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  1. They do still issue warning points. I know of some posters who have received some. I still have yet to get any, and I've had a lot of posts deleted. 

    They will also put people on a sort of probation where their posts have to be approved before showing up. That's why some people's posts seem to appear out of nowhere 30 minutes or more later.

    I'm not sure what it takes to actually get warning points, or to get probation or a suspension. 

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  2. 21 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    it is like the spanish inquisition lauding the invention of the iron maiden as a boon to orthopedics.

    The Spanish Inquisition never used an iron maiden. They were a mostly fictionalized torture device invented in the 19th century to make the Middle Ages look worse than they were, and thus the advancements of the then-modern age seem all the more enlightened. 

    Yet maybe your use of BS, however unwittingly, to try and make a point is in itself a point.

  3. 45 minutes ago, Marysara1 said:

     This country is divided.

    And do you wonder why? Do you think it may have something to do with the media that you continuously consume (based on your posts), and how they profit from that division?

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Marysara1 said:

     There are stories of people being fired that dealt with the election and refused to do things they were uncomfortable  with .(like signatures not matching up, or finding shredded paper in garbage cans.) 

    And every time they've been called on to provide proof of such in a court of law they've failed to do so.

    The only actual voter fraud that's been found have been a handful of cases that were all for Trump.

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Arturo said:

    Well I didn’t post anything untrue, although I posted it in response to another post on another thread.  The threads and posts are still there for you to read.  I have not reported you, but apparently somebody has if you find threads and/or posts removed.  Not a computer glitch but the mods here finding reason to remove.

    Yeah, if you get the "you don't have permission to view" error message then it's because the thread or post was deleted. It's also possible that the mods are combining some threads that are similar, and I'm not sure if one gets an error message if a thread has been combined.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, JamesJazGuitar said:

    With regards to this new Trump media company that Nunes will be CEO of:   It appears their primary mission is provide Facebook\Twitter type services to conservatives without censorship.    I'm curious what the non-conservatives think about this;

    I support the idea and can't wait to join the site to test their no-censorship policy;  E.g.  I would post bald faced lies about Trump,  over and over again.

    I find it hard to believe the site monitors wouldn't remove such post,  warn me,  then suspend me, then block me from the site.

    But if their site is really no-censorship,  than that would be healthy;  if there is indeed some form of "censorship" than this type of  site is dangerous as it relates to the polarization of Americans.        People from each side need to communicate to see how the other side thinks;  the more each side silos the more the polarization.


    There have been a few social media companies that have been launched that all promised "no censorship", like Parler. Within weeks, or even days, they had to clamp down as they all became hotbeds of racist groups, neo-Nazis, and worse. Some users tried to test the "no censorship" rules by posting calls to violence, revenge porn, and child porn. It has always led to swift moderation and, of course, censorship.

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  7. La-casa-lobo-chilean-movie-poster-md.jpg

    The Wolf House  (2018)  Chile/Dir: Joaquin Cocina & Cristobal Leon  -  Another very bizarre animated film, this time a surrealist fable concerning a young woman who is exiled from her cult-like religious community after allowing two pigs to escape their pen. She hides out with the pigs in a strange house that begins to have a transformative effect on everyone. Based loosely on the real isolationist community known as Colonia Dignidad, an agrarian religious commune led by a former Nazi and convicted child molester who also worked with the Pinochet government to incarcerate, torture and murder dissidents during the Chilean political upheaval of the 20th century. The film, presented as a production created by the Colonia members themselves, is surreal to the point of indecipherability, at least for me. It's unique, purposefully low-tech animation techniques will appeal to fans of fringe animation. As with so many of these avant-garde animated features, it wasn't my cup of tea.   (5/10)


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  8. Sennenyoyu.jpg

    Millennium Actress  (2001)  Japan/Dir: Satoshi Kon  -  Animated film about an aged actress who is prompted by interviewers to reminisce about her long and turbulent life through the 20th century. In an inventive narrative twist, the two interviewers are transported through time to the different eras of the actress's life to witness firsthand her experiences. Well written and worth checking out.   (7/10)

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  9. Faust1994poster.jpg

    Faust  (1994)  Czech Republic/Dir: Jan Svankmajer  -  Retelling of the Faust legend, this time mixing live action with stop-motion animation. A lonely everyman (Petr Cepek) follows a mysterious map to a puppet theater where he embarks on a surreal journey through the Faust story. Claymation and old-fashioned stringed marionettes are combined to interesting effect. The narrative is hazy at best, and one would be advised to just sit back and take it in. Not really my type of experience, but it was unusual.   (6/10)

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  10. Poster_art_for_the_1982_Hungarian_animat

    Son of the White Mare  (1981)  Hungary/Dir: Marcell Jankovics  -  Animated fantasy steeped in Hungarian folklore that follows a trio of mystical brothers that unite to save a trio of princesses from a trio of dragons. The very unique art style is eye-popping, and it adds immeasurably to the ambience. The many psychedelic touches add to the story rather than distract, creating recurring motifs and visuals cues without descending in self-indulgence. This was a flop in its home country at the time of release. Since then it has been heralded as an underrated masterpiece by animation fans.  (7/10)


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  11. Belladonnaofsadness.png

    Belladonna of Sadness  (1973)  Japan/Dir: Eiichi Yamamoto  -  Psychedelic animated film based on a French novel in which a peasant girl is raped by a feudal lord and then outcast from her village. She makes a pact with a demon in order to get revenge. I can see this being very popular with headshop-stoner crowd. It's both visually dated and unusual, particularly for Japanese animation. It's fairly sexually explicit, with a lot of nudity and bizarre sexual motifs. The artwork ranges from brief snippets of standard 2D animation stuff to still watercolors, mixed with strobing effects and rapid-fire montages. There are also a few songs, and lengthy acid-jazz ramblings on the soundtrack. It wasn't my cup of tea, but I can see why it's a cult favorite to many.   (5/10)

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  12. 179458-the-wolf-girl-0-230-0-345-crop.jp

    The Wolf Girl  (1974)  Taiwan/Dir: Tung-Min Chen & Kuang Hui  -  Fantasy/horror madness about an evil wizard who promises to help a nobleman create a "ghost child", a mystical being with great magic powers that will do the bidding of its creator. However, it requires the nobleman to sacrifice his unborn child, which the mother is reluctant to do. She runs away, and gives birth to twin girls who get separated soon after. One grows up in a small village as a nice serving girl, while her twin grows up in the forest, becoming a feral "wolf girl". Everyone gets tangled up with the evil wizard again. This unusual, silly and cheap action fantasy was a Taiwan-Thailand co-production. There is less martial arts fighting than in many films of the type, and more sex. On the whole it's pretty awful.   (4/10)

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  13. MV5BNjFiZjA2ODEtZWU1ZS00ZjMxLTk3NzAtNmE4

    The Wife Killer  (1974)  Greece/Dir: Kostas Karagiannis  -  A philandering dilettante plots to have his older, wealthy wife killed so that he can inherit her money and run away with his young mistress. However, his choice of assassin is a serial rapist and murderer who ends up being even more trouble. With Lakis Komninos, Dorothy Moore, Vagelis Seilinos, Fragoulis Fragoulis, and Jane Paterson. This sleazy crime thriller features a lot of violence against women, so much so that even my jaded sensibilities were a bit unnerved. The performances were decent, and stylistically the film resembles many of the Italian gialli of the period. Also released as Death KissThe Rape Killer, and He Murdered His Wife.    (5/10)


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