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    Madness - The Eyes of the Moon  (1971)  Italy/Dir: Cesare Rau  -  A group of pretty young people go out to an isolated manor to have a drug-fueled sex party, but they run into unexpected danger when an escaped lunatic shows up. With Thomas Hunter, Benjamin Lev, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Merlene Mayer, **** Mannari, Pietro Zardini, Marzia Damon, and Wanda Manzionna. This justly-forgotten, low-budget obscurity is a sleazy waste of time. The title song, performed by a rock group called the Black Sunday Flowers who appear in a nightclub at the beginning of the film, is repeated enough times to make the viewer want to take an icepick in the ears.   (3/10)

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Marysara1 said:

    If you saw the movie. You'd understand. The teacher was teaching the Darwin theory. The people at the time believed in creation. One of the people on the side of creation was making fun of it calling it evilution instead.


    It's what NBC said about non-college women voted for Youngkin vs College-educated didn't as much. Just like racism can be subtle so can a put down be.

    I saw the movie, and read the book, and have debated evolution for decades. That's why I asked if your misspelling was intentional. I didn't know if you were outing yourself as an anti-evolution person, or if you had just made another typo. 

    So NBC saying that non-college educated women voting for Youngkin in larger numbers than his opponent is a form of discrimination? That's demographics, not discrimination, unless you think voting for Youngkin is an insult of some sort.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Marysara1 said:

    But you shouldn't punish children for what happened 150 years ago. CRT is trying to teach the white children they are evil(because of what they had no control over) There was a mother on T.V. upset because her 6 year old daughter, asked her if she was evil because she was white.

    Who is "punishing children"? Teaching them accurate history is punishment?

    You posted earlier (many times) that you do not know what CRT is. And now you post that it is "trying to teach the white children they are evil". So, wait, now you think you do know? Don't worry, based on your above response, you have proven that you indeed do not know what CRT is.

    As for the frequently mentioned anecdote about the 6-year-old who was sad because "she didn't know if she was evil"...um, sure. If this exchange actually happened, and this child actually said this to her mother, then the child did not understand what they were being taught, and the parent should have taken the opportunity to explain the issue more thoroughly. 

    Do some of your "research" into who has actually been stoking this CRT fear campaign all over the country, and what their actual agenda is.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Marysara1 said:

    [see below]

    I didn't have the money to go to college. I think people like me are being discriminated against.

    How so? What goods or services are being denied to you based on your education status?

    Sombody's really looking into this about how people vote, whether or not they have a college degree. There's newspapers,internet, T.V. radio that people can get information. How do we know it isn't the other way around.

    This passage doesn't make sense. 

    College students, listening to their teachers, Don't you remember the movie Rope. The 2 guys thought the Jimmy Stewart character would be proud of them for killing somebody that was inferior.

    That was a movie. Do you think the plot of Rope accurately depicts the common relationship between students and teachers in college?

    You can give certain facts that are true but not the whole story. Like say you have a teacher that hates Indians. You tell your class to go home and watch a western like Searchers.

    Again, The Searchers is a movie. It is not "fact". 

    Another teacher loves Indians. tells the class about the smallpox on blankets and about the $24 for Manhattan but tell them no to watch any westerns.

    No teachers are telling their students to not watch westerns. If you can find a direct quote that contradicts that, I'd like to see it.

    Both are facts but can get different impressions from them.

    Again, The Searchers is not a documentary.

    What about the scopes monkey trial.?(Inherit The Wind)Evilution.

    What about it? And was your misspelling intentional this time?

    College is great as long as it's about teaching math,English ,biology or information ,that will help an individual in the field of their choose.

    Again, you're speaking as someone who did not attend college, and have likely not spent much if any time on a college campus. All of your information about it is second-hand, largely from right-leaning news sources.

    But it's like in math class,they say how many pollocks to screw in a lightbulb vs. M.I.T.

    What math class is telling "****" jokes? And what exactly are you saying with your comparison between that and M.I.T.?

    There was a teacher on the internet that dressed up as a indian to teach math.Why?I don't even know how they know these things.

    How who knows what things?

    I don't recall when I signed up to vote being asked about my education.

    Just because you were not included in an exit poll does not mean no one else was.

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  5. Lizardwomanskin.jpg

    A Lizard in a Woman's Skin  (1971)  Italy/Dir: Lucio Fulci  -  A troubled woman (Florinda Bolkan) has vivid, horrifying dreams that include murder. When an actual murder occurs that seems to directly mirror that of her dreams, she wonders if she's the culprit. Also starring Stanley Baker as the police inspector on the case, Jean Sorel as Bolkan's philandering husband, Leo Genn as her father, Silvia Monti, Alberto de Mendoza, Penny Brown, Mike Kennedy, Ely Galleani, George Rigaud, and Anita Strindberg.

    Writer-director Fulci crafts an interesting, if not wholly coherent tale of paranoia, debauchery and madness. There are multiple hallucinatory dream sequences, drug and sex parties, lots of nonsense psychobabble, and gruesome special effects so effective that there was literally a trial after the film's release where the filmmakers had to prove that they hadn't actually harmed some dogs (they didn't, and in the hi-def Blu-ray that I watched, they were clearly props). Bolkan, from Brazil, was one of the more interesting beauties in Euro-film circles of the late-60's and 70's. She followed this up with another film for Fulci, Don't Torture a Duckling (1972). Meanwhile, this one was also released as Schizoid.   (7/10)


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  6. L'iguana_dalla_lingua_di_fuoco_poster.jp

    The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire  (1971)  Italy/Dir: Riccardo Freda  -  Another giallo, this time with a mystery man/woman murdering people connected to the Swiss ambassador (Anton Diffring) to Ireland. With Luigi Pistilli as the investigator, Dagmar Lassander, Arthur O'Sullivan, Werner Pochath, Dominique Boschero, Renato Romano, Sergio Doria, and Valentina Cortese. 

    This one stands out for being set and shot in Ireland. The murders are grisly, although the special effects are primitive enough to elicit chuckles rather than gasps. I included this movie here to be a completist, but I'm not sure if there's an Italian language print. The one I watched was in English, although with everything done post-dub. Luigi Pistilli with an Irish accent was amusing.   (6/10)

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Marysara1 said:

    I think this panademic is a game changer.The whole world has economic fallout.  Until we know the cost of it., and get back to some kind of normacy. It would be better to concentrate on the basic needs. Just like a person would. You might want a new T.V.  but you need food to live.

    None of that has anything to do with what I posted, but...thanks...I guess...?

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  8. Just now, Marysara1 said:

    They don't agree with it. That's their right. If your conscience doesn't think it's right. You shouldn't do it. There are even some economists(that happen to be democrats) don't think it's a feasible idea.

    Then they should propose alternative legislation. That's how government works. But they've abdicated that in service of appeasing a base that will brook no compromise or co-operation with the other side. This intractability and devotion to obstruction above all else should be front and center of any discussion of failed legislation. 

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  9. 28 minutes ago, Bogie56 said:

    I don't agree with your perception of things at all, but there you go.

    i think the progressives have been utterly pragmatic and have signalled that they are willing to  sign the reconciliation bill that they thought Manchin and Sinema had agreed to - whatever that is.  There only stipulation was that the two bills go in tandem and that is because they don't really trust Manchin and who can blame them!

    So it is the two 'right wing' democrats that are the problem.  Not the 300 or so other Democrat lawmakers.  IMO, of course.

    Not mention all those Republicans who are doing nothing.

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  10. MV5BMzg3YjA3ZjYtNjFiOC00YzA0LWIyNTYtMmJl

    The Fourth Victim  (1971)  Spain/Italy/Dir: Eugenio Martin  -  An Englishman (Michael Craig) has bad marital luck - all 3 of his previous wives died under suspicious circumstances. Now he has his eyes set on wife #4 (Carroll Baker), but this time he may be in for more than he bargained for. Also with Miranda Campa, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Enzo Garinei, and Marina Malfatti. This giallo-esque thriller is rather routine, but the story takes some mildly surprising turns. Also released as The Last Mrs. Anderson and Death at the Deep End of the Swimming Pool.   (6/10)

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  11. Just now, Marysara1 said:

    I know that but do they like the mandate. That's the question. Remember this is a election, If they're for the mandate they'll vote dem. If they don't they might go G.O.P. to get rid of being forced to do it. (or their families)I mean when we had the draft(who was going yea) It was the law and had to be obeyed. Some were draft dodgers.Just because somebody is lawbidding doesn't mean they agree with it.

    They already have a "mandate" to take several vaccines. They always have. If they now refuse, then resign or be discharged. Simple enough. Same goes with LEO's or healthcare workers. If they can't do this simple thing to protect those they've literally sworn an oath to protect, then they have no business being in those professions to begin with.

    They are free to go work any of those wonderful minimum wage jobs that Republicans keep saying Americans are too lazy to take.

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  12. 220px-Don't_Deliver_Us_from_Evil.jpg

    Do Not Deliver Us from Evil  (1971)  France/Dir: Joel Seria  -  Two Catholic school girls (Jeanne Goupil and Catherine Wagener) decide to "devote themselves to Satan", and so begin committing increasingly depraved and violent acts on first, animals, and then men. Things reach a terrible fever pitch during an unsupervised summer vacation.

    A very controversial film upon its release (it was severely censored and then outright banned for awhile in its home country), this is disturbing, although not as brazenly sleazy or exploitative as one would expect given its reputation. The acting by the two leads is very good, and I was relieved to see that they were 19 and 20 at the time of filming, since they appear much younger, and are often in less-than-savory situations. The ending is memorable.   (7/10)


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  13. 13 minutes ago, JamesJazGuitar said:

    They should NOT be called looters,  rioters or arsonist either.     They should be called something as generic as possible;    E.g. Deceased #1,  

    Just read the L.A. Times article on this;   according to this there isn't a video of the first shooting that lead to Deceased #1.      I'll have to check with my brother-in-law,  retired former DA,   who has the burden of proof;   E.g. does the defense have the burden of proof the shooting was in self-defense or does the prosecution have the burden of proof it was murder?     I assume the latter and thus without any video I don't see how they get a conviction.      The Travon Martin shooting showed how hard it is to get a conviction against a claim of self-defense.

    The last two that were shot:  one clearly is trying to harm the defendant with a skateboard and the other guy came at him with a gun.  

    Looks to me like the prosecution is overcharging.    That could be a big  mistake.

    Yeah, I agree that the defense will probably win in this case, unfortunately. However, the second two people were reportedly approaching the shooter due to him having shot the first guy. So were skateboard guy and "other guy with a gun" acting in self-defense/defense of others?

  14. 84683-demons-0-230-0-345-crop.jpg?k=f8b0

    Demons  (1971)  Japan/Dir: Toshio Matsumoto  -  A ronin (Katsuo Nakamura) vows vengeance against the geisha who robbed him. This highly stylized adaptation of a stage play is shot in B&W, in the old 4:3 ratio, on darkened, cramped sets, all to elicit an oppressive, claustrophobic sense of dread. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood for it, but I found myself bored through most of the 2-hour-15-minute runtime. This film seems to be a critical favorite, and most viewer reviews that I saw were ecstatic.  (6/10)

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  15. 53 minutes ago, JamesJazGuitar said:

    I agree that the deceased shouldn't be call victims since the purpose of the trial is to determine if shooting them was justified or not (i.e. if they are really victims or not).

    So referring to them as "victims" is prejudicial, but referring to them as "looters, rioters and/or arsonists" isn't?

  16. La_morte_cammina_con_i_tacchi_alti_poste

    Death Walks on High Heels  (1971)  Italy/Dir: Luciano Ercoli  -  After a notorious thief is killed, his stripper daughter (Susan Scott) becomes a target of person or persons unknown searching for a stash of diamonds. Also featuring Simon Andreu, Frank Wolff, Carlo Gentili, George Rigaud, Jose Manuel Martin, Luciano Rossi, Fabrizio Moresco, and Claudie Lange. Yet another mid-range-quality giallo with less gore but some cringeworthy dance scenes, like one with Scott in blackface.   (6/10)

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  17. 9 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    since sick liberals have targeted his statue in nys it is a completely fair and reasonable question.


    Totally rational, normal thought process.



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