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  1. I've not seen enough movies from each given year to make a list, and I don't keep very good track, on top of that... nevertheless, one film that would definitely make my list for 1930 (though it wasn't released until '37) is The Tale of The Fox. A funny and highly original French stop-motion (with puppets) animated film. I wish TCM would show it, because I've only watched it in episodes from YT, but even chopped-up and fuzzy-looking it still merits repeat viewings. The animation is very well-done and I've found that the story-telling aspect and energy was not compromised in the slightest.

    That sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I use almost all the different tech available. I will use my Comcast DVR to first "record" a title. The Comcast DVR I have doesn't have a lot of storage capacity, so 95% of the time, I then put the title onto vhs. If I don't, the storage fills up too fast, especially if I DVR in HD. I envy your high capacity DVR...mine only holds about 25 titles, and that's if I didn't DVR other tv, which I do. I called about a year ago and asked about the better DVRS they advertise and I was told those are only for new customers.


    I'll watch the tape eventually, sometimes months or even a year later, and if I like it enough, I'll try and buy it on DVD or BLU RAY. If it's out of print, or used copies are going for too much, then I'll buy a factory produced vhs release. I still have about 45+ movies in vhs. If even that isn't available, I'll just keep the recording from TCM or whichever channel until a better option is available. I also watch streaming films off of Amazon Prime occasionally, and even YouTube if it's something I've had a hard time finding, like THE BLUE VEIL, WHITE BANNERS and THE FIXER.


    All told, I probably have a few hundred purchased dvds, and half as many blu rays. I upgrade if I think a title warrants it, or if the blu ray is cheap enough. But I still buy dvds all the time. I have the Criterion editions of NIGHT AND THE CITY, PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET and THE LAST WAVE coming in the mail from the TCM Shop, and the Criterion Carl Theodor Dreyer set coming from Amazon. Merry Christmas to me!

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  3. If I might add my current choices for performances for 1930 they would be:


    Best Actor


    Emil Jannings, The Blue Angel


    Best Actress


    Greta Garbo, Anna Christie


    Best Supporting Actor


    Louis Wolheim, All Quiet on the Western Front


    Best Supporting Actress


    Marie Dressler, Anna Christie

    Nice! I wouldn't mind seeing these for each year as we go, if you have them.


    I love Wolheim in that film.

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