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  1. Those cultural "warnings" in those TCM intros are too terse and unhelpful, and don't really educate the viewers about anything. I much prefer the "Race and Hollywood" series that Robert Osborne used to do starting 2003, when he would intro and outro a film with 3-minute interviews with a guest about cultural and racial issues in said film. That was so much more insightful and helpful.
  2. I cancelled Classicflix in 2015 because the service was lousy even then, with high disc breakage rate and long mail time. Even Netflix is lousy now due to closure of many of their shipping centers and lack of disc replenishment. Big studios are making fewer and fewer discs themselves. Kanopy used to provide free streaming to members of public libraries in many localities, but my local library has cancelled this arrangement due to high cost. As already mentioned, many classic, indie, and niche films are on disc only. Sadly, the only recourse is often to buy the discs. I often look for sal
  3. Trump's biggest whooper is definitely losing the House, the Senate, and the election in his watch. A year ago he was sky high: he fought off impeachment, economy was booming, approval rate was great, and the Dems had that disastrous primary with malfunctioning voting software. Then covid happened and essentially single-handedly sealed his fate. There had rarely been such a drastic reversal of fortune in a single year.
  4. Didn't Inglourious Basterds also win SAG's top honor ten years ago? That film was primarily non-English, but maybe it was considered more of a Hollywood film. SAG is a huge union and has actors from all over the world, so it is not a surprise to see foreign films honored. The Academy, on the other hand, is a much smaller body, and non-English films have next to no chance to win Best Picture. Same thing will happen this year. The last time a foreign film had a good shot at best picture was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon many years ago, when it took the DGA award, which usually sea
  5. As soon as you people start giving me a list of what TANGIBLE EFFECTS a local college naming practice have on your livelihood for you to make a 4-page complaint about, then I'll give you my list.
  6. A couple of posters have already told me they could get upset at whatever they wanted. That meant they DID get outraged. So there. When you say "Do we need your approval now?", there is a tinge of outrage right there. We are all grownups here, and we can tell whether someone is upset or not without them telling you so, both online and in real life.
  7. What possible meaningfulness could you gain from this? I tell you: you gain just as little as the students in that college. You people and those students are suffering from the SAME THING. To them, the "Gish" name would cause some imaginary "hostile" environment. To you, a protest in some local school you have nothing to do with would cause imaginary harm to you that you should write 4 pages to get upset about, when in fact both sides will likely suffer no harm at all!
  8. As I mentioned, we need film restoration done on existing film prints and negatives. Having bootleg copies online made from decades-old VHS and laserdiscs is not the answer. Who knows what shape the film is in right now, and who knows if Disney has done any restoration at all. Trust me, you people need to calm down, ABOUT EVERYTHING. I'm just pointing out what I'm seeing: getting upset over inconsequential things, getting upset over people telling you not to get upset, LOL. That's the very definition of getting upset over everything, don't you think? You may disagree, but I'm right.
  9. Getting upset is not the answer the same way getting upset over a name in a local college isn't the answer, which I'm sure you agree. It is the inconsequentiality of it all, as I mentioned. It serves little purpose for the students in that college and surely it does you as well.
  10. You guys have GOT to calm down about something this inconsequential. Wait till something TRULY consequential before getting so worked up. I'm a big silent film fan, big Gish fan, and I own about 30 of her shorts and features. If anyone is upset, it should be me, but I'm not. Will all Gish films, DVDs, and Blu-rays vanish from the face of the Earth? Will people stop making discs and writing books about her and silent films? Will TCM stop broadcasting her films? This little kerfuffle has next to NO TANGIBLE effects towards us film fans here. If we protest, it should be about somethin
  11. In this kind of kerfuffle, the paying customers usually have the advantage. In this case, the paying party were students who pay tuition to the school and demanded the change. This kind of thing goes waaay back. The filmmakers of "Gone with the Wind" changed the word "n-gg-rs" to "darkies" to avoid offending some viewers. The makers of "A Night at the Opera" (1935) had to delete scenes of Italian locations to avoid offending American viewers because the US had fought Italy in WWI. And on and on. These were PC incidents by today's definition too. These things occurred and will c
  12. Here is a more detailed report from a local paper about the incident. It is an interesting read whether or not you agree with the decision.
  13. I'm sure there are many UNanticipated movies that will end up being treasured afterwards. I can safely say that for a majority of movies, their real worth are not determined before release, during release, or in the year of their release, but YEARS after their release. I can also safely say that a majority of the movies mentioned here will be eventually forgotten. Just dig up this thread N years from now and see what I mean.
  14. Actually, his previous film The Girl Who Knew Too Much was credited to be the first giallo film. It is a much tamer film that suits those with a more delicate constitution like the OP better. I commented on another thread that some of the giallo films would give TCM viewers heart attacks!
  15. Any self-respecting film fan wouldn't dislike a film because of its age, new or old. You can dislike anything privately. But as soon as you make it known, you will be asked why, and you had better have good reasons. Saying you dislike something because of its age (or any other flimsy reasons) would EMBARRASS you in front of others.
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