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  1. 1971 Have seen: Black Noon Dr. Cook's Garden Duel Five Desperate Women Murder Once Removed Paper Man Revenge! Sweet, Sweet Rachel Have not seen: Deadly Dream The Devil and Miss Sarah A Howling in the Woods Terror in the Sky
  2. Yikes, that's a long list. I'll break them up by year. Have seen -1970: The Brotherhood of the Bell Crowhaven Farm The House That Would Not Die How Awful About Allan Ritual of Evil Sole Survivor Have not seen: Night Slaves
  3. That's Nippy's usual style. He "doan" care. I enjoyed the incredibly goofy Cruise Into Terror, as well. It was a lot crazier than most of the made-for-TV movies of the time. I had to check, but I haven't seen Nowhere to Hide. I have a book entitled Television Fright Films of the 1970's. Last year or the year before, I tried to see every one listed that I hadn't seen. I ended up catching about 75% of them. Most were available on YouTube, and many of them had good quality prints, too.
  4. It was also recently announced that there would be a 2K restoration Blu-ray of Killdozer released later this year. Talk about overkill... https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=26705
  5. House of Bamboo is enjoyable. I wasn't crazy about Tokyo Joe. They do continue the Japanese crime theme with the TCM Imports film Fireworks. I like that movie a lot, but it may be too offbeat and slow for many viewers.
  6. Why do you say that? It looks like Wicked Woman (1954) is on tonight and tomorrow. The only difference is that Saturday's showing starts 15 minutes later than usual due to the Bogdanovich stuff running long.
  7. Was there a scene with a vampire filmed with green slime? I know that Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) had a servant (played by Jonathan Stark, if I remember correctly), and I recall him getting slimy, but he wasn't supposed to be a vampire, but rather an undead servant of some sort. I really enjoy Fright Night, but I haven't seen it in years. I even bought an import deluxe Blu-ray that I haven't watched yet. With Amanda Bearse, Roddy McDowell, and Stephen Geoffreys (Evil Ed) in the cast, it's hard not to see a little something gay in the movie. Geoffreys later came out very vocally
  8. And not something that belongs on TCM Underground. I guess they just wanted another Susan Seidelman film to pair with the more appropriate Smithereens.
  9. Trump reportedly watches up to 7 hours of cable news every morning before getting to the Oval Office as late as noon President Donald Trump is watching hours upon hours of TV while he's cooped up and cranky in the White House as the coronavirus drags on, The New York Times reported. Trump views up to seven hours of cable news in the morning before arriving to the Oval Office as late as noon, when he finally gets his intelligence briefing, according to The Times. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama typically got their briefings early in the morning. Bush would
  10. I like all three quite a bit. I've seen all 20 of Bird's picks, and have 19 of them on disc. Good films, but as has been stated, "same old same old".
  11. He was also in Woman of Desire (1994) which may be considered neo-noir.
  12. We've discussed Wayne's shoe size in the past, and the urban legend about his "tiny" feet being the cause of his lack of wartime military service. While his actual shoe size of 9 and a half is relatively small for someone of Wayne's height (6'4''), it's not debilitating (he was a champion-level athlete, remember), and had nothing to do with his being drafted or not. By the way, John Wayne's "official" stats have his boot size as 11. He was also known to wear to lifts make himself look even taller. The reason Wayne's feet look so small at Grauman's is because he didn't plant them in the
  13. I think we've discussed this before on here, but when I read a thorough Wayne biography a couple of years ago, they discussed his WWII enlistment issues in depth. He was granted a family deferment (which Wayne applied for) when his first draft notice came in. After the war office changed the draft guidelines a while later, it looked like Wayne would be drafted after all, so he volunteered to join but only if he were granted an officer's commission the same way John Ford was. However, Congress had begun cracking down on the large number of such officer commissions being doled out, and Wayn
  14. Thanks for the courteous response. It's much appreciated.
  15. Artist Alex Ross did a series on the classic Universal Monsters:
  16. Google is a search engine. Their browser is Chrome. Microsoft's current browser is Edge. Nits have been picked.
  17. Click on your own avatar pic to go to your profile page. Click the button on the right that says "See my activity". After it loads up (it may take a few seconds), look to the left and click on "Topics". It may take several seconds to load up, but then you'll see a full list of every topic you created.
  18. The type of neo-noirs/thrillers you're referring to were sometimes called "yuppie nightmare" movies back then (at least by us in the video store business). They started with The Morning After in '86 or Fatal Attraction in '87, and continued on with stuff like Pacific Heights, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Consenting Adults, Unlawful Entry, etc. The "erotic thrillers" I was referring to in the Eyes Wide Shut review were more low-rent, stuff with Shannon Tweed, Shannon Whirry, Joan Severance, Tanya Roberts, etc. They rarely had more than a perfunctory theatrical release, and appeared on l
  19. People in the US eat possum, squirrel and armadillo.
  20. I can't say that I'm a fan as such of those Emu commercials, but at least they're better than the previous Liberty Mutual ads with the smug, obnoxious jerks talking about how LiMu doesn't penalize them for having a terrible driving record. I recall one with a woman saying, "Newsflash! Nobody's perfect!", as if that should absolve her from being an awful driver and a poor insurance risk. There were a whole series of commercials like those (I believe Sepiatone mentioned them earlier) that used to run incessantly on multiple channels. I think there was even a thread on here with us complaining ab
  21. Speaking as a Floridian, I'd just like to stress that there's little us individual citizens can do about these decisions by our state leaders. I didn't vote for these jag-offs, and they don't represent me. And I'm sure the same sentiment is shared by many more both here and in the other listed states.
  22. I've never seen the commercial you're referring to but the guy on the left is Peyton Manning, one of the most famous football players of the past 20 years (and that's saying something, as I loath football and know next to no one in the sport), and the guy on the right is Brad Paisley, one of the most successful country music artists of the past 20 years (and that's saying something, as I loath country music and know next to no one in the genre). He's arguably one of the most famous West Virginians in the country, as well. So I don't understand your comment - "Play a few chords of the slogan an
  23. Who the **** is "Mrs. Chipmunk"? Do you think everyone gets or watches NBC4?
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