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Status Updates posted by LawrenceA

  1. Awww hell, Reggie!

    1. marcar


      I received a notification that you did a Single Status update. What does that mean and how do you do it and why?


      I hope I'm not bugging you I just don't get what that means. Thanks in advance. Marisa (marcar)

    2. LawrenceA


      On the old set-up, the status update was the text that appeared next to your avatar on your profile page. Every week when I changed my avatar, I changed the status to a quote from that week's star. This week I'm Nick Nolte, so I put that line from 48 Hrs.

      However, with this new set-up, it looks like the status updates are like they are on Facebook, where you type something like "tired from work" or "happy it's the weekend!" or some such banality. And then those who are "following" you see your status change. "Followers" used to be "friends" in the old set-up.

      Because of this change to the status, I will stop changing it each week to a quote.

    3. marcar


      Thanks for the quick answer. I refuse to use those emoticons except to "like" something. So rather than push that hideous trophy sign, I'm thanking you "in-real-type"

      Isn't this update just the worst? I just got my sign-in to show my profile after two days of signing in with nothing happening. Thanks for all your "likes" on my content. I really enjoy reading yours.

      As you said, I'm afraid to write any lengthy reviews of movies for fear they'll disappear...or who knows what will happen to them. It takes a while to compose a good review and I love sharing mine...but these days this system is insane...Thanks again. Marisa (marcar)

  2. Great new avatar pic! Long live Laura Palmer!

    1. Sukhov


      !uoy knahT

  3. Great pic of Ava this week, Azure! 

    1. Azure


      Thanks, Lawrence!


  4. Love the new avatar!

  5. Abominable things these machines...you can't reason with them.

  6. Anything you got to say to them, say to me first.

  7. Check around back.

  8. Don't touch me unless you love me.

  9. Don't you get sick of being right all the time?

  10. Eat cantaloupe, you bellyaching rhinoceros!

  11. Even wise men cannot see all ends.

  12. How would you like to be pickin' your teeth out of your lips, SUCKA?

  13. I am a traveler.

  14. I can't run fast enough to catch up.

  15. I don't believe in insurance. There's no risk.

  16. I don't like you, either.

  17. I get nervous when I talk to the police.

  18. I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid.

  19. I'm at war with the world and everybody in it.

  20. I'm fallin' apart here!

  21. Is this seat taken?

  22. My kind of trouble doesn't take vacations.

  23. Never heard of it.

  24. Put the money on the table and back away...slowly.

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