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  1. Nice post traceyk65. Caught me at the right time (or the wrong time). Tracy Chapman speaks for the rest of us. ?The world is full of broken people. Splints, casts, miracle drugs, and time can't mend fractured hearts, wounded hearts, wounded minds, torn spirits.? Dean Koontz One of my favorite songs about one sided relationships - Claire Hamill - Speedbreaker Best wishes Metairie Road
  2. Adele always reminds me of Alison Moyet. They have the same qualities. Some influence there I think. From the 'Alf' album (1985) - *Alison Moyet - Invisible* Best wishes Metairie Road
  3. movieman1957. Great post. Wonderful music. Saint-Saens seems to have been somewhat of a pompous twit and not much liked (personally not musically) by his contemporaries. But he was definitely an interesting character and a fine composer. Another fine composer whom Saint-Saens couldn't stand. There are a couple of very insipid recordings of this piece. The one to seek out however; is the full-tilt pedal to the metal version by the Orchestra of the Paris Opera from 1958. *Jules Massenet - Orchestral suite no.5, Scenes Napolitaines* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUVINl-Zdmk
  4. Glad to see someone flying the flag for 'Classic' country music (1950's to 1980's by my estimation). Here are a few favorites of mine. What a voice - perfect. *Jim Reeves - He'll have to go* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nls0zrxx7UY Two from the pen of John Hiatt - Great songwriter. *Roseanne Cash - The way we make a broken heart* *Suzy Bogguss - Drive South* Don't want to leave out the folks on the Bluegrass side of the fence. *Ronnie Bowman - Rye Whiskey* Hang in there Jake Best wishes Metairie Road
  5. Frank-------Ohio, Mrs. Miller. A perfect example of 'so bad, it's good'. Karaoke night at the Senior Citizens Center. Reminds me of Tiny Tim, who was a far better(?) singer than Mrs Miller. SansFin, I've never heard of Nox Arcana. However, the list of things I've never heard of is quite extensive. So much good music to listen to. Too much for one lifetime. Like Beethoven said "I shall hear in Heaven." Assuming I get there in the first place, which is far from being a done deal at the moment. More great music you've never heard before.
  6. Jake, have to admit that's my favorite Herman's Hermits song. They were the smilingest bunch I ever saw, and their smiles were infectious. I'm smiling now just watching them. No pretentions, just good fun. On a sadder note... I woke up this morning and discovered Alvin Lee had passed away. TYA's performance at Woodstock is still the highlight for me - the movie that is, apparently I'm one of the few people who didn't go to the Woodstock festival. (not a clip from Woodstock) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXjxnaH8Yk Best wishes Metairie Road
  7. Kid Dabb, I love your selections. Please feel free to post the links as well next time. Great post Fred. Classic Country and Opera. Bravo. *Edith Piaf - Les Trois Cloches* *Jean Sablon with Wal-Berg's Orchestra - - J´attendrai* *Merle Travis and Judy Hayden - Too Much Sugar For A Dime* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCm_LYnqf9c *June Tabor & Oysterband - (When I Was No But) Sweet Sixteen* Best wishes Metairie Road
  8. RowanMartin68 I don't know if that 1960's style and that 'sound' - heavy reverb on the vocals - was ever distnguished with a name but it sure made for some sexy music. Here's two of the sexiest without a doubt. Go dance with your baby. *Doris Day - Move Over Darling* *The Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love Me* Best wishes Metairie Road
  9. RowanMartin68. That was a nice video from Gary Clark Jr. I'm so far behind the curve when it comes to contemporary music it ain't even funny. Anyway, this song of quiet desperation in the twenty-first century came my way recently. I should listen to Tulane radio more often. *Passion Pit - Take A Walk* In the meantime.... *Ella and Louis - Would You Like to Take a Walk?* Keep up the good work Best wishes Metairie Road
  10. *Spirit of the West - And if Venice is Sinking* *George Jones - Good Year For the Roses* *Dinah Washington - September In The Rain* *Otto Nicolai - Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor Ouverture* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRHDQzRYsbQ Best wishes Metairie Road
  11. I always listen to a little Reggae when I'm making dinner, gets me dancing around the kitchen. The grandkids think it's funny as heck, better than Sesame Street. The socio-poltical themes are a bit beyond them right now but they dig the rhythms (or riddim's). *Toots & The Maytals with Jeff Beck - 54-46 Was My Number* *Culture - Too Long In Slavery* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9w9BrZ9znA *Jimmy Cliff - The Harder they Come* (an ironic video, speaking as a Saints fan) Best wishes Metairie Road
  12. Scottman, thanks for those amazing songs. Charlie Patton, I'd know that voice anywhere. The guy must have gargled with battery acid and razorblades every morning to get a voice like that. I became aware of Bessie Smith's music when I went to see a wonderful musical called 'One Mo' Time' at the Little Theatre in New Orleans in 1984. Used to have the cast recording on cassette tape but my cassette player chewed it up a long time ago. *Bessie Smith - I've Got What It Takes* Best wishes Metairie Road
  13. misswonderly, I know what you mean. 'Climb Every Mountain' another Rodgers and Hammerstein song has the same quality. I remember being dragged off by my mother to see the Sound of Music when I was nine. However, I was unable to to appreciate it at that time. Best wishes Metairie Road
  14. BigFaceSmallRazor. Fallon's impression of Neil was excellent, he nailed the guy. My favorite Neil Young song by a long way is 'Powderfinger' from the Rust Never Sleeps album. An enigmatic (of course) but intense song. I've listened to this song a thousand times and the verse that begins with - "Daddy's rifle in my hands felt reassurin' " never fails to send a chill down my spine. *Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Powderfinger* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7E6kQ2aLHo The weirdness continues....
  15. A few more favorites One of my favorite Popera videos. Went to see Anna Netrebko at the Met a few months ago (actually it was at the local flea-pit showing a broadcast from the Met). Anna has 'filled out' a little since this video was made, which is perfectly acceptable for an opera diva. She still looks sexy, even more so in my opinion. And Rolando Villazón, full of latin charm and big voice. O Soave Fanciulla REM meet Richard Thompson. *REM - Wall of Death* For years I thought this was a David Bowie so
  16. Jake and Jack. I'm enjoying your posts. Keep up the good work. Now you've forced me to throw in my two-cents. Some of my favorites from the 1970's. Yes, I'm old enough to remember the 70's And the last part of the 60's. *The Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World* *Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: "Ooo Baby Baby"* *Millie Jackson - My Man is a Sweet Man..* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fo5i6_QVRE Best wishes Metairie Road
  17. Been listening to a lot of English music recently. So, in honor of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee I'll start with a fanfare. *Major W. Jackson - Fanfare Royale* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B08RGkvyH6U Bantock has been accused of being an incurable romantic. So he was, God bless him. Superb. *Sir Granville Bantock - Celtic Symphony for 6 harps and strings* *Royal Philharmonic Orchestra* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKYvGBjGAW0 And now for a little something from the peasants One of the great English Folk/Rock bands *Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor* http://ww
  18. Paul Simon is indeed a great songwriter. An American master. If I had to choose just one of his songs to take with me to a desert island it would be this one. *Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In New York* Best wishes Metairie Road
  19. Thanks for posting B.B. and Freddie. Dont want to leave Albert out in the cold. *Albert King - Cadillac assembly line* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnAOhQKGmsY Do they still make Cadillacs in Detroit? I've never owned a Cadillac. Owned an Oldsmobile Delta 98 once. got something like 7 mpg. Couldn't afford to drive one these days. Best wishes Metairie Road
  20. casablancalover, the Astrud Gilberto with Stan Getz was very lovely. Thanks for posting it. Music that makes me smile A very special song that always brings on a flood of happy memories for me (and a few sad ones). After forty years this song still hits the spot. *Steve Harley - Make me Smile* This video makes me smile. The Soul Train line dancers and the fabulous *Isley Brothers - Live It Up* Gotta dance and smile this time. *Tito Puente - Ran Can Can* Best wishes Metairie Road
  21. Bach and Mildred Bailey. That's my kind of radio station. I was not aware of this great composers works until quite recently, but the more I hear, the more I like. *Gluck - Iphigenie en Aulide Overture* Beautiful solo piano *Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EboTnztqyMI Even the dust and scratches sound cool. *Lionel Hampton Sextet with Dinah Washington - Blow Top Blues* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aJ0JJlhoiY Best wishes Metairie Road
  22. Scottman, thanks for posting Kanui and Lula, it is indeed a brilliant song. Coincidentally I have this song on a CD called Blue Hawaii. I would have posted some Hawaiian music but I didn't think anyone would be interested. Best wishes Metairie Road
  23. Lots of great music here. Keep up the good work people. *Wynona Carr - Till The Well Runs Dry* When she wasn't jumping the blues, she was rocking the Gospel... *Sister Wynona Carr - Life is a Ball Game* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyxDG2pgqYY A song for Easter *Atlanta Symphony and Chorus Directed by Robert Shaw - Ubi Caritas (Duruflé).* This lovely song ends with one of the most beautiful Amen's I've ever heard. Anyway, on the back row with the rest of the sinners I'm
  24. Scottman, Waldir Aleve - that was a nice post. Thanks. *Oscar Aleman y su Orquestra - Besame Mucho* --- Louisiana Red died last week. One of the last of the bluesmen in the tradition of Lightnin' Hopkins and John Lee Hooker.This is probably his most well known song. Eric Burdon did a screaming version of this. *WARNING -* This song is totally vicious and psychotic, definitely rated 'R' for violence. Enter at your own risk. *Louisiana Red - Sweet Blood Call* Best wishes Metairie Road
  25. What can I say? Pure gold. *O.V. Wright - Let Straighten It Out* Great song by the vastly underrated Mr. Womack. *Bobby Womack - I'm Through Trying To Prove My Love To You*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCaS4HdkK3o Epic twenty-minute version of a great Jimmy Webb song. *Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix* So many fabulous versions of this song by the lovely Joan on YouTube. Chose this one because the sax solo is stronger *Joan Armatrading - Love And Affection* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU8xa8htnw4 Best wishes Metairie Road
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