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  1. And in local news... Former Alabama Senate candidate's lawyer arrested in Gainesville GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- An attorney that once represented former Alabama Chief Justice and Senate candidate, Roy Moore, was arrested Thursday night in Gainesville. Alachua County Deputies arrested Trenton Rogers Garmon, 40, after they were called to the Hotel Indigo in Celebration Pointe about a man causing a disturbance. As deputies arrived staff told them that the disturbance was coming from the 4th floor, saying an older man was screaming racist profanities at some of the hotel
  2. Yes, I was aware of why I received it. My only question was as to the nature of the "premium" nomenclature, since I was still made to watch several commercials beforehand. I'm not really that interested in the details, though, or I would have researched them online. I doubt it's a service that I am likely to use often, especially considering the "quality" of the original programming based on the available previews. I had held out hope that the 1980's-era SNL full episodes would be available, but only episodes from the past 5 years are there at the moment.
  3. "4. Brooks usually appeared in his own films but Wilder insisted he stay out of Young Frankenstein. The actor felt the funnyman's appearance would ruin the illusion and declared he would only make the film if he promised not to appear in it. Brooks did, however, make off-camera appearances as the howling wolf, Dr. Frankenstein's grandfather, and the shrieking cat." https://web.archive.org/web/20180920172631/http://www.zimbio.com/Beyond+the+Box+Office/articles/oEyjYmZy4My/20+Things+Didn+t+Know+Young+Frankenstein
  4. A Trump supporter lecturing someone else on morality, particularly in the context of alleged sexual assault and transparency, is just too comically hypocritical and absurd for words.
  5. I was searching through my cable TV options late last night when I discovered that the new Peacock streaming service had gone live. It's the NBC/Universal entry in the ever-expanding streaming market. As a Comcast customer, I get a free "Premium" membership. I'm not sure what premium means in this context, as I still had to watch a couple of commercials before a program started, although there were no interruptions while the program was going. I mention this here because there are a lot of movies available, including many studio-era Universal titles. There didn't appear to be any of the l
  6. Well, I am in Florida, so...it's not surprising. I'm only lucky she wasn't carrying an assault rifle, too.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Bogdanovich#Filmography https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000953/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  8. A QAnon Devotee Live-Streamed Her Trip to N.Y. to ‘Take Out’ Joe Biden An Illinois woman inspired by pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory videos traveled to New York City on Wednesday with more than a dozen illegal knives and threatened to kill former Vice President Joe Biden, according to police and her own social media posts. New York police officers arrested dancer Jessica Prim, 37, on Wednesday after she began to act strangely on a city pier. In a live video Prim posted on Facebook of her arrest, she ranted about saving children and claimed she had come to New York because of
  9. I, too, ventured out to my grocery store today (Publix). I wore my mask, but unlike the last couple of times I've gone, about a third of the customers were not wearing masks (nearly all were the last time I went). Even a couple of the employees were maskless. It was very busy (it has been every time I've gone since this all started), but the store was reasonably well stocked. There was still no toilet paper or cleaning supplies, but I needed neither one, so that was fine. The store now has professionally-done markings on the floors to mark which direction to go down the aisles. Maybe 50% of th
  10. I re-watched Goldfinger the other day for the first time in years. I had forgotten how much Auric Goldfinger has in common with Trump. They both cheat at golf, they both have an obsession with ostentatious displays of wealth, and they're both undermined by a blonde with a porn name.
  11. I like the "Fun for Most Ages!" declaration, followed shortly thereafter by the +2 drink minimum. And "kids under 5". They're guaranteed to love dinner theater. "The only equity theatre in the gulf with its own tarpon cannery"! It wasn't until the address at the bottom that I was certain this whole ad was a gag. Good job, internet!
  12. Yes, at one time the "Playboy Interview" was considered a mark of success, and a certain level of celebrity. John Wayne knew full well he was doing an interview with Playboy. Every sort of movie star, music star, politician, and other notables took part over the years, including Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Miles Davis, Stanley Kubrick, Bette Davis, Sean Connery, Ayn Rand, Siskel & Ebert, Jimmy Carter, and Malcolm X, among many others.
  13. I was sad to see this. I enjoyed Khan in quite a few films. 2001's The Warrior was exceptional. I also liked him in A Mighty Heart (2007), The Namesake (2007), and The Darjeeling Limited (2007), as well as those mentioned in the thread title.
  14. I'm watching a rather lackluster thriller on Netflix entitled The Perfection (2018), and part of the plot involves two Americans staying in China when a mysterious and deadly disease starts spreading.
  15. Another, even shorter, performance by Joaquin Phoenix that I enjoyed was as volatile doofus Toby N. Tucker, aka TNT, in Oliver Stone's 1997 neo-noir black comedy U Turn.
  16. When you compose a message, you'll see a list of options at the top of the message window. From left-to-right, you'll see a "B" (for making text bold), an "I" (for making text in italics), a "U" for underlining, etc. One of the options on that line is a little face emoji. If you click that, you can choose through a whole menu of emoticons/emojis. I know I'm not who you addressed your query to, but he likely won't post again until tomorrow.
  17. The American people have established, whether with Bill Clinton or Donald Trump, that even multiple credible accusations of sexual assault don't matter when it comes to choosing a US President. 🙁😉
  18. Like with most of the foreign-language films TCM shows, the Lone Wolf & Cub series is available on Criterion DVD and Blu-ray. The schedules are usually set 2 or 3 months in advance, so July is the earliest that they would be likely to re-schedule the last two movies in the series. Unfortunately, whenever there's a relatively last-minute change to the schedule (usually due to a major celebrity death, but this time due to the COVID-19 necessitated cancellation of the TCM Film Festival), the stuff originally scheduled doesn't always get re-scheduled.
  19. I've always been a fan of the haunting score from the 1982 version of Cat People. The David Bowie-sung theme song is better in its opening moments than when it becomes a full-out rock track, but it was memorably re-used in Inglourious Basterds (2009).
  20. I watched a couple of newer releases a few days ago. Underwater (2020) - Kristen Stewart stars in this deep-sea survival tale. She's part of the crew of a huge drilling station located at the Pacific Ocean's deepest point. One night something goes wrong and the station is catastrophically damaged, killing most of the crew. The handful of survivors band together to try and reach the surface. Their difficulties increase when they are attacked by strange, carnivorous sea creatures. With Vincent Cassel, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr. and Mamoudou Athie. Much of the
  21. Unfortunately, no, I haven't been able to track down a copy to watch yet. Edit: In an odd coincidence, I just read that a Blu-ray release of Fear No Evil was announced this evening: https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=26742
  22. 1973 Have seen: A Cold Night's Death The Devil's Daughter Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Frankenstein Frankenstein: The True Story Horror at 37,000 Feet Isn't It Shocking? The Night Strangler The Norliss Tapes Ordeal The President's Plane Is Missing Runaway! Satan's School for Girls The Stranger Terror on the Beach You'll Never See Me Again Have not seen: The Cat Creature Dying Room Only Maneater The Picture of Dorian Gray Scream Pretty Peggy She Cried Murd
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