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  1. Thanks, I saw this one a long time ago (about 20 years ago) in L.A. It continues to be a very good thriller and a good story for all concerned about the witchcraft//thriller about a girl who is concerned that someone else will take the supposed rival for her boyfriend's love.
  2. i saw this one too and was quite scared with edge of your seat suspense. Pamela Franklin is always good to watch. She was great in The Innocents with Deborah Kerr and others.
  3. I like Crossfire too and Film Noirs are my favorite. I am sorry if I forgot to say Repeat Performance was the film I was referring to earlier. It was a unique film I had seen as a child on TV and then I taped it when it was on again in the 80s. Today I have a good copy on DVD. Joan Leslie and Richard Basehart were superb especially, and others of note were Louis Hayward and Virginia Field as well as Natalie Shafer.
  4. For me Was going to say I had not heard of this one. I would love to see it too! If ever I find it will certainly get back with you! it is fun to select a favorite like an Bette Davis,
  5. Our grown kids think that DVDs are in the past, because of movies on the computer. I love my collection of films and keep it going. I collected VHS in the 80s and 90s, and my hubby transferred everything to DVD about 10 years ago. I still tape on DVDs . WE did have NEtflix, but now have TCM and a few other cable channels. It would be fun to see what Netflix has now.
  6. A very well-acted film which is quite intriguing with a marvelous cast. It's a frightening situation where the Nazi power may continue to sway many. Joan Bennett is one of my favorites, and it is good to see many others that were entertaining in other films. Among the cast, I really like Francis Lederer and Maria Ouspenskaya. Francis was quite notable in The Madonna's Secret, and Maria was great to see in The Wolf Man and Kings Row, etc. Anna Sten was notable in some 30s films; I first saw her in an early 30s tragedy with Gary Cooper. In this film, they are all believable and
  7. I like Millie, which was the first Helen Twelvetrees film I had seen in the 80s. My mother liked her films too, and mentioned The Young Bride as her favorite. I saw this later and had to agree. With Millie, Helen's character was trying to save her innocent daughter from John Halliday's character. He had boasted to friends about his affair with the mother when he was drunk in a nightclub. Later, she found this former lover preying upon her daughter and acted to save her. The film builds to a climax as her trial progresses in court. Yes, it was nice to see Frank McHugh and Joan
  8. I agree that the story lacks a cohesive structure for the main character. Because Joan Crawford was known for many superb roles, I think the movie was initially able to stay afloat. People enjoyed it largely due to Joan's efforts in her role. The remaining key roles also enhanced the film; her meek bookkeeper friend, Kent Smith, (not Clark Kent, -smile, but quite kind and appealing), and the terribly frightening crime boss, David Brian. He has an intriguing personality which jumps from kindness to unwarranted suspicion in an instant. There is an interesting scene in which Joan's character
  9. Me too! It was Mom's favorite film and later mine too. I first saw it as a teen on the Early Show and later came to appreciate everyone in the film. Bette Davis and Charles Boyer are 2 of my very favorites, plus Barbara O'Neil was quite impressive as the jealous wife of the Duke. Great to see June Lockhart as the oldest daughter. Sadly, I just looked up Helen Westley, and she died 2 years later, in '42 at the age of 67. So she played older parts at times. Whatever the part, she was superb.
  10. Yes. the film was not as interesting as I had anticipated and Alice's appearance was complimented a great deal in it. It was a great cast, but you are right that Warren William's great talent was wasted there in his role. I do think that Alice was quite lovely in some earlier films. My favorite in which she sang beautifully as well, was Poor Little Rich Girl ('35) with Shirley Temple. Her songs were lovely and timeless. Shirley chimed in later, but Alice's songs were quite marvelous. Though Shirley was quite talented too, it is Alice's character that is riveting. Anyone who has not
  11. I love Helen Westley too! Her performances are superb! She was great in All This and Heaven Too, which is my favorite film. She was also in Anne of Green Gables, '34, etc. My dad used to point her out in 30's films too, along with Walter Brennan and Harry Davenport, etc. Not sure when she died, but a great loss to the Golden Age of films. Going to look her up.
  12. I taped it one time. I remember seeing it on TV when I was 10 or 11 in the early 60s. It made quite an impact! Eleanor Parker and all the others delivered a compelling performance.
  13. I like Lloyd especially in Somewhere in the Night with John Hodiak and Nancy Guild and in The Lemon Drop Kid. He played a diverse quality of roles, which made every film more intriguing. I do remember him on the TV Show, Julia, with Dihann Carroll and Lurene Tuttle.
  14. I like this one too. Very well acted.
  15. I remember this one from awhile ago. It is an interesting theme, and I have met people who were overbearing about religion and indoctrinating others like that. Joan was good in the role and made it more than worth watching, as with all of her roles.
  16. That was so cute.  Ethel often made the show even funnier!

  17. They both want the wrapping paper! Ours does too! Completely bowled over!
  18. I like that too. I think it is The Awful Truth played so adeptly by Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. Love their repartee and the clever ending.
  19. I like this version best too. The acting is very good. It is wonderful seeing Wallace Beery in his role and the others are absorbing as well. Child star Jackie Cooper seems appealing in his role.
  20. I watched Casablanca again recently. It is in my top ten films! Bogart was intriguing, Ingrid gorgeous, and all the others were wonderfully picked for cast. Sydney Greenstreet, Claude Rains, Paul Henreid, etc. were great too. Sam was great to listen to with his intriguing singing and playing. Yes, John Garfield was an underrated actor. When you have seen more of his films, you will see what I mean. Postman is his best and Breaking Point was good too. And then we have more masterpieces along the way. There is a sad and dangerous wartime story where he risks his life for a beautifu
  21. Yes, Eva Marie Saint seemed more convncing in her role than Liz did. Liz is more convincing in other roles like National Velvet and Elephant Walk. She was also more convincing as a child in Jane Eyre.
  22. Thanks for posting. Sorry I missed this one. It sounds very appealing on different levels.
  23. I too felt that the first person perspective was a unique choice, but did prefer how it was done in Dark Passage. I agree on that. Both are good Film Noirs, but one of my favorites is Dark Passage
  24. I really like The Lady in the Lake. Great film! Yes, Adrienne Fromsett (played beautifully by Audrey Totter) is not really a femme fatale, but seemed cold and uncaring to Marlowe's character. Robert Montgomery (a debonair and superb Marlowe), was usually professional, but we can see him responding to Adrienne eventually. Beneath the surface of other characters we discover their true motivations. Mrs. Falbrook (skillfully played by Jayne Meadows) had a number of aliases and killed the lady in the lake, as well as others standing in her way.
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