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  1. This has been dormant all day, so I'll jump in with one...


    What mildly popular horror film series of the 80's features a first film, a part two, a part four, but no part three? Name the series, and if you want, the reason there's no part 3.

  2. I was glancing ahead at more modern times and couldn't help but observe that my runners up for each year are usually more interesting than the top 10.  They weren't better films but are generally more eclectic and inclusive of B's and foreign films.

    I have a lot of foreign titles on my lists, especially in the 60's. And from the mid-70's through the 80's I have a lot of genre films (SF/horror/fantasy/action), with very few American made dramas.

  3. For 1933 - 58 films seen


    1.  King Kong

    2.  Eskimo

    3.  Dinner at Eight

    4.  The Private Life of Henry VIII

    5.  Duck Soup

    6.  Counsellor-at-Law

    7.  Queen Christina

    8.  I'm No Angel

    9.  She Done Him Wrong

    10. Lady For a Day


    I have a long runner up list.  Here are a few: The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, The Kennel Murder Case, Quatorze Juiliet, Don Quixote (French version) and State Fair.


    I haven't seen Lady Killer yet but have a copy courtesy of TCM.  I'm saving it for a Jimmy Cagney marathon.


    I'm creeping up to you LawrenceA on the number of films seen!

    ESKIMO, COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW, QUATORZE JUILIET, French DON QUIXOTE I don't know. I'M NO ANGEL I have but haven't watched. Many more to add to my "to-see" list!

  4. 1933 - 61 films seen


    1. KING KONG


    3. DUCK SOUP


    5. 42nd STREET







    I'm going to jump on the runner-up bandwagon and start listing five additional titles for each year. For 1933 they are: GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933, MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, THE LITTLE GIANT, DOCTOR BULL, and DESIGN FOR LIVING.


    I have a general distaste for musicals. I can appreciate the work that goes into them; the choreography, the costumes, the set designs can all be fantastic. But something about show tunes can be nails on a chalkboard for me. That being said, 1933 is the only year out of all of my lists that has more than one musical in the top ten.


    CAVALCADE is an interesting case for me. It was the final Best Picture I watched while going back and seeing all the past winners. And I really hated it. I found it dull, ponderous, overly dramatic in a bad community-theater kind of way, and just a real chore to finish. Well, cut to many years later. I have a collection of all the best picture winners on DVD or blu ray, and once again, CAVALCADE was the last one I got, since it was the last released on disc. I watched it again, and really liked it. I found the performances credible, especially the great Una O'Connor. I appreciated the generational sweep more, and just found the whole endeavor much more satisfying. It just goes to show that rewatching films you dismissed earlier in life may have more resonance later on.

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  5. Wow, Frank...you have 13 in that list I haven't seen! I'm glad to see you liked VAMPYR as well. Strange but fascinating movie. BEAST OF THE CITY, KONGO, MASK OF FU MANCHU, WHITE ZOMBIE, ME AND MY GAL and RED DUST are all others that I enjoyed quite a bit.

  6. 1932 Favorites


    1932 gave us "Hot Voodoo," Hattie McDaniel knowing when a white man's browsing, "gooble-gobble, one of us," the college widow, "Throw me the life saver!," "Are we not men/the house of pain," "Isn't It Romantic" and one of the greatest scores written for film, ever; Mata Machree, the hottest thing in old Klopstockia, "Woof bloogle gyk,""Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with," "Don't kill me, I'm a priestess of Isis! Save me from that mummy! It's dead!;" "No beds! They can't have beds!," "Have a potato;" "That's fine stuff, but it'll rot;" and last but not least, one of the great bar shots in any movie and  the Pawadise cocktail.


    Blonde Venus




    Frisco Jenny


    Horse Feathers


    Island of Lost Souls


    Love Me Tonight


    Million Dollar Legs


    The Mummy


    The Old Dark House


    One Way Passage

    Great post! BLONDE VENUS was a runner-up for me. ONE WAY PASSAGE and FRISCO JENNY I haven't seen.

  7. The other day, I found myself wondering whatever happened to Shirley Manson and her band, Garbage.  I posted this video, considering all the flooding that NW Oregon has been experiencing this week, this song only seems fitting.


    Garbage, "Only Happy When it Rains."  



    They are still around. They had an album in 2012 that got good notices, and another out in Feb of next year, I believe. I saw them live back in '98, I think; it was the tour for their second album. They were really good live, and Shirley owned the stage. Good show.

  8. been disappointed with last 2 Italian horror flicks on UNDERGROUND :(

    If you mean SHOCK and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, yeah, neither are classics. I'd recommend them for completists only, even though they both have their moments. As far as late 70's/early 80's italo-horror, DEEP RED, SUSPIRIA, TENEBRAE, ZOMBI 2, THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, and to a lesser extent, INFERNO and NEW YORK RIPPER, are your best bets. They can be an acquired taste, with outrageous violence, sometimes nauseating gore effects, bizarre storylines that lurch dangerously close to incoherence, and distinctive music that is dated but intrinsic to the films' unique charms. I enjoy the titles I listed a great deal while acknowledging their deep flaws, which for some viewers are dealbreakers. Proceed at your own risk!

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  9. Overwrought is too plain a word to describe The Danish Girl (2015).  Hot off his success portraying disabled, Stephen Hawking actor Eddie Redmayne tackles another Award friendly role in that of a transgender person.  Every moment in this film seems to be a study or a pose.  Every line of dialogue is delivered in a hoarse whisper.

    The female actors, Alicia Vikander and Amber Heard are just OTT dreadful.

    The costumes are great but they are straight off the rack and don't look like they have every been worn by a human being.

    My favourite scene is when Redmayne goes to a society function in drag for the very first time.  Even though he is barking dog ugly of course every man in the room is tripping over themselves wanting to fling themselves at this feet.  Come on!

    If not for Redmayne's competence as an actor this would be one for the "I Would Rather Stick Needles In My Eyes Than Watch ..." thread


    Lol! Your newer release movie reviews seem to be mostly negative, but man are they fun to read, especially if you picture your avatar reading them with that annoyed, disgusted look on his face the whole time.

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  10. A little off-topic, but hopefully not too far off!  After reading through some of LawrenceA's reviews of various 1979 films I ran across 'THE SHARK HUNTER' and it reminded me at one point I'd seen it before on video.  I went over to Amazon shortly thereafter and found a seller ('Southern Maine Indoor Flea Market') who had it listed for a reasonable price, bought it and received it this afternoon.  Pretty speedy shipping from Scarborough, ME.  I felt rather fortunate the insert artwork was still bright and colorful inside the PRISM clamshell case.  After 30+ years I expect a lil' fading (I noted Prism released it in 1984), but I didn't detect any sunfade.  I reckon whatever video store(s) had this tape kept the box out of the storefront window!    


          LawrenceA:  Too bad you had to watch it via a murky copy on disc with Norwegian subtitles that wouldn't go away!  That's a rough way to watch a movie, to be sure.

    The version I have is on a four dvd set entitled "Grindhouse Experience Vol. 2". It has twenty movies on it, but the quality is universally terrible. All of the films were pulled from terrible old vhs copies, some taped directly off of European tv, with the channel logo on screen throughout the movie, and at least twice a commercial break will start. Videotape static and rolling tracking lines are visible frequently. At least four of them have the embedded subtitles, but not all the same language; one is in Turkish. Avoid this set at all costs!

  11. For 1932 - 55 films seen.


    1. Scarface: The Shame of a Nation

    2. Shanghai Express

    3. Horse Feathers

    4. I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang

    5. Grand Hotel

    6. Million Dollar Legs

    7. Rain

    8. If I Had a Million

    9. Boudo Saved From Drowning

    10. What Price Hollywood?


    I have a long runner up list. Here are a few: Trouble In Paradise, Tarzan, the Ape Man, Island of Lost Souls, The Mummy, The Old Dark House, One Hour With You and Air Mail.


    I haven't seen Fanny yet but have a copy.

    If I had a runner-up list, SHANGHAI EXPRESS, GRAND HOTEL and BOUDU SAVED FROM DROWNING would be on it. I haven't seen WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD, but know what it is. I'm unfamiliar with MILLION DOLLAR LEGS and IF I HAD A MILLION. RAIN I've seen, but it didn't do much for me. I liked the performances.
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