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  1. A candidate we can all support.
  2. The Noonday Witch (2016) Czech Republic/Dir: Jiri Sadek - After the death of her husband, Eliska (Anna Geislerova) moves with her young daughter to the small village where her deceased husband was raised. The two struggle to acclimate to the isolated surroundings and the strange neighbors, but things turn sinister when Eliska is warned about a mysterious witch who will appear during the hottest day and try to steal her child. Some nice character work is about all to recommend here, as the plot doesn't go anywhere and the resolution is anticlimactic. (5/10)
  3. Dearest Sister (2016) Laos/Dir: Mattie Do - A naïve young girl from a backwater village comes to the big city to help care for a cousin she's never met. The cousin, married to a European who is often away on business, has developed a strange blindness, and is given to bouts of hallucinations where she claims to see the spirits of the dead. The village girl learns how to exploit her cousin's affliction. This was the first Laotian film that I've seen. It was very similar to neighboring Thailand's supernatural horror offerings, although the horrific elements are minimal. The acting is ju
  4. Tilbury (1987) Iceland/Dir: Vidar Vikingsson - Bizarre TV-movie that uses a traditional Icelandic folk legend to examine a largely forgotten piece of WWII history. In 1940, a young Icelandic man (Robert Arnfinnsson) moves to Reyjavik, where he finds work with the British military forces who have occupied the island nation for the duration of the war. He discovers that a sinister force seems to be at work among the soldiers, leading to the exploitation and degradation of the local girls. The tilbury is a legendary creature, a sort of ghostly goblin that can be summoned by women during
  5. She-Wolf (1983) Poland/Dir: Marek Piestrak - 19th-century soldier Kacper (Krsztof Jasinski) returns from war to find his wife dying. She curses him and then dies. He gets a job on the sprawling estate of the local Count, where Kacper begins seeing a large she-wolf roaming the grounds, and where the Countess begins acting erratically, both incidents that the increasingly-concerned Kacper is convinced are connected to his dead wife's unholy curse. This period-piece fantasy horror tale is very highly regarded in its homeland, but little known elsewhere until fairly recently. To me it came acr
  6. So you have a lot of gun-related violent crime? And you're asking if I think more gun laws may help to alleviate that, and give further weight to prosecute the offenders? Do you really need an answer to that? You do realize that most of those "off-the-street" illegal gun purchases are done via sellers who get those guns in nearby cities/states with more lax gun laws? Or at gun shows, flea markets and other highly unrestricted venues? And that more gun sale regulation would help to suppress that?
  7. Unless the show just says "It's Biden's fault", I don't think he's interested.
  8. I still love the idea that we shouldn't bother making laws if criminals will just break them anyway. Why make murder illegal if criminals will just commit it anyway?
  9. So what's the deal with this one winning so many awards? I haven't seen it yet, but it seems to be cleaning up with the accolades. Many of the comments that I've seen on Film Twitter seem to be mixed at best.
  10. It was a typo. They meant "Margaret Mitchell advocated rap." In the book, Ashley was known to spit some dope rhymes on the mic.
  11. Lokis: A Manuscript of Professor Wittembach (1970) Poland/Dir: Janusz Majewski - Set in the 19th century, a German professor and Protestant pastor (Edmund Fetting) travels to Lithuania to study local folklore, as well as a collection of rare books belonging to the local Count Szemiot (Jozef Duriasz). The professor learns not all is well at the castle, as the Count is suffering from a strange affliction, said to be caused by a incident years earlier when his mother, pregnant at the time with the Count, was attacked by a bear. The bear was killed, and locals believe that its spirit inhabited
  12. The Demon (1963) Italy/Dir: Brunello Rondi - In a small village in southern Italy, a disturbed woman (Daliah Lavi) is obsessed with a local farmer (Frank Wolff) and tries to cast spells to entrance him. When terrible things occur in the village, she believes that she's the cause for "consorting with the devil" so the locals attempt to exorcise her. Despite the lurid subject matter, this is presented in a serious, matter-of-fact manner, and is more a psychological examination of rural beliefs and superstitions than a horror film. Other than the two leads, the rest of the cast seem to be loc
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