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  1. This is the one from the movie. A Klezmer favorite. Several versions of this song can be found on YouTube. Best wishes Metairie Road
  2. *Everything Is Illuminated* (2005) Best wishes Metairie Road
  3. Nice post traceyk65. Caught me at the right time (or the wrong time). Tracy Chapman speaks for the rest of us. ?The world is full of broken people. Splints, casts, miracle drugs, and time can't mend fractured hearts, wounded hearts, wounded minds, torn spirits.? Dean Koontz One of my favorite songs about one sided relationships - Claire Hamill - Speedbreaker Best wishes Metairie Road
  4. MaxvonMayerling, I'm a regular visitor to this thread and I appreciate what you're doing. Just wanted to say thanks. Best wishes Metairie Road
  5. Adele always reminds me of Alison Moyet. They have the same qualities. Some influence there I think. From the 'Alf' album (1985) - *Alison Moyet - Invisible* Best wishes Metairie Road
  6. movieman1957. Great post. Wonderful music. Saint-Saens seems to have been somewhat of a pompous twit and not much liked (personally not musically) by his contemporaries. But he was definitely an interesting character and a fine composer. Another fine composer whom Saint-Saens couldn't stand. There are a couple of very insipid recordings of this piece. The one to seek out however; is the full-tilt pedal to the metal version by the Orchestra of the Paris Opera from 1958. *Jules Massenet - Orchestral suite no.5, Scenes Napolitaines* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUVINl-Zdmk
  7. Glad to see someone flying the flag for 'Classic' country music (1950's to 1980's by my estimation). Here are a few favorites of mine. What a voice - perfect. *Jim Reeves - He'll have to go* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nls0zrxx7UY Two from the pen of John Hiatt - Great songwriter. *Roseanne Cash - The way we make a broken heart* *Suzy Bogguss - Drive South* Don't want to leave out the folks on the Bluegrass side of the fence. *Ronnie Bowman - Rye Whiskey* Hang in there Jake Best wishes Metairie Road
  8. *Quatermass and the Pit*, aka *Five Million Years to Earth 1967.* Scared the crap out of me to, but I was only a kid when I first saw it. Watched it again quite recently. Shows it's age, but it's still a good film. Best wishes Metairie Road
  9. Frank-------Ohio, Mrs. Miller. A perfect example of 'so bad, it's good'. Karaoke night at the Senior Citizens Center. Reminds me of Tiny Tim, who was a far better(?) singer than Mrs Miller. SansFin, I've never heard of Nox Arcana. However, the list of things I've never heard of is quite extensive. So much good music to listen to. Too much for one lifetime. Like Beethoven said "I shall hear in Heaven." Assuming I get there in the first place, which is far from being a done deal at the moment. More great music you've never heard before.
  10. Jake, have to admit that's my favorite Herman's Hermits song. They were the smilingest bunch I ever saw, and their smiles were infectious. I'm smiling now just watching them. No pretentions, just good fun. On a sadder note... I woke up this morning and discovered Alvin Lee had passed away. TYA's performance at Woodstock is still the highlight for me - the movie that is, apparently I'm one of the few people who didn't go to the Woodstock festival. (not a clip from Woodstock) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXjxnaH8Yk Best wishes Metairie Road
  11. Kid Dabb, I love your selections. Please feel free to post the links as well next time. Great post Fred. Classic Country and Opera. Bravo. *Edith Piaf - Les Trois Cloches* *Jean Sablon with Wal-Berg's Orchestra - - J´attendrai* *Merle Travis and Judy Hayden - Too Much Sugar For A Dime* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCm_LYnqf9c *June Tabor & Oysterband - (When I Was No But) Sweet Sixteen* Best wishes Metairie Road
  12. Haven't seen every western ever made, but I've seen most of the films mentioned. Here's a few more that I liked. I'll take it for granted that 'The West' as viewed through the Hollywood filter is historically questionable. That's a seperate issue. I'm rating my selections merely on entertainment value. *Will Penny* - Donald Pleasence and Bruce Dern, two great actors who always delivered the goods, especially when playing scumbags. *El Dorado* - Particularly for Robert Mitchum. I have a soft spot for the screwed-up hero types, so much more interesting than the perfect types
  13. Gerry Anderson was amazing, I liked all his shows. When I was eight, this was my show. After almost fifty years this theme music still gets my adrenaline pumping. Thanks Gerry.
  14. RowanMartin68 I don't know if that 1960's style and that 'sound' - heavy reverb on the vocals - was ever distnguished with a name but it sure made for some sexy music. Here's two of the sexiest without a doubt. Go dance with your baby. *Doris Day - Move Over Darling* *The Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love Me* Best wishes Metairie Road
  15. RowanMartin68. That was a nice video from Gary Clark Jr. I'm so far behind the curve when it comes to contemporary music it ain't even funny. Anyway, this song of quiet desperation in the twenty-first century came my way recently. I should listen to Tulane radio more often. *Passion Pit - Take A Walk* In the meantime.... *Ella and Louis - Would You Like to Take a Walk?* Keep up the good work Best wishes Metairie Road
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