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  1. What three Hitchcock films would you recommend as a way to understand Hitchcock to someone just discovering Hitchcock?
  2. The pace of the music telegraphs that this is a story with some twist and fast turns. The eeriness of the music scares you in the first 3 seconds and yet leaves you wanting more. The visuals are disturbing too with lines of dark and light reflect the tempo of the music and preludes the movies dark side with most shot in deem light. The day of the week is shown to reference it's the end of the week and nearly the start of the weekend. And the time of day tells us it is late in the afternoon in the sleepy town of Phoenix. The camera moving in from the outside in reminds me of Rear Window exc
  3. I feel they are being themselves in this scene. Especially Cary Grant. There is a cool and crisp element between them. You can feel the sexual tension they have. She draws him in with the match lighting her cigarette. He pulls back and she pulls him back and blows out the match. I love the sound of the train though the scene. Its almost like their banter is in rhythm with the train.
  4. The opening images gives me a sense that there will be many twist and turns in this film. The music gives me a clue that I will be shocked and frighten at times. The single most powerful image for me the sequence with the face. There is time spent on the face so it must be important to the film. I know when I first saw Vertigo I thought I must study this face. I will see it again in the body of the movie. The music and the images work together in conveying the thought of twist and turns in the plot of the movie. Very gripping music throughout the movie. At times it scare the crap out o
  5. More in the style of ZAZ. Ron is clueless that he is a boob. To that he is a mixture of Nielson and Robert Hays from Airplane in the timing of the lines. Allen's characters are normal everyday people in extraordinary circumstances like a civil war. Brooks pays respect to the genre his is spoofing. It was a take on West Side Story and they wanted to make sure to include all the local stations in the big fight. Very exaggerated without the fine music from WSS. I would say Ferrell was a fan of the Three Stooges, Groucho Marx and Woody Allen.
  6. It was like watching an old cop movie or tv show. Very dry dialogue but punched with jokes. The Swiss Army Shoe is an example.. Some what similar but with bigger site gags. Drebins car scene has Frank go into cop mode, shooting at the car and asking did anyone see the driver. Then he realizes it was his car. Not quite over the top humor but very funny. Drebin is more vocal comedy where as Clouseau is more physical comedy. Both are bumbling but in different ways.
  7. 1. How does this scene successfully parody the old Universal Horror films of the 1930s? Be specific. Being shot in black and white, Gene Wilder over acts the role of the mad scienceist. It is parody with the lines like "give him an extra dollar" and in response to the student's question with "the worm or the spaghetti." He is subtle as he moves thru the scene. Having made his point he becomes aggravated with the student and stabs his own leg. It would have lost the 30's horror feel in color.
  8. The fact that Allen is involved with revolutionaries trying to figure out how to get some food and decide by drawing sticks. Allen draws the short stick and goes to the cafe and orders a ridiculous amount of sandwiches and drinks with a straight face as a matter of fact. It is verbal slapstick in the way it is done. It was not as over the top as The Great Race was. With it's cartoon feel The Great Race was more classic slapstick than Bananas. Bananas is more like watching a docudrama than a slapstick. I suppose that is the parody of it. Very dry humor with straight lines..
  9. When something is funny, it's funny the 100th time you see it as it was the first time. The Three Stooges are funny. I still laugh at them even though it is stupid, I feel like I was I could get away with some of the antics they get away with. We all know people that could use a hammer to the head on a regular basics. A pie in the face is funny too. And what fun it would be to be in a pie fight with your friends. Don't laugh at someone that gets a pie in the face because as we see from this clip, you are next.
  10. It has the feel of a cartoon because the music, the bright colors and the moving bush. It gives homage to earlier slapstick with the exaggerated way they tied the rope on Tony Curtis and the huge arrow launcher and the costumes of Professor Fate and Peter Faulk. The Great Leslie is depicted as the definitive hero with his twinkling smile and he is dressed in all white. Whereas Professor Fate is dressed in all black with a cape and a mustache associated with villians.
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