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  1. Kathleen Freeman was in DRAGNET with Tom Hanks
  2. This has been dormant all day, so I'll jump in with one... What mildly popular horror film series of the 80's features a first film, a part two, a part four, but no part three? Name the series, and if you want, the reason there's no part 3.
  3. I have a lot of foreign titles on my lists, especially in the 60's. And from the mid-70's through the 80's I have a lot of genre films (SF/horror/fantasy/action), with very few American made dramas.
  4. ESKIMO, COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW, QUATORZE JUILIET, French DON QUIXOTE I don't know. I'M NO ANGEL I have but haven't watched. Many more to add to my "to-see" list!
  5. Claude Rains was already 44 when he got started with INVISIBLE MAN. I once read Walter Brennan said that he'd lost his teeth young, and because of that he was able to play much older if called on. He cited his toothlessness as a great boost to his career!
  6. 1933 - 61 films seen 1. KING KONG 2. THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE 3. DUCK SOUP 4. THE INVISIBLE MAN 5. 42nd STREET 6. FOOTLIGHT PARADE 7. QUEEN CHRISTINA 8. LADY KILLER 9. DINNER AT EIGHT 10. CAVALCADE I'm going to jump on the runner-up bandwagon and start listing five additional titles for each year. For 1933 they are: GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933, MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, THE LITTLE GIANT, DOCTOR BULL, and DESIGN FOR LIVING. I have a general distaste for musicals. I can appreciate the work that goes into them; the choreography, the costumes, the set designs can all be fantastic
  7. Hint: the literary creation was turned into a popular film series, and the actor cousin appeared in one as a villain.
  8. Wow, Frank...you have 13 in that list I haven't seen! I'm glad to see you liked VAMPYR as well. Strange but fascinating movie. BEAST OF THE CITY, KONGO, MASK OF FU MANCHU, WHITE ZOMBIE, ME AND MY GAL and RED DUST are all others that I enjoyed quite a bit.
  9. Great post! BLONDE VENUS was a runner-up for me. ONE WAY PASSAGE and FRISCO JENNY I haven't seen.
  10. This prolific British actor had his war record used as inspiration for his cousin's literary creation. Name the actor, the cousin and the literary creation.
  11. Louis Hayward was in DANCE,GIRL,DANCE with Maureen O'Hara
  12. I'm a casual baseball fan, and I have no idea. Not knocking your clue, I'm just dense.
  13. They are still around. They had an album in 2012 that got good notices, and another out in Feb of next year, I believe. I saw them live back in '98, I think; it was the tour for their second album. They were really good live, and Shirley owned the stage. Good show.
  14. If you mean SHOCK and HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, yeah, neither are classics. I'd recommend them for completists only, even though they both have their moments. As far as late 70's/early 80's italo-horror, DEEP RED, SUSPIRIA, TENEBRAE, ZOMBI 2, THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, and to a lesser extent, INFERNO and NEW YORK RIPPER, are your best bets. They can be an acquired taste, with outrageous violence, sometimes nauseating gore effects, bizarre storylines that lurch dangerously close to incoherence, and distinctive music that is dated but intrinsic to the films' unique charms. I enjoy the tit
  15. Lol! Your newer release movie reviews seem to be mostly negative, but man are they fun to read, especially if you picture your avatar reading them with that annoyed, disgusted look on his face the whole time.
  16. The version I have is on a four dvd set entitled "Grindhouse Experience Vol. 2". It has twenty movies on it, but the quality is universally terrible. All of the films were pulled from terrible old vhs copies, some taped directly off of European tv, with the channel logo on screen throughout the movie, and at least twice a commercial break will start. Videotape static and rolling tracking lines are visible frequently. At least four of them have the embedded subtitles, but not all the same language; one is in Turkish. Avoid this set at all costs!
  17. I forgot to mention your runner-up list...AIR MAIL I don't know, but I've seen and liked the rest, especially TROUBLE IN PARADISE.
  18. If I had a runner-up list, SHANGHAI EXPRESS, GRAND HOTEL and BOUDU SAVED FROM DROWNING would be on it. I haven't seen WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD, but know what it is. I'm unfamiliar with MILLION DOLLAR LEGS and IF I HAD A MILLION. RAIN I've seen, but it didn't do much for me. I liked the performances.
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