging in the air and the tenseness carried. I went to the Romanov exhibit years ago in New York. It was very moving. The items were not only some directly connected to them but to the Romanoff dynasty and family members that came before them. You see clothing, Faberge items such as the eggs, jewels, and other personal items and it is moving.
  2. Now I don't know because I don't have any Looney Toons box sets, but that is probably not the interesting stuff that you mentioned that would be on there. That is the stuff that is hard work and takes time to look around and find, if you don't know. But thankfully, the internet makes it easier to do so nowadays. Maybe I'm wrong. But it would be cool if they had commentaries or something else for each episode and put that out there. The history and pop culture of the time, and why the creators did that or were motivated to pull stuff from elsewhere in their work.
  3. Oh, I can just laugh picturing his wise-cracking face with that stupid wig with blonde braids and the Viking helmet, on that ridiculous, chubby horse, with the flowers. Too funny... and I grew up watching Looney Toons. But I got older, put in the time and research, to find out more. What the cartoonists were shooting for, the history behind everything, etc. and that is interesting too. I enjoy that and that is what happened with rediscovering Wayne and Wanda and making those connections. Even with Bugs and Clark Gable and It Happened One Night. Eh, let's throw in another one. I think this
  4. Just a little something… People will put a twist on things and continue to support Old Hollywood and classic movies and culture in their unique way. I was thinking of Jim Henson and the Muppets as one example, in which a pair of characters were created as an homage to musical numbers and duets in classic movies, and two of its many greats. And I do see things today from time to time. When I do it is nice to see. Very apparent that Jim Henson, with his work and the team he had around him, loved classic movies, actors, and culture. His way was to spotlight it, take the influences
  5. This was such a wonderful post that I had to share something that happened to me recently. And I had a lot of time to post elsewhere, because I thought my account here was suspended this weekend. LOL! Currently, I was on another message board for something I also have an interest in. The history, present, and future of Walt Disney World. Specifically being discussed is the current Hollywood Studios theme park, the former MGM Studios. Recent closings and changes have happened. The entire backlot studio tour, a wonderful shop that sold Hollywood memorabilia and collectibles, Sid Cahueng
  6. Let me just say that it is an experience I would never like to have again. Relieved it is over, but maybe, as others said: a contingency plan? A quick mass e-mail can be generated or something? Honestly, I was still logged in and couldn't get to the message board so I wouldn't even see a post if there was one. I had just gone out to a family birthday dinner, was so looking forward to watching a movie or two when we returned home and checking out some threads, and then saw "account suspended." I have never had that in my life. I just joined a few days ago and only had 10 posts. So I
  7. Ok, I will go with the first thing that popped into my head. I will admit it. I am scared of Conrad Veidt. Now I had never seen Dark Journey before and wasn't familiar with him. If I was the spy, I would have folded in two seconds. Very intimidating. All I knew was that one of my favs, Vivien Leigh, was in it, so I checked it out. I did like it though, and I thought they were both great. But he still scares me. lol!
  8. I like this movie and I have seen it before, but I had to catch it again last night. I had seen his Higgins and his Caesar and other roles, years before I ever saw this, and I know when I first saw this movie, I had to adjust. For a few moments, it took my brain time to get into him as a gruff, dead, sea captain. But I also loved his much earlier work with Vivien Leigh too. He's…er, I guess I want to say a bit softer in those roles?(St. Martin's Lane, Storm in a Teacup). What happened last night was that I focused a bit on Natalie Wood, after seeing this movie several times before and alre
  9. Thanks! Yup, Asta Charles is the man! Uh, dog. And I knew I forgot some, but this one just popped up, because I remember being so moved and bawling. Well, Claude Rains killed me in every scene. But when his daughter starts crying over ice cream and begs to go with him in Mr. Skeffington. His hurt face in most of the movie is just too much. He always tries to be a gentleman, and kind, and move forward, but man…the eyes and the hurt face. I can't…he is so great! He can be doing so much, without a lot of noise and movement.
  10. Ok, in no particular order because they are 3 very different actors….but my absolute favorites are these three. I can't go very long without popping into my dvd one of their movies, and if they are on TCM I barricade myself into my house. Clark Gable William Powell Leslie Howard But, I also love Claude Rains, Errol Flynn, Fred Astaire, and Rex Harrison. I will watch anything they are in. If I had to pick later ones, I would have to say, I love John Cazale. Short career film wise, but he was amazing in everything. And I love Daniel Day Lewis. He can play anything and be fan
  11. Every time I cry with this one: Hattie McDaniel walking up the steps of the Butler house with Olivia de Havilland after Bonnie died in Gone with the Wind. I can't keep it together. Her dialogue, the voice constricted with grief, the crying, wiping her eyes, her worry for the both of them. She knows Scarlett, only to well, and Rhett had grown on her, and she has no idea how they will fare and what is going to happen because of this tragedy. She was wonderful. And knowing that the poor girl died, what happened to the pony, and that the always contained Rhett is a mess. It is too much. Myra k
  12. Too great. I hadn't noticed your avatar quote. Very short and concise, but I could listen to him dole out a few "Sink me's!" on a loop. Hilarious! What I loved, among many things, is his genius physical characterization, and even with the props. He was awesome with the cane, any hand and arm mannerisms, the way he would stand in full fop mode and walk, and the pauses... But my favorite is what he could do with that monocle/eye piece. Analyzing Marguerite's portrait, talking to Chauvelin, poking him, or gesturing with it to make a point or emote his whole carefree, fop persona.
  13. He is the greatest. I'll never forget the day a long time ago when I first saw the Petrified Forest and the Scarlet Pimpernel with Merle both on one day. He broke my heart in the first one, and had me laughing out loud with the fop stuff in the second one. And how great he slips in and out of the fop act and the true Percy. Let me stop before I go into: "They seek him here, they…" He was just so funny with that. It was just too much. The face, the dialogue, the voice, and that snooty laugh. Perfect!
  14. No problem. And then you can tell the other dumped dates: I'd like ta date ya, but I just washed my hair. Problem solved. lol!
  15. I love My Man Godfrey, so that would be my choice. But I have a very special love for "Double Wedding." It is so funny and sweet, and Powell and Loy are opposites attract to the extreme. It is just so silly and a fun movie. Certainly not the greatest film ever made, but so cute.
  16. Clark Gable Errol Flynn William Powell Leslie Howard - props to Leslie for being my grandmother's favorite also.
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