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  1. If I might add my current choices for performances for 1930 they would be:


    Best Actor


    Emil Jannings, The Blue Angel


    Best Actress


    Greta Garbo, Anna Christie


    Best Supporting Actor


    Louis Wolheim, All Quiet on the Western Front


    Best Supporting Actress


    Marie Dressler, Anna Christie

    Nice! I wouldn't mind seeing these for each year as we go, if you have them.


    I love Wolheim in that film.

  2. I might try to contribute here at a later date.  Sounds like a good thread idea, however, I'm not sure(if I got the correct drift) that each decade would actually yield  10 movies that I liked.


    Sometimes, it may be ONE YEAR that has produced TEN OR MORE movies that I really like, and sometimes the whole decade may come up with only maybe ONE or TWO.


    It's not neccesarily because I'm that slective, but I'm also not so infatuated with the notion of "classic" movies that I'll lay claim to adoration of every movie that many consider "classic" ever made.


    So I guess I'll look in every now and then and see where the general direction is going and then maybe I might be able to come up with some kind of list.




    There are no rules about your posts. If you want to just name one movie or twenty, that's fine. If you just want to say something someone else listed was crummy that's fine too, or if you want to just mention a title no one else has that you like.

  3. If for an entire decade you can only name ONE or TWO movies you feel are 'classic'  that sounds very selective to me.


    My difficultly here is where I can find a list of all the movies for a given year.    Without some type of master list of movies by year to choose from,  the task just takes too much work.


    If you go to imdb, pick a movie from a given year, and then on that film's page, click the year beside the title. It will take you to a list of all the titles from that year.

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  4. Illegal immigration wasn't even a front burner issue until Trump started his schtick, except to the far right, which is who he is pandering to. I thought illegal immigration had dropped to nearly zero during the recession, with more Latino illegals actually headed in the other direction. Did it suddenly pick up again? Or is this just about the ones already here, staying and working? What's the problem with them again? It can't be the old fallacy about their parasitical use of government programs ("They're all on welfare and food stamps!") which has been proven to be a total crock. Is it the "they're all criminals" argument? That too has proven to be statistically incorrect. If it's the old argument about them stealing jobs, go after the employers, and hard, with real prison time. Going after the workers is like busting the junkies instead of the dealers.


    I just think there are much bigger, more critical issues to deal with.

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  5. I haven't seen LA CHIENNE yet, though I do have it taped. It's another of the "1001 Movies to See...". My lists are fairly conservative for the first few decades, with a mix of Hollywood, foreign and arthouse films that are generally acclaimed. After that, though, my choices get a little more original.

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