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  1. According to the YouTube uploader, it's from Sesame Street.
  2. Dismantling Obama's legacy, such as it was, was certainly a priority for Trump, as has been stated by many people on many occasions. Yes, that also aligns with what a lot of his base wanted, as well as the hard-right factions in Israel, but sticking it to Obama has always been one of Trump's driving passions. PBS and Frontline aired an excellent two-part documentary recently entitled America's Great Divide that clearly illustrates the above. Highly recommended viewing, if more than a bit long.
  3. The original All in the Family pilot was entitled Justice for All. It had O'Connor and Stapleton as the leads, but Kelly Jean Peters and Tim McIntire as Gloria and Meathead (here named Richard). It was the second pilot that was called Those Were the Days. In that one, Gloria was played by Candice Azzaria, while her husband (still named Richard) was played by Chip Oliver. Richard Dreyfuss tried out for the Mike role, but it went to Rob Reiner. Tom Bosley, Jack Warden and Jackie Gleason were all under consideration for Archie, and the role was even offered to Mickey Rooney, before eventually landing with O'Connor. Kelly Jean Peters and Tim McIntire in the Justice for All/All in the Family first pilot: Chip Oliver and Candice Azzaria on right from Those Were the Days/All in the Family second pilot. Sorry about poor pic quality; it's all I could find. I notice it has a TV Land logo on it, so it was shown on that channel at least once, I guess.
  4. I think #451 is The Story of Temple Drake (1933). #458 is They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969).
  5. No, you didn't. I asked why you don't seem to support Warren while you support Sanders as they share the same policy stances, and your answer was that you support Sanders' Medicare-For-All. However, since Warren also supports Medicare-For-All, that wasn't really an answer. I asked if you didn't see how programs like Dore's that seem to spend all of their time attacking those on the left, while apparently sparing the administration or others on the right, didn't do as much harm to progressive causes as things like Fox News. Your answer was something along the lines of "mainstream media bad!" which is neither here nor there. But don't feel compelled to answer, as I really couldn't care less at this point.
  6. 1) They play baseball to pass the time in Sole Survivor. 2) The crew don't know that they are dead in Sole Survivor. 3) One of the ghosts freaks out and says, "They're touching me!" in Sole Survivor. 4) They disappear one at a time in Sole Survivor. So yeah, probably not Sole Survivor.
  7. I didn't watch the debate. I tend to avoid them, and just read the analysis after the fact from a few sources, both on television and in print/on the internet. That being said, it does often seem like the moderating teams during some of the debates are more interested in trying to provoke controversy and/or stoke animosity, in order to boost ratings and create "viral moments" that can bring ad dollars through clicks and views online for days after the fact, and create easily marketed narratives of conflict, between parties, between races, between genders, etc.
  8. None of this matters to me, really. Ultimately, all I have is my own vote, and nothing else. I'll be voting for whoever is up against Trump. I'm not a registered Democrat, so I can't vote in the primary here even if I wanted to. Where any of the rest of you get your news or info isn't really a concern of mine beyond the rhetorical, nor is how you will vote, or anything else you have to say about anything, really. We're just shooting the breeze on a message board, as far as I'm concerned, and really, everything we post is just for argument's sake.
  9. It's doubtful they were "secret operatives", but that also doesn't mean that there aren't efforts funded by conservative PACs that are sowing this kind of divisiveness, primarily via social media. In fact, such tactics were discovered and made public in the past few years, orchestrated by Steve Bannon and other right-wing figures. It was posted about on here quite a bit at the time, but one can be forgiven for forgetting about it, given the glut of info posted on here on a daily basis.
  10. Blackadder the Third (1987) - British comedy with Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder, the butler to the Prince Regent (Hugh Laurie). Blackadder schemes toward power and enrichment while feigning subservience to the boisterously imbecilic Prince. With Tony Robinson as the oft-abused servant Baldrick, and Helen Atkinson Wood as Mrs. Miggins, the proprietor of a coffeehouse frequented by Blackadder. With appearances by Robbie Coltrane, Tim McInnerny, Nigel Planer, Chris Barrie, Miranda Richardson, and Stephen Fry. I've read where this season isn't held in as high regard as the earlier two, but I still enjoyed it, and thought it was superior to much of the other comedy series of its time.
  11. You didn't really answer Bogie's questions: 1 - Why do you seem not to support Warren when you support Sanders, since they hold basically the same policy positions? Is this a mis-characterization of your feeling on Warren? If not, what is it about Warren that puts off your support? 2 - Do shows like Dore's, who claim to be progressive/left, but spend the majority of their time criticizing other members of the left and/or Democrats (or at least the majority of the clips that you feel like posting on here), while spending little-to-no time on conservative/Republican criticism, do more to damage the left than outright right-wing media outlets?
  12. Saturday, January 18 2020 The Old Dark House (1963)
  13. The article fails to mention (as far as I could see; I admit to only skimming through it) that Marriage Story is largely autobiographical, written by the film's director Noah Baumbach, and based on his divorce from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. So he was telling his own story, based on his own experiences. It was never his intention to portray any sort of typical divorce narrative, as most of them play out differently from one couple to the next.
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