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  1. I use almost all the different tech available. I will use my Comcast DVR to first "record" a title. The Comcast DVR I have doesn't have a lot of storage capacity, so 95% of the time, I then put the title onto vhs. If I don't, the storage fills up too fast, especially if I DVR in HD. I envy your high capacity DVR...mine only holds about 25 titles, and that's if I didn't DVR other tv, which I do. I called about a year ago and asked about the better DVRS they advertise and I was told those are only for new customers. I'll watch the tape eventually, sometimes months or even a year later, and
  2. Oops...skipped T. "The" at the beginning of titles is usually ignored. I'll put two. TRAFFIC VICTORY
  3. Nice! I wouldn't mind seeing these for each year as we go, if you have them. I love Wolheim in that film.
  4. Joanne Woodward was in THE THREE FACES OF EVE with Lee J. Cobb
  5. I think this issue will continue to be stagnant at the legislative level, much like gun control. The right will never accept comprehensive amnesty and the left will never support hardline "build the wall"-type measures. Like so much of the American political process, both sides will spit and foam but nothing will really get done.
  6. There are no rules about your posts. If you want to just name one movie or twenty, that's fine. If you just want to say something someone else listed was crummy that's fine too, or if you want to just mention a title no one else has that you like.
  7. If you go to imdb, pick a movie from a given year, and then on that film's page, click the year beside the title. It will take you to a list of all the titles from that year.
  8. Illegal immigration wasn't even a front burner issue until Trump started his schtick, except to the far right, which is who he is pandering to. I thought illegal immigration had dropped to nearly zero during the recession, with more Latino illegals actually headed in the other direction. Did it suddenly pick up again? Or is this just about the ones already here, staying and working? What's the problem with them again? It can't be the old fallacy about their parasitical use of government programs ("They're all on welfare and food stamps!") which has been proven to be a total crock. Is it the "t
  9. I haven't seen LA CHIENNE yet, though I do have it taped. It's another of the "1001 Movies to See...". My lists are fairly conservative for the first few decades, with a mix of Hollywood, foreign and arthouse films that are generally acclaimed. After that, though, my choices get a little more original.
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