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  1. I was searching through my cable TV options late last night when I discovered that the new Peacock streaming service had gone live. It's the NBC/Universal entry in the ever-expanding streaming market. As a Comcast customer, I get a free "Premium" membership. I'm not sure what premium means in this context, as I still had to watch a couple of commercials before a program started, although there were no interruptions while the program was going.

    I mention this here because there are a lot of movies available, including many studio-era Universal titles. There didn't appear to be any of the long-sought-after rare Universal titles, or the early Paramount titles that Universal has control over, but there were still enough classic films available that fans of such may be interested.

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  2. A QAnon Devotee Live-Streamed Her Trip to N.Y. to ‘Take Out’ Joe Biden


    An Illinois woman inspired by pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory videos traveled to New York City on Wednesday with more than a dozen illegal knives and threatened to kill former Vice President Joe Biden, according to police and her own social media posts. 

    New York police officers arrested dancer Jessica Prim, 37, on Wednesday after she began to act strangely on a city pier. In a live video Prim posted on Facebook of her arrest, she ranted about saving children and claimed she had come to New York because of an internet conspiracy theory video about a “cabal” of pedophile Democrats. 

    “Have you guys heard about the kids?” a tearful Prim said as she was arrested. “OK, I’m not lying.” 

    Shortly before her arrest, Prim posted on Facebook that Hillary Clinton and Biden “need to be taken out.” 

    “Hillary Clinton and her assistant, Joe Biden and Tony Podesta need to be taken out in the name of Babylon!” Prim wrote. “I can’t be set free without them gone. Wake me up!!!!!”

    At another point during her arrest, Prim said she believed Donald Trump was talking to her directly during his coronavirus press conferences. Prim is facing more than a dozen counts of criminal possession of a weapon over the knives, as well as a marijuana possession charge, according to the New York Daily News.

    Prim’s Facebook page is filled with references to QAnon, a conspiracy theory that holds that top Democrats like Biden and Clinton are cannibal-pedophiles scheming to undermine Donald Trump. Prim encouraged her Facebook fans to check out QAnon “clues,” anonymous posts from the anonymous person or group of people who direct QAnon believers. In a Facebook video posted just hours before her arrest, Prim ranted about a fictitious video—"Frazzled Rip”—that QAnon believers claim features Clinton and former Clinton aide Huma Abedin murdering a child.

    Prim appears to have gone to the pier because she was convinced it was near the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Comfort, the hospital ship that was sent to New York City to help with the coronavirus pandemic. A faction of QAnon believers have become obsessed with the Comfort, convinced that it’s being used to rescue “mole children” abused by the “cabal.” 

    “I’m at the Comfort,” Prim said in the video. 

    In fact, Prim had mistaken the U.S.S. Intrepid, a former aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum, for the Comfort. 


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  3. 14 minutes ago, shutoo said:

    Well,, after 6 weeks, I finally ventured out to the grocery today🤪 I went very early, they weren't too busy when I got there and everyone was wearing a mask (by the time I left, it was busier, I'd say about 3/4 wearing masks...seemed all middle age/older shoppers were, and a few younger people weren't)  Although the shelves were a little fuller than before , I wanted some chicken and maybe salmon...none.  The meat/chicken area was virtually empty (I don't know if this is because there really is a shortage or people were panic buying it before...) but I can't remember a time when there no chicken...even those overpriced single serve packaged chicken breasts...nothing.  Of course, there was no tp, towels, wipes, cleaners, bottled water, etc...but I really didn't expect them., and although there was a lot of pasta, there was practically no pasta sauces Good:  produce was well stocked and there were eggs and cheese (none before).  The workers seemed careful to back away from shoppers, and honestly people seemed to be 'keeping their distance'..all good.  It was exhausting...after I got home and put away froz/refrig stuff, and washed my hands six times, I ate a cookie and slept for 3 hours...and I'm still tired...

    I, too, ventured out to my grocery store today (Publix). I wore my mask, but unlike the last couple of times I've gone, about a third of the customers were not wearing masks (nearly all were the last time I went). Even a couple of the employees were maskless. It was very busy (it has been every time I've gone since this all started), but the store was reasonably well stocked. There was still no toilet paper or cleaning supplies, but I needed neither one, so that was fine. The store now has professionally-done markings on the floors to mark which direction to go down the aisles. Maybe 50% of the customers followed them. 

    Shortly after an intercom message from the store manager asking people to practice safe distancing and to follow the single-direction markings down each aisle, I witnessed a middle-aged woman coming down my aisle in the wrong direction. An employee that had been stocking the shelves mentioned this to her, and she started shouting that "No one's gonna tell me what to do! You all are stupid for believing this nonsense! WAKE UP!!!" She was hysterical, veins popping out on her forehead, skin turning beet red. She charged angrily down the aisle and around the corner. And naturally she was wearing a MAGA baseball cap.:rolleyes:

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  4. 6 hours ago, Bogie56 said:

    He cannot even take responsibility for his own golf scores.  He cheats.

    I re-watched Goldfinger the other day for the first time in years. I had forgotten how much Auric Goldfinger has in common with Trump. They both cheat at golf, they both have an obsession with ostentatious displays of wealth, and they're both undermined by a blonde with a porn name.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, SansFin said:



    I like both of these actors but I am afraid to try to wrap my head around them being the romantic leads of a play which is "similar" to the Original Broadway Show.

    I like the "Fun for Most Ages!" declaration, followed shortly thereafter by the +2 drink minimum.

    And "kids under 5". They're guaranteed to love dinner theater.

    "The only equity theatre in the gulf with its own tarpon cannery"!

    It wasn't until the address at the bottom that I was certain this whole ad was a gag. Good job, internet!:lol:

  6. Yes, at one time the "Playboy Interview" was considered a mark of success, and a certain level of celebrity. John Wayne knew full well he was doing an interview with Playboy. Every sort of movie star, music star, politician, and other notables took part over the years, including Martin Luther King Jr, Steve Jobs, Miles Davis, Stanley Kubrick, Bette Davis, Sean Connery, Ayn Rand, Siskel & Ebert, Jimmy Carter, and Malcolm X, among many others.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Mr. Gorman said:

    Sepiatone:  How do you get that skull image? 

    When you compose a message, you'll see a list of options at the top of the message window. From left-to-right, you'll see a "B" (for making text bold), an "I" (for making text in italics), a "U" for underlining, etc. One of the options on that line is a little face emoji. If you click that, you can choose through a whole menu of emoticons/emojis.

    I know I'm not who you addressed your query to, but he likely won't post again until tomorrow.

  8. Just now, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Isn't there hypocrisy on the Dem side as well as by yourself?

    Really if a women is too always be BELIEVED,    (which is what Dems claims for Judge K),    why not Reade?

    Note that for the record;  I never agreed with the 'must be BELIEVED" concept and I didn't think it was right that decades old accusations were mentioned during the Judge K hearings.

    The American people have established, whether with Bill Clinton or Donald Trump, that even multiple credible accusations of sexual assault don't matter when it comes to choosing a US President.


  9. 7 minutes ago, CMM said:

    Did the search - Thank you!

    The last two are noted, but I see no apparent air dates.  The first four are noted to still be available on Watch TCM, but I did see them when they did air.  There is also an article for the last film being on DVD.

    I wonder if they have these in their library or needed to get the rights to air them and will have to do so again.  It is the first time I can remember ever seeing them on TCM.

    Though not a big deal, it is disappointing.

    Like with most of the foreign-language films TCM shows, the Lone Wolf & Cub series is available on Criterion DVD and Blu-ray. 

    The schedules are usually set 2 or 3 months in advance, so July is the earliest that they would be likely to re-schedule the last two movies in the series. Unfortunately, whenever there's a relatively last-minute change to the schedule (usually due to a major celebrity death, but this time due to the COVID-19 necessitated cancellation of the TCM Film Festival), the stuff originally scheduled doesn't always get re-scheduled.

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  10. I've always been a fan of the haunting score from the 1982 version of Cat People. The David Bowie-sung theme song is better in its opening moments than when it becomes a full-out rock track, but it was memorably re-used in Inglourious Basterds (2009).


  11. I watched a couple of newer releases a few days ago.


    Underwater (2020) - Kristen Stewart stars in this deep-sea survival tale. She's part of the crew of a huge drilling station located at the Pacific Ocean's deepest point. One night something goes wrong and the station is catastrophically damaged, killing most of the crew. The handful of survivors band together to try and reach the surface. Their difficulties increase when they are attacked by strange, carnivorous sea creatures. With Vincent Cassel, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick, John Gallagher Jr. and Mamoudou Athie.

    Much of the running time is taken up with standard deep-sea disaster movie tropes - flooding, loss of oxygen, the dangers of abrupt pressure changes. Things pick up when the creatures arrive, and there's an unexpected development in the last act that almost saves the movie, but too much of the cinematography is dark and murky, and a lot of impact is lost. From what I read after watching the movie, there was a lot of interesting detail cut from the final film (to "pick up the pace") that would have added immensely to my enjoyment.   (6/10)



    V.F.W.  (2019) - In a grungy near future, where a new drug has turned the cities into crime-ridden slums, a group of grizzled ex-soldiers gather at the bar (that doubles as a VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars] hall) owned by one of them to celebrate a birthday. Unfortunately, a bloodthirsty drug-dealer and his cronies are based across the street, and when their stash goes missing, they send a marauding band of drug-addled psychos to the VFW to look for it, triggering bloody conflict. With Stephen Lang, William Sadler, Fred Williamson, Martin Kove, David Patrick Kelly, and George Wendt as the veterans.

    This was produced by Fangoria Films, and was promoted as a horror film, but it's really just an excessively gory action film, similar to John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13, with a much lesser script. I enjoyed seeing the veteran character actors together, but the dialogue is needlessly crude (and I ain't no prude), the plot developments are silly, and the actions taken by every character range from stupid to just plain unbelievable. This movie somehow garnered rather good reviews (it has an IMDb average score of 6.2 out of 10, and a Metacritic score of 72/100), but I thought it was dumb and boring.   (4/10)

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  12. 36 minutes ago, Mr. Gorman said:

    I noted the 1970 TVM "Ritual of Evil" was on your list.  I've not seen that one.  I have seen the 1969 movie FEAR NO EVIL with Louis Jourdan.  Have you viewed that one before? 

    Unfortunately, no, I haven't been able to track down a copy to watch yet.

    Edit: In an odd coincidence, I just read that a Blu-ray release of Fear No Evil was announced this evening:


  13. 1973

    Have seen: 

    • A Cold Night's Death
    • The Devil's Daughter
    • Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
    • Frankenstein
    • Frankenstein: The True Story
    • Horror at 37,000 Feet
    • Isn't It Shocking?
    • The Night Strangler
    • The Norliss Tapes
    • Ordeal
    • The President's Plane Is Missing
    • Runaway!
    • Satan's School for Girls
    • The Stranger
    • Terror on the Beach
    • You'll Never See Me Again

    Have not seen:

    • The Cat Creature
    • Dying Room Only
    • Maneater
    • The Picture of Dorian Gray
    • Scream Pretty Peggy
    • She Cried Murder
    • Snatched
    • Trapped

    I'll return with the mid-to-late 70's later.

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  14. 1972

    Have seen:

    • The Eyes of Charles Sand
    • Gargoyles
    • Haunts of the Very Rich
    • Home for the Holidays
    • Moon of the Wolf
    • The Night Stalker
    • Pursuit
    • Short Walk to Daylight
    • Something Evil
    • The Strangers in 7A
    • Taste of Evil
    • The Victim
    • When Michael Calls
    • The Woman Hunter

    Have not seen:

    • Family Flight
    • The Screaming Woman
    • She Waits
    • Women in Chains
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  15. 11 minutes ago, Mr. Gorman said:

    EDIT:  What Tv fright films have you seen from the book? 

    Yikes, that's a long list. I'll break them up by year.

    Have seen -1970:

    • The Brotherhood of the Bell
    • Crowhaven Farm
    • The House That Would Not Die
    • How Awful About Allan
    • Ritual of Evil
    • Sole Survivor

    Have not seen:

    • Night Slaves


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  16. 35 minutes ago, Mr. Gorman said:

    NipkowDisc:  Did you smoke some special kind of HOT SPELL-brand toilet paper before typing out the above?  :P

    Or are you doing an impression of 'spence' trying to type stuff out using the worst grammar and sentence structure possible?  And where's the capital letters at the beginning of the sentences? 

    Back to 6th Grade English for you! 

    In regards to CRUISE INTO TERROR, I find it a lot of lunatic fun!  I know 'Leonard Maltin & Co.' gave it a 'Below Average' before he pruned all the TVM's from his Guide and you don't find it amusing, either.  But I rather liked it.  Sure there were some silly TVM's made in '70s.  That doesn't mean they can't be entertaining!  Like THE HORROR AT 37,000 FEET.  That was fun, too.  And given a 'Below Average'. 

    To date, of all the TV movies I've watched the worst is NOWHERE TO HIDE (1977).  A good cast is unfortunately let down.  That said, I'll probably fish out my tape of it and watch it again just for the hell of it!   

    That's Nippy's usual style. He "doan" care.

    I enjoyed the incredibly goofy Cruise Into Terror, as well. It was a lot crazier than most of the made-for-TV movies of the time. I had to check, but I haven't seen Nowhere to Hide

    I have a book entitled Television Fright Films of the 1970's. Last year or the year before, I tried to see every one listed that I hadn't seen. I ended up catching about 75% of them. Most were available on YouTube, and many of them had good quality prints, too.

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  17. 2 minutes ago, Mr. Gorman said:

    @EricJ:  KILLDOZER has been available courtesy of the UNIVERSAL VAULT Series on one of those MOD discs for years.  I bought a disc of "Killdozer" several years ago and the copyright date on the back is '2012 Universal Studios'.  So if you dig KILLDOZER you can go and pick the disc up right away. 


    It was also recently announced that there would be a 2K restoration Blu-ray of Killdozer released later this year. Talk about overkill...


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