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  1. CHRISTMAS EVIL - (6/10) - a.k.a. YOU BETTER WATCH OUT. Crazy-guy-dressed-as-Santa flick that's more of a black comedy than a horror film. Better than I expected, with some funny sequences and a good performance from the lead, Brandon Maggart. Future "Home Improvement" co-star Patricia Richardson shows up in a small role. Superior to the more famous, later SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, though not as tawdry.
  2. Andy, interesting choices. I'm glad to see your love for THE LETTER; you're not alone on that. Also another shout out to THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT. I haven't seen CHRISTMAS IN JULY, BABIES FOR SALE, REMEMBER THE NIGHT, or GIRLS OF THE ROAD. More for me to look for.
  3. Multieye, that's your collection of Criterion releases, or a video someone else uploaded?
  4. Swithin, great choices again, and great commentary. I like the shout out to THE MUMMY'S HAND. I thought I'd also mention, after reading your eloquent thoughts on ANTHONY ADVERSE, I saw it on sale on Amazon and bought it. I've seen it before, and liked it, and after reading your words and it going on sale the same day, I thought it serendipitous.
  5. CHEECH & CHONG'S NEXT MOVIE - (6/10) - Sloppy, amiable second outing for the title duo. The stoner icons engage in various shenanigans in this virtually plotless comedy. Look out for bits with a young Rita Wilson, Cassandra (Elvira) Peterson, and Phil Hartman. Cheech Marin spends about half of the film playing Cheech's "cousin" Red from Texas. Your recommended daily dose of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. The first film to feature both Pee Wee Herman and the song "Tequila."
  6. It's fine with me if we slow down. One year every three days sound good? 1941 on Wednesday or Thursday?
  7. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST - (5/10) - I need a shower. Long considered the high point (low point?) in filmed outrageousness, I've been hearing and reading about this one for decades. I finally get around to watching it the week of Christmas! The film follows a rescue expedition into the Amazon jungle to search for a four-person documentary crew. The first half follows the would-be rescuers, while the second half is the footage shot by the missing film crew. Lots of graphic nudity, gory violence, and some extremely misogynistic sequences are still quite shocking. The most infamous bits, though, are sev
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