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  1. Autopsy of a Ghost (1968) Mexico, Dir: Ismael Rodriguez - Lunatic slapstick comedy with the Devil (John Carradine) tormenting a goofy scientist named Moleculo (Cameron Mitchell). With Basil Rathbone (in his final film) as a ghost. The trio of movie stars from north of the border are all dubbed in Spanish. The pace is relentless, and the comedy bizarre enough to make me wonder if I may have taken peyote beforehand. Carradine seems to be having a lot of fun. I only wish I was. (4/10)
  2. Fat Girl (2001) France, Dir: Catherine Breillat - Chunky, awkward 12-year-old Anais and her much prettier older sister Elena struggle with their burgeoning sexuality. Breillat deploys her usual deliberately provocative shock moments mixed with tedium. I liked this more than her other films that I've seen (A Real Young Girl, Romance, The Last Mistress) but not by much. (5/10)
  3. Situation Hopeless...But Not Serious (1965) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Situation_Hopeless..._But_Not_Serious
  4. Why are you being so hostile? Did my original comment really warrant this? I hadn't realized that we were on such thin ice. I'll take that to heart and leave you be.
  5. I neither know nor care, but perhaps it's time to take a break.
  6. Hey jakeem, maybe try figuring out what you're doing before making a post. You changing them after people comment on them or click "Like" etc. is annoying, to put it mildly.
  7. Before the Revolution (1964) Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy - A young man grieves the loss of his friend, and begins a romance with his aunt. Much has been made of Bertolucci being only 22 when he wrote and directed this, and I suppose that's impressive. The film's visual style is compelling, but the plot is tedious and the characters are uninteresting. In that respect it shares a lot with French New Wave films of the period, most of which I'm not a fan of. (6/10)
  8. The Given Word aka Keeper of Promises (1962) Anselmo Duarte, Brazil - A simple farmer makes a pact with God that if his injured donkey is healed, the farmer will make a pilgrimage to the nearest city's large church, carrying a replica of Christ's cross. However, when the farmer arrives, the local priest refuses to let him enter, touching off an ever-growing controversy, with an opportunistic reporter fanning the flames. Duarte exams the Catholic Church's uneasy relationship to the locals' unique blend of Catholicism and primitive spiritualism, and the conflict that occurs when the two clash. There's also a scathing indictment of cutthroat journalism and capitalist exploitation. Recommended. (8/10)
  9. "President Trump, through the Trump Organization, owes the Chinese state-owned bank tens of millions of dollars on a loan that comes due in 2022." https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/27/politicos-reporting-on-president-trump-and-the-bank-of-china-214107
  10. Duck Soup Bride of Frankenstein Dracula The Adventures of Robin Hood Strangers on a Train Spartacus The Searchers The Letter In the Heat of the Night This was the toughest choice. My favorite movies that he appeared in are JFK, Bigger Than Life, A Face in the Crowd, and Lonely Are the Brave, but I wouldn't call any of them "Walter Matthau movies".
  11. I'm sure if Joe asked real nice the University would be glad to release everything....
  12. And in local news... Former Alabama Senate candidate's lawyer arrested in Gainesville GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- An attorney that once represented former Alabama Chief Justice and Senate candidate, Roy Moore, was arrested Thursday night in Gainesville. Alachua County Deputies arrested Trenton Rogers Garmon, 40, after they were called to the Hotel Indigo in Celebration Pointe about a man causing a disturbance. As deputies arrived staff told them that the disturbance was coming from the 4th floor, saying an older man was screaming racist profanities at some of the hotel guests. While deputies were getting on an elevator, they could hear a man screaming coming from the 4th floor. Before they arrived, they heard Garmon in an adjacent elevator that opened up back in the lobby. Deputies that were in the lobby witnessed Garmon verbally berating the two patrons with racial slurs and cuss words. The Deputies stopped Garmon when he began backing the two patrons into a corner of the elevator. A deputy grabbed Garmon's arm to take him away from the patrons, but Garmon went back to the two patrons again. This led to deputies trying to arrest Garmon. A deputy was able to place the first handcuff on Garmon's wrist and was given verbal commands to comply. Garmon jerked his arm away and spun around with his other arm high towards the deputy. Garmon had to be put in the ground to be arrested. He later said that he had been drinking wine and was obviously "heavily intoxicated." This is not Garmon's first run-in with the law as well. According to Huntsville, Al, news website Alabama.com, Garmon was arrested in 2019 on DUI and drug possession charges. The man Garmon once represented, Roy Moore, ran for Senate in Alabama in a 2017 special election, that he lost to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. He was charged in Alachua County with public intoxication and resisting arrest without violence. Garmon was held briefly at the Alachua County jail before being released. https://www.wcjb.com/content/news/Former-Alabama-Senate-candidates-lawyer-arrested-in-Gainesville-570123531.html
  13. Yes, I was aware of why I received it. My only question was as to the nature of the "premium" nomenclature, since I was still made to watch several commercials beforehand. I'm not really that interested in the details, though, or I would have researched them online. I doubt it's a service that I am likely to use often, especially considering the "quality" of the original programming based on the available previews. I had held out hope that the 1980's-era SNL full episodes would be available, but only episodes from the past 5 years are there at the moment.
  14. "4. Brooks usually appeared in his own films but Wilder insisted he stay out of Young Frankenstein. The actor felt the funnyman's appearance would ruin the illusion and declared he would only make the film if he promised not to appear in it. Brooks did, however, make off-camera appearances as the howling wolf, Dr. Frankenstein's grandfather, and the shrieking cat." https://web.archive.org/web/20180920172631/http://www.zimbio.com/Beyond+the+Box+Office/articles/oEyjYmZy4My/20+Things+Didn+t+Know+Young+Frankenstein
  15. A Trump supporter lecturing someone else on morality, particularly in the context of alleged sexual assault and transparency, is just too comically hypocritical and absurd for words.
  16. I was searching through my cable TV options late last night when I discovered that the new Peacock streaming service had gone live. It's the NBC/Universal entry in the ever-expanding streaming market. As a Comcast customer, I get a free "Premium" membership. I'm not sure what premium means in this context, as I still had to watch a couple of commercials before a program started, although there were no interruptions while the program was going. I mention this here because there are a lot of movies available, including many studio-era Universal titles. There didn't appear to be any of the long-sought-after rare Universal titles, or the early Paramount titles that Universal has control over, but there were still enough classic films available that fans of such may be interested.
  17. Well, I am in Florida, so...it's not surprising. I'm only lucky she wasn't carrying an assault rifle, too.
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Bogdanovich#Filmography https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000953/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  19. A QAnon Devotee Live-Streamed Her Trip to N.Y. to ‘Take Out’ Joe Biden An Illinois woman inspired by pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory videos traveled to New York City on Wednesday with more than a dozen illegal knives and threatened to kill former Vice President Joe Biden, according to police and her own social media posts. New York police officers arrested dancer Jessica Prim, 37, on Wednesday after she began to act strangely on a city pier. In a live video Prim posted on Facebook of her arrest, she ranted about saving children and claimed she had come to New York because of an internet conspiracy theory video about a “cabal” of pedophile Democrats. “Have you guys heard about the kids?” a tearful Prim said as she was arrested. “OK, I’m not lying.” Shortly before her arrest, Prim posted on Facebook that Hillary Clinton and Biden “need to be taken out.” “Hillary Clinton and her assistant, Joe Biden and Tony Podesta need to be taken out in the name of Babylon!” Prim wrote. “I can’t be set free without them gone. Wake me up!!!!!” At another point during her arrest, Prim said she believed Donald Trump was talking to her directly during his coronavirus press conferences. Prim is facing more than a dozen counts of criminal possession of a weapon over the knives, as well as a marijuana possession charge, according to the New York Daily News. Prim’s Facebook page is filled with references to QAnon, a conspiracy theory that holds that top Democrats like Biden and Clinton are cannibal-pedophiles scheming to undermine Donald Trump. Prim encouraged her Facebook fans to check out QAnon “clues,” anonymous posts from the anonymous person or group of people who direct QAnon believers. In a Facebook video posted just hours before her arrest, Prim ranted about a fictitious video—"Frazzled Rip”—that QAnon believers claim features Clinton and former Clinton aide Huma Abedin murdering a child. Prim appears to have gone to the pier because she was convinced it was near the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Comfort, the hospital ship that was sent to New York City to help with the coronavirus pandemic. A faction of QAnon believers have become obsessed with the Comfort, convinced that it’s being used to rescue “mole children” abused by the “cabal.” “I’m at the Comfort,” Prim said in the video. In fact, Prim had mistaken the U.S.S. Intrepid, a former aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum, for the Comfort. https://www.yahoo.com/news/qanon-devotee-live-streamed-her-181844417.html
  20. I, too, ventured out to my grocery store today (Publix). I wore my mask, but unlike the last couple of times I've gone, about a third of the customers were not wearing masks (nearly all were the last time I went). Even a couple of the employees were maskless. It was very busy (it has been every time I've gone since this all started), but the store was reasonably well stocked. There was still no toilet paper or cleaning supplies, but I needed neither one, so that was fine. The store now has professionally-done markings on the floors to mark which direction to go down the aisles. Maybe 50% of the customers followed them. Shortly after an intercom message from the store manager asking people to practice safe distancing and to follow the single-direction markings down each aisle, I witnessed a middle-aged woman coming down my aisle in the wrong direction. An employee that had been stocking the shelves mentioned this to her, and she started shouting that "No one's gonna tell me what to do! You all are stupid for believing this nonsense! WAKE UP!!!" She was hysterical, veins popping out on her forehead, skin turning beet red. She charged angrily down the aisle and around the corner. And naturally she was wearing a MAGA baseball cap.
  21. I re-watched Goldfinger the other day for the first time in years. I had forgotten how much Auric Goldfinger has in common with Trump. They both cheat at golf, they both have an obsession with ostentatious displays of wealth, and they're both undermined by a blonde with a porn name.
  22. I like the "Fun for Most Ages!" declaration, followed shortly thereafter by the +2 drink minimum. And "kids under 5". They're guaranteed to love dinner theater. "The only equity theatre in the gulf with its own tarpon cannery"! It wasn't until the address at the bottom that I was certain this whole ad was a gag. Good job, internet!
  23. Yes, at one time the "Playboy Interview" was considered a mark of success, and a certain level of celebrity. John Wayne knew full well he was doing an interview with Playboy. Every sort of movie star, music star, politician, and other notables took part over the years, including Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Miles Davis, Stanley Kubrick, Bette Davis, Sean Connery, Ayn Rand, Siskel & Ebert, Jimmy Carter, and Malcolm X, among many others.
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