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  1. TopBilled, slow down! I'm trying to keep it to a year a day, so it doesn't get too congested. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I'm just up to 1935 today.
  2. They have to prove who is most American. Notice most usually have those pointless flag pins on their lapel as well, as if we'll think they're on team Malaysia or Uruguay unless we see the pin. And they feel the singing of the anthem somehow imbues the following farce with a sense of unearned importance.
  3. Swithin, that was an amazing post. I've seen HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD and enjoyed it, despite the occasional camp hamminess of Arliss. It was nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars that year. I've heard of JEW SUSS, but need to see it. It sounds fascinating, and I'm a fan of Veidt. I've never heard of the third, but it sounds interesting, like setting a scenic musical in Kandahar of the year 2000.
  4. I don't know LA SIGNORA DI TUTTI. I'm surprised by the Tarzan movie being so high on your list. I like all the Weismuller Tarzans that I've seen, but they're usually not on typical best-of lists. Are you a particular John Barrymore fan, or did he just have a good year in your opinion?
  5. The only thing that worries me about this revival is that I keep reading about different celebrities getting involved. I'd prefer they just bring back Joel, the robots, and maybe Mike, and just stick to the films and commentary with the old gang, not a bunch of celeb cameos, no matter how big a fan they are.
  6. TopBilled, I managed to see all of yours this time! IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT is one of my faves of the decade.
  7. A more recent example would be the 2009 adaptation of WATCHMEN. In the original graphic novel, a young boy buys a pirate comic book from a newsstand entitled "Tales of the Black Freighter". Over the course of the WATCHMEN story, it cuts back and forth from the main full-color plot to the b&w story in the kid's pirate comic, as it makes allusions to the greater narrative. They filmed an animated version for use in the live-action film, but cut the "Freighter" segments for the theatrical release, to reduce the bloated runtime. They released the animated pirate sequences as a standalone dvd,
  8. I enjoyed Bava's film HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD. It was one of the more outlandish entries in the glut of muscle-bound hero flicks flooding out of Italy in the late 50s and 60s. It's very colorful, and impeccably shot, like all of Bava's work; he was one of the most respected DP's in Europe. BAY OF BLOOD a.k.a. TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE is another important Bava film that prefigured the 80s slasher movie boom, especially FRIDAY THE 13th, but it's a 70s film, so doesn't really fit.
  9. I totally agree with your criticism of the guest programmers. There have been a few choices that were unexpected, but the one guest I distinctly recall having more original choices, or at least one, was Bill Hader, I think, when he chose to show SLITHER, a fun, obscure seventies James Caan flick. Hader is a bit of a film geek, and worked in the industry behind the scenes before joining Saturday Night Live, so maybe that's why his knowledge may be a little more idiosyncratic. The Criterion website has an enjoyable section of videos featuring celeb guests going through the Criterion catalog, pic
  10. HEART LIKE A WHEEL - Bonnie Bedelia as Shirley Muldowney(?) JIM THORPE: ALL AMERICAN - Burt Lancaster as Thorpe
  11. Hey! Eddie G. was a hunk! Didn't you notice all the ladies swooning over him in his films? Gable and Flynn WISH they were Eddie G.!
  12. 1934 - 60 films seen 1. IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT 2. THE THIN MAN 3. IT'S A GIFT 4. THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH 5. THE SCARLET EMPRESS 6. MANHATTAN MELODRAMA 7. THE BLACK CAT 8. THE GAY DIVORCEE 9. TWENTIETH CENTURY 10. JUDGE PRIEST Runner-ups: L'ATALANTE, A STORY OF FLOATING WEEDS, VIVA VILLA!, CLEOPATRA, and IMITATION OF LIFE. Not much to say about this year's picks. Claudette Colbert I guess was my star of the year, with three films. Also rare for me to have only a single genre film pick with THE BLACK CAT.
  13. Frank, this time, besides the titles others have mentioned, you have 14 I haven't seen. BABY FACE nearly made my runner-up list. Are these all the 1933 movies you've seen, in order of how you liked them? If so, ALICE IN WONDERLAND at the very bottom made me laugh. I just watched that for the first time this year, and my jaw hung open during most of it. What a bizarre, misguided effort.
  14. For me, this has been one of the longest stretches I can remember between recordings off of TCM. The last I taped were those Sinatra films the week before last (ASSAULT ON A QUEEN, etc.) with nothing until the early Sinatra movies this week. December and February are slow TCM times for me usually, but this year has been the worst.
  15. TopBilled names a few more I don't know...MOVIE CRAZY and JEWEL ROBBERY from '32, and PILGRIMAGE, THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE and WILD BOYS OF THE ROAD from '33. THE MAYOR OF HELL was nearly on my runner-up list. Cagney's one of my favorite stars of the era.
  16. Luckily, I've managed to miss any campaign ads this early in the season. By this summer, approx. 80% of all ad time will be political until November. Yay to living in a swing state.
  17. Christopher Lee, Ian Fleming, James Bond...I'll stay away from the trivia threads. I don't think I'm on the same wavelength here. Open thread.
  18. The answer was HOUSE. Knock yourself out Azure.
  19. Fred Clark was in A PLACE IN THE SUN with Montgomery Clift
  20. Strangely, in my smallish town, the county and city governments pay for the Christmas lights and other decorations they festoon all over our downtown area, but the big July fourth fireworks celebration is paid for by private donors that they solicit each year in our local paper.
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