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  1. I have been having problems getting onto the TCM.com website. When I click on the homepage, it says tcm.com/unavailable in the address bar and it says that there were too many redirects and I should clear my cookies which doesn't work.
  2. I remember seeing STANDING ROOM ONLY on TCM once.
  3. It's been on YouTube for years. It's weird that YouTube yanks some movies, but ignores other ones.
  4. I've been trying to watch as many musicals as I can for this course, so maybe I wasn't in the right mood or frame of mind to watch Two Girls and a Sailor. I watched the two back-to-back and they kind of blended together. I'll watch Two Girls by itself when it comes on TCM again.
  5. I've been trying to watch as many musicals as possible, some I have never seen before, or others I haven't watched in a long time. I watched Two Sisters in Boston (meh), Two Girls and a Sailor (couldn't wait for that film to be over), and That Midnight Kiss (Lanza and Grayson have great voices) today. Watching my favorite, Singin' in the Rain right now.
  6. I want to talk about the Every Sunday short with Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin. In the lecture notes, Dr. Ament asked why was Deanna Durbin let go from MGM? The question was answered in Jeanine Basinger's book The Star Machine which has a section on Durbin's stardom. She states that Garland already had a seven-year contract with the studio and Durbin was killing time before she started a film biopic of opera singer Madame Ernestine Schumann-Heink; Durbin would have played her as a child. Durbin had only been signed to a six-month contract. Sadly, Schumann-Heink became ill and died. The
  7. YES!!! There's a KY chapter thread, but I was the last reply. I don't care if it's KY or Louisville, I want in!
  8. The ending to Female. Ruth Chatterton's character doesn't give up running her business.
  9. I watch TCM on the WATCH TCM app or the DIRECT TV app (I use a relative's password for access) and I have FilmStruck.
  10. Yes! Right now I am in Owensboro, KY but looking to move to Louisville soon.
  11. Music and scenes of violence go hand in hand. The louder the music, the worse the violence. Hume Cronyn surprised me in this role.
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