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  1. I liked Dead Ringer too with Bette Davis. It is similar in some ways to A Stolen Life. She was good in it and so was Peter Lawford. It was very watchable. Here was the good twin to start with killing her faithless sister and taking her identity. A number of complications arose, one which had been a signature problem. She has to pretend to injure her arm so her signature would not be detected as an imposter. She had a number of things to avoid when impersonating her twin sister. She could not sign any papers and provided for the signature problem, but she was not aware that her sis
  2. That is surprising. That is surprising. Missed that one. Will have to catch it. A touch of irony makes them more interesting but still very shocking at times.
  3. I too thought the same thing, (though I am not Lawrence). Similar to And Then There Were None, the superb '45 film. I did not care for the remake too much and missed some innuendoes along the way, Shirley Eaton, etc. I was about 14 at the time and simply felt that the older one was best! I think it still holds up. I liked this one too. Very cleverly done and a good cast.
  4. I like the cast, but I agree that some of the zest is out of the story. It is from one of the best books ever written, but both versions (also the 1944) of the film are missing key characters abd plot elements. I read that period pieces tend to be lengthy, so they attempt to keep them within a certain frame of time. Even the superb 1944 adaptation with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles misses part of the story, but has more substance. That said, it was interesting viewing this one as well, if only to view how Jane and Mr. Rochester were perceived. I give this a 6 out of 10.
  5. I loved all of Katherine Hepburn's films too and love the beautiful locales in Summertime. I am also a big fan of Rossano Brazzi and collect his films as well. Thanks so much for your kindness. Sadly, my hubby retired a little early so we could travel to Europe. Italy was in our plans. I had a childhood ailment, Scoliosis, that caused my spine to collapse in the last 5 years. After 3 surgeries, I have not regained posture. I am home a lot and watch many films. I am lucky to have my hubby helping me go to doctor and Physical Therapy, but I wish it had been a different prognosis so
  6. i have seen the first three and find them very charming, especially Wee Geordie. I missed Local Hero but will try it some time. The Scottish humor is nice to see. It is always annoying to have a film scheduled and then it is replaced by something else so I hope you have a chance of seeing them later.
  7. I like this film too. It has a very unique role for Tyrone Power and Helen Walker. I hope they will air it soon in 2018.
  8. Oops, we can't watch all the great films! I didn't catch this one until a few years ago. Every year I watch certain favorite Christmas films like The Bishop's Wife, Scrooge, etc. Then I decided to try this one. IT is very entertaining and heartwarming. One of my sons has the Blue Ray and was telling me how lovely it looks. More importantly, I think it is time well-spent with the holidays approaching.
  9. I like Liz Montgomery films too. I have a trading friend in Canada that sent me some. I am going to check out You Tube too. She was a very talented actress .
  10. Yes, I taped Double Door awhile ago. Don't know if it was TCM. I really liked it too. Really siuspenseful!
  11. I am an avid fan too. Thanks so much for the info.! I too enjoyed Funny Girl in high school days. She still has a great voice. Can't believe she is 73!
  12. Not sure if I didn't have one too many. Sorry I combined my Comment with a previous one about Fallen Angel. I was going to say that the cast was Outstanding and the acting was quite brilliant. Also, the background is quite impressive. Fallen Angel is high on my list of favorite Film Noirs.
  13. I love Thelma's clever lines here and in other films. I too am glad that Mrs. Thorwald's remains anddismemberment was spoken little of. That is awful even about her head maybe buried in the garden! Yes, Thorwald was terrible, even bumping of the little dog in the basket. This film was effectively chilling without going too far in the descriptions of murder! I for one agree there.
  14. I like it too. Years ago I watched it with my teen sons and re-watched again recently.
  15. I have a lovely print of Frenchman's Creek as well from TV. The colors are lovely, and most of all, Joan Fontaine is gorgeous and appealing. Lady Dona (Joan Fontaine), convinces her husband to go to a party He reluctantly decides to attend, as it is thrown by Lord Rockingham (Basil Rathbone) He owes the lecherous Rockingham a great deal of money, so he allows him to make passes at his wife. She is repelled by his actions and leaves the party to return to their Cornwall estate. Lady Dona is kidnapped by a pirate as she explores the woods around their estate. When he delivers he
  16. I agree about this crazy devil worship film. I watched it recently, as a devout Joan Fontaine fan. In recent years I discovered Kay Walsh too. She was very appealing in several films. I enjoyed every film this gentle actress appeared in. I like her performance in Scrooge and the other films mentioned here. Also, I recently saw her as a sympathetic school principal in Now and Forever, with Janette Scott. She also co-starred with Margaret Lockwood and Sir Dirk Bogard in Cast a Dark Shadow. In this last one, she arrives at their home unexpectedly one evening, following car trouble. Her
  17. I know what you mean. At the end he realizes that Bette's character was using him and speaks out about it.
  18. I like George Brent The Spiral Staircase and others. He was a greatly underrated actor and one of my parents' favorites.
  19. I AGREE. I THINK IT IS ABOUT THE BEST OF DIETRICH/VON STERNBERG COLLABORATIONS too. I give it a very high accolade too and had forgotten to say how the music and sets as well as a superb cast made this a marvelous and engrossing story.
  20. I was really very interested in The Scarlet Empress which I had once taped from AMC. Marlene is brilliant as the dutiful daughter who marries the Grand Duke without meeting him, per her mother's plan to have her daughter marry into a royal family. In addition, the Duke's mother (Louise Dresser) is very controlling with her son and plots to have him marry this innocent girl who is not aware of his real nature. THe Duke's ambassador, (John Lodge), takes Sophia (Dietrich) and her mother to the court to meet the Grand Duke's mother (Louise Dresser) and her son, (Sam Jaffe). Along the way,
  21. I saw this on TV one time. I really liked Karen Morley and Anita Louise in their roles. Lovely Karen was very attractive and talented in every role. It was a classy murder mystery, and the handsome Ricardo Cortez solves the crime. My dad spoke of the story being on radio. He had enjoyed the building suspense and the ultimate denouement of the story. One can well picture the motive for the murder. A lot of action packed into a little over an hour.
  22. I missed the first film, but really liked The Purchase Price. As always, Barbara Stanwyck saves her earky film that is not as good as her later ones. Her sincerity and earnest way of speaking gets the film's essence and main message across to viewers. Also, George Brent is enjoyable in most of his films. Here he has good chemistry with Stanwyck. I had not seen the film for awhile and had forgotten Anne Shirley's portrayal as the weird kid. But I did recall Barbara's song, which is unusual in her films. Though the lack of stunt doubles may have posed a problem in the film, it surviv
  23. One Way Passage is a very touching and well-acted film. I like all of the cast which is headed by the wonderful Kay Francis and William Powell. You will find it interesting and haunting. My rating is 9 out of 10.
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