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  1. I'm reading a John Wayne biography right now that discussed his lengthy affair from the late thirties to the early forties with Dietrich. He was competing with Kay Francis for Dietrich's affections.
  2. BORDERLINE - (6/10) - Charles Bronson as a border patrol agent tracking a killer. With Bruno Kirby, Wilford Brimley, Michael Lerner, and Bert Remsen. Introducing Ed Harris, despite his role in COMA two years earlier. Average time-waster. Set during Christmastime, so it's seasonal.
  3. I'm a fan of Jane. I think she may have had the best acting work by any actress in the 1970's. And in the 60's, yowzah! There were few sexier.
  4. There's a vocal minority of people who still moan about "Hanoi" Jane, but most people are either ignorant of her past, or they really don't care. I think it's more likely people will skip the movies because they're lousy. Or not, because they're not.
  5. I agree, I just grouped them together because I usually read about them as a collective, even though they weren't really.
  6. No rules, just lists of ten favorite films of the year. We've been trying to keep to one year a day. 1940 will be up tomorrow. You can list more per year or less, as you wish. Some people list favorite stars or performances each year, or thoughts on individual movies, how you first saw them, whatever. It's pretty loose.
  7. I've never seen a Rohmer film. I'm taping MY NIGHT AT MAUD'S. I always recall the line from 1975's NIGHT MOVES, where Gene Hackman's character, when asked about Rohmer, says ,"I tried watching Rohmer once. It was like watching paint dry." The line may have been meant to illustrate the character's personal tastes and attitudes, rather than the filmmakers' critique on Rohmer's work, but the quote was used in at least one mainstream obit when Rohmer passed recently. I have a complicated opinion of French New Wave films. I didn't see any when they were new. There was no access to those types o
  8. THE BLUES BROTHERS - (8/10) - A rewatch. Jake and Elwood on a mission from God. Lots of car stunts, cameos, and great music.
  9. The Thirties Ten Favorite Films 1. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT 2. BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN 3. IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT 4. THE ROARING TWENTIES 5. MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON 6. MODERN TIMES 7. FRANKENSTEIN 8. KING KONG 9. M 10. THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD Ten Favorite Male Stars 1. Spencer Tracy 2. James Cagney 3. Edward G. Robinson 4. Clark Gable 5. Cary Grant 6. Paul Muni 7. Boris Karloff 8. Jean Gabin 9. Gary Cooper 10. Errol Flynn Top Ten Female Stars 1. Myrna Loy 2. Claudette Colbert 3. Katharine Hepburn 4. Marlene Dietrich 5. Jean Arthur
  10. You lucky sonuva...the theater experience does alter a film's impact. Growing up and living in a small town, I've had to rely on home video for classic, foreign and art house films. The little I lived in bigger cities (Jacksonville and Brooklyn), I never saw a movie at all.
  11. THE IN-LAWS Alan Arkin & Peter Falk Albert Brooks & Michael Douglas Open thread
  12. lol...MAGNIFICENT AMBER-SONS! Open thread
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