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  1. I concur. Ever since the new TCM I’ve noticed a pattern developing. Older movies are being shown during the day and the New Color so called classics are being shown in prime time. This is weird because I thought the newer generations didn’t watch live TV. Why are TCM programmers catering to the streamer generations? I new the end was coming when the criterion bunch came over to influence TCM. Oh well, I’m glad I have my own library of 1000 true classics to watch when TCM is having a garbage day. On another note, doesn’t Alicia Malone get sick of hosting corney love stories and roma
  2. Another disappointed customer here (Watch TCM on Roku now non-functional). Alas, I made the mistake of updating Watch TCM on my FireTV and it broke that too. I worked in I/T for 20+ years and we would “Never” roll out updates without proper testing and debug. If I ever did, I’m sure my department would have been systematically canned. This smells of some cutrate vendor doing the work. If they eliminated a host or two, that money could probably pay for a good I/T engineer.
  3. I am wondering if TCM is heading in this direction. Many people are ditching there $100 plus Cable TV subscriptions for streaming options. Personally, the Only reason I have Cable TV is for TCM.
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