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  1. The opening of The Lodger is far darker then the opening of The Pleasure Garden as we see murder upfront with Hitchcock’s trademark wit. . The Pleasure Garden starts off with chorus girls hitting the stage which is very gentle compared to the opening of The Lodger as we see fear- terror-alarm. It reminds me of the shower scene the music as its chilling tone really echoes the horror of the moment in time. Hitchcock visually captured a woman’s shrill scream in a way that really makes you jump out of your seat in horror of her plight. The Hitchcock touch is started here.
  2. I see touches of early hitchcock as the trademark dry humor and wit. The later touches of Hitchcock with the girl with and and charm. I see his camera movement that he often uses as a point of view shot form a person such as he does in rear window. its still raw hitchcock i might add as he has not made the later touches that would be his trademark.
  3. Marlowe is coming off as forceful and very aggressive in seeking out the details right out the gate. He is acting in an manner that feels unlawful as he comes off with arrogance that he can get away with it to find out the facts he the way seeks fit. Marlowe has this unknown idea about him as we wonder about him. He is very not trusting of her form the start. He uses key self awareness that informs him on Grayle, knowing perfectly well that she is not who she says she is right out the gate. It reminds us of the noir ideals of what one does figure out early they are not what they seem at all
  4. After careful examining of that scene. Its opening sets the tone of what's to come in this noir classic. He is recalling how he won't forget Laura. He was obsessed with her. beyond just the physical furnishings and faces (masks) that appear within Lydecker's apartment. Lydecker describes his apartment as lavish. He watches him trough the half open door as he eyes his clock the detective in a voyeuristic pose. Lydecker comes off as a vain man with no friends. Lydecker's attitude toward McPhearson reveal how elitist he is without telling the audience outright. I see Lydecker as a pompous, arro
  5. ONE word comes to mind as its an intro to the darkness to come. Its surely seeming like the light before the darkness to come. The lighting and camera angles are just very greatly done in that shot. It makes the abandoned vibe come to mind. These kids singing does make one feel for them as they are unaware of the dangers to come. Its the looming dread to come
  6. I felt this opening is very reflective as the opening pulls you into the movie. there is a near frenetic pace switching back and forth between the exterior train views and that of the interactions of the two train engineers. Its very noir like as it goes form light to darkness then light again as many characters in noir go from light to darkness through the journey.
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