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  1. I watch a lot of grade B or lower movies, and I see the boom mike bouncing around everyone's heads all the time. But I recently had a laughing fit while watching IT'S ALIVE 2: IT LIVES AGAIN, when the boom mike came up from below during a scene with people sitting around a living room. I saw it weaving behind the coffee table, and I thought it was a strange dog at first before realizing what it was.
  2. UNBROKEN (7/10) Incredible but true story of Louis Zamperini that was released amid much hype, but disappeared fairly quickly. The son of Italian immigrants, Louis was an unrepentant juvenile delinquent until he was directed towards his high school track team, where he set many school and state records, eventually running for the US Olympic team in 1936. Serving on a bomber in the Pacific campaign during WWII, he survived a crash landing in the open ocean, and, along with two others, was adrift for over forty days until being captured by a Japanese naval vessel. Sent to a succession of p.o
  3. THE HUMAN FACTOR (6/10) Final directorial effort from Otto Preminger, based on a Graham Greene novel, concerns the hunt for a double agent within British intelligence. The lead investigator knows there's a leak in their African Intel bureau, but now he must determine which of two suspects is the culprit, the extravagant playboy bachelor or the buttoned down family man. The brilliant but troubled English stage legend Nicol Williamson stars as the family man, with Derek Jacobi as the playboy, and Richard Attenborough as the investigator. Gorgeous supermodel Iman makes her debut as Willia
  4. G.I. SAMURAI (6/10) Action legend Sonny Chiba stars in this SF epic that follows a group of Japanese Ground Defense Troops on maneuvers who are mysteriously transported back in time 400 years to the "Warring States" period. Equipped with a tank, a helicopter, a small naval vessel and lots of modern firepower, the soldiers find themselves thrust into the middle of warfare between various samurai clans. Trying to stay impartial at first and hoping for the time warp to reverse itself, the soldiers soon take a more proactive approach in their attempts to get back to the twentieth century. The
  5. Again, you post something that verifies every prediction made by climate scientists concerning global warming. But it's obvious now you are either unwilling or unable to comprehend anything beyond your own limited narrative, so I'll leave you to your echo chamber and wish you all the best.
  6. So I just looked up Ivar Giaever. He's from a totally unrelated scientific field. Not everyone with the sobriquet "scientist" attached to his name is an expert in every scientific field. That's like asking the guy down at Jiffylube to fix your jet engine. I mean, he's a mechanic, right? All mechanics can fix all mechanical things, right? No. And from what I've just read, Mr. Giaever has gone a long way in tarnishing his old rep with his anti-climate change bunk. So I wouldn't recommend hitching your wagon to his post.
  7. Wow, you managed to find one guy to refute the work of literally hundreds of others. And, naturally, since it gels with what you want to believe, you'll believe him instead of the overwhelming consensus of 99% of all other scientists. Two other quick points: What is CNSNews? And, you'll have to remind me, is this the same Nobel committee that awarded one to Barack Obama? You remember, when all the right-wingers complained and stated over and over again about how meaningless the Nobel prizes were. So now the Nobel prize means something again?
  8. I'm sure this may have already been stated somewhere else in this thread but maybe it should be repeated. When global temperatures rise, arctic ice melts. This has many side effects. Rising water levels are one. Disturbances in ocean temperatures are another. The change in water temp affects and alters the currents throughout the world's oceans, including the jet stream. The jet stream is very important in maintaining temperate conditions in Europe. Have you ever noticed on a map how Europe is on the same latitudes as Canada, but yet they have much milder annual temps? That's the jet stream in
  9. A FORCE OF ONE (6/10) Early Chuck Norris action flick offers some enjoyment provided you go in with the right attitude. When two narcotics detectives on the trail of a major drug ring are murdered using martial arts, the rest of their squad is ordered to investigate local karate schools for potential suspects, and to train themselves in case the killer strikes again. This leads them to Chuck, as Matt Logan, champion kickboxer and karate school proprietor with a personal distaste for the drug trade. He agrees to train the cops and of course gets caught up in the rest of the action. One
  10. ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (7/10) Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel team for the fifth and final time in this taut, true-story prison pic. The plot's in the title, as Clint and a group of fellow prisoners plan and execute a daring escape from the supposedly inescapable island prison. Patrick McGoohan is the venal warden, and the film goes out of it's way to highlight the cruelty visited on the inmates, building viewer sympathy for the escapees, which is necessary since we're asked to root for a group of convicted felons over law enforcement. Also with the great character actor Roberts B
  11. I've liked Kelly Macdonald since TRAINSPOTTING. GOSFORD PARK was a divisive film, but I enjoyed it immensely. Macdonald was also terrific in the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire".
  12. THE RING is one of the only times I found the American remake better than the foreign language original. Maybe it was a case of heightened expectations, but I was sorely disappointed with RINGU. I had heard about it for quite some time, and as a fan of both the horror genre and Japanese cinema in general, I was anticipating a lot more. I found it silly when it was supposed to be scary. The American version worked much better, even if a lot of the visual style has been done to death since. And I liked the cast, with Naomi Watts and Brian Cox.
  13. ELVIS (7/10) This 1979 tv biopic stars Kurt Russell as the King of Rock 'n' Roll, and marks the first collaboration between Russell and director John Carpenter. This was Kurt's attempt to break away from his Disney star image, and he's successful, earning himself an Emmy nod. His performance works without devolving into caricature. However, vocal duties were performed by Ronnie McDowell. The film follows his humble beginnings to his superstar rise, ending in 1969 with his Vegas comeback. Things move along nicely, though rarely beyond the depth of tv films of the era. Elvis's drug probl
  14. Happy Thanksgiving from Florida! Temp in the mid-to-upper 70's, sun shining for the most part. Had my sisters and their families over for turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, too many casseroles and lots of pie. Played some board games, and everyone left full and happy. I cleaned up already, so it's me and the dogs watching ELVIS: THE MOVIE. Hope everyone the very best in health, home and happiness!
  15. THE SIGNAL (6/10) Arty indie 2014 SF film sees three MIT students on a road trip take a detour to confront a hacker nemesis, only to get much more than they bargained for. This is the kind of story that works better the less you know beforehand, so I'll keep plot details to a minimum. Suffice it to say that there are many twists and turns and keeping the viewer confused along with the main characters seems to be part of the point. Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke and Beau Knapp star, with Laurence Fishburne adding some menace and Lin Shaye popping up to act weird as usual. The acting is
  16. Robert De Niro and Robin Williams were great friends. Laurence Olivier and Danny Kaye were very, VERY close friends. Who drummer Keith Moon and Larry Hagman. Andre the Giant was driven to school as a child by Samuel Beckett!
  17. EAGLE'S WING (6/10) British-made western stars Martin Sheen as a fur trapper and Sam Waterston as a Kiowa warrior both of whom are after a beautiful white horse named Eagle's Wing. Nice scenery and cinematography enliven the routine proceedings. With Harvey Keitel, John Castle, Stephane Audran and Claudio Brook as Sanchez. Trivia sidenote: this was released the same year as APOCALYPSE NOW, the biggest starring role in Sheen's big screen career, and one which was originally cast with Keitel, who was fired shortly into production.
  18. Spike Lee's films have a tendency to put off a lot of people, some because of politics, some because of his habit of combining esoteric arthouse conventions and techniques with the lowest forms of street culture, alienating fans of both. I have always found his films challenging and interesting, if not always successful. I'm looking forward to CHI-RAQ. The hip-hop vibe mixed with verse dialogue, and the politically charged subject matter will be polarizing, for sure.
  19. This really is a terrific post, and it gets to what I have tried to say in a few threads recently. I think most criticism about films of certain eras is more about the viewer and their particular hangups and prejudices than about the actual films themselves. And it goes both ways. There are plenty of people who dismiss all old films as antiquated museum pieces, refusing to watch anything made before they were born, anything in black & white, anything subtitled or silent, etc. They won't watch the new/old movie, but they have no problem dismissing or denigrating it while having no real firs
  20. DRACULA (7/10) This 1979 version of the Bram Stoker tale takes it's cue from the then-recent hit Broadway revival of the old Hamilton Deane & John Balderston play than from the original source. The emphasis is more on gothic romance than bloody horror. The familiar tale has been reconfigured, with some characters changing drastically while others are dropped all together. Lucy is now the central female role, played ably by a fetching Kate Nelligan. Instead of being one of her suitors, Dr. Seward (Donald Pleasence) is now her father. The Mina character takes the secondary role held
  21. THE CONCORDE...AIRPORT '79 (4/10) Fourth and final entry in the series that began in 1970. That first film helped kickstart the all-star big budget disaster trend in 70's cinema, and this final outing helps just as much at putting the final nails in the genre's coffin. Alain Delon gets top billing as the captain of the title craft. With Susan Blakely and John Davidson as reporters, Robert Wagner as a crooked arms dealer, Sylvia Kristel as the head stewardess, Eddie Albert as the airline owner, Sybil Danning as his trophy wife, Avery Schreiber as a Soviet Olympic coach with a deaf daugh
  22. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: DEATH TOO SOON (4/10) After the first attempt in January failed to click with audiences, this follow up was released in November of the same year (1979) to equal indifference. Reb Brown returns as the title hero, continuing on from the end of the last film. The government science group led by Len Birman still employs Cap to chase down threats to life and liberty. The specific threat this time is Miguel, played by Christopher Lee, a Carlos the Jackal type international terrorist who has kidnapped scientists to force them to make an immortality potion! Heather Menz
  23. I was very saddened to read this yesterday. I was always a fan of his almost comically masculine vocal delivery. Also passing away recently was Mexican horror great German Robles, most famous for his many vampire film roles. Christopher Lee was once quoted stating that his take on Dracula was inspired by Robles'.
  24. CAPTAIN AMERICA (3/10) The late 1970's saw a superhero boom on both the big and small screen. "The Incredible Hulk", "Wonder Woman" "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman" were all hits on tv, while SUPERMAN was making box office gold. "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "Dr. Strange" were less successful tv endeavors, as was 1979's CAPTAIN AMERICA. For some reason, the producers opted to jettison most of the backstory from the decades old comic book, instead having Steve Rogers be an ex-marine caught up in corporate and covert intrigue. He's approached by a group led by Len Birm
  25. BEYOND THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (4/10) Belated, unwanted and unneeded sequel released 7 years after the hit original, the story is set immediately after. Michael Caine, Karl Malden and Sally Field star as a boat crew that comes across the capsized cruise ship Poseidon, and claims salvage rights. They are met by Telly Savalas and his team of sinister aid workers, and they join together to explore the wreck. They find various survivors, including a boorish Peter Boyle, ship's nurse Shirley Jones, femme fatale Veronica Hamel, drunken Slim Pickens, young couple Angela Cartwright & Mark Harmo
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