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  1. May be so, but on the other hand.... other things about Phillips Holmes. He was great in his films which spanned the 30's, During the War his plane was shot down. I love his performances with Nancy Carroll and in the '34 Great Expectations, etc. After seeing these and Confessions of a Co-ed with Sylvia Sidney, I became his fan.
  2. Really good and suspenseful. Like all of the principal characters. Sally Gray is always lovely. I have a PAL copy from a European friend and re=watched last night. Very scary! Yes, I think Hitchcock would have done well there too.
  3. Thanks and always nice to see yours. I thought I had All MY Sons but turns out I must have seen it a long time ago. I like the quote about the relevance of the truth said by Mady Christians in that film.
  4. Classy guy! There was another John Williams, but I briefly wondered. Just watched Back for Christmas. Great episodes!
  5. Great quote here too! Many quotes are quite profound from 30's and 40's films especially.
  6. Red Dust is one of my favorites too! Jean and Clark had great chemistry in this film.
  7. I just had to comment on these two films. I love The Story of Three Loves and prefer the vignette with James Mason and Moira Shearer. I agree that Mr. Mason had a distinctive style of acting and a commanding presence. Also, his speaking voice added to his wonderful delivery of his lines. I read an article which was written by a fan some years ago and it sums it all up; his brilliance and charm. This lady said she would fall for him even if he read from the phone book! She loved his looks, his voice, and acting style. I agree that Agnes Moorhead was wonderful in her small role as the aunt of th
  8. I agree that she got better when her acting technique enhanced. I can't help feeling sad that she died so young at the age of 26.
  9. Yes, Ricardo Cortez is always interesting to watch. I have not seen Hat,Coat and Glove yet either. I am adding it to my list on the DVR.Though Ricardo played some slick, dishonest but charming types, he was also "a good guy", His performance in B R O A D W A Y B A D with Joan Blondell is quite touching.
  10. Last night I watched the original version of The Winslow Boy for the first time. It has an excellent cast, headed by Cedric Hardwicke, Robert Donat, and lovely Margaret Leighton. Set in Pre-World War I era, The story is intriguing from the time we hear that Ronnie Winslow, aged 13, was expelled from school for forging postal orders. We see how the entire family is affected, and Ronnie's father (Hardwicke) and sister (Margaret Leighton) are determined to prove his innocence, amid his father becoming ill and his sister (Leighton) nearly loses her suitor (Lawton to whom she was engaged. The fa
  11. The film is excellent. I have watched it several times and was really struck by Charles Boyer and Jessica Tandy's outstanding acting. I agree that the marvelous background music and photography are icing on the cake. All of the characters are marvelous and believable I felt that Ann Blyth's character who was so impassioned about her husband's impending doom for a crime that he did not commit, added to the suspense and poignancy of the film. There is one scene that always struck me particularly. When his wife comes to see him at the jail, Charles Boyer's character is so stalwart and has an acce
  12. I received a Film Noir Boxed Set for Christmas. Better late than never, I just got around to viewing. The first film was Whirlpool '49 with the beautiful and talented Gene Tierney. It's a fantastically good film with Jose Ferrer, Richard Conte and Barbara O'Neil. Charles Bickford is great as the cop investigating a murder. This is a spellbinding film and I give it a 10 for great acting, interesting story, and Film Noir settings. Vincent Price and Lynn Bari are great in the second Film Noir, entitled Shock. This one is also very scary and worth watching.
  13. I love the harmonies of the late 50's and early 60's, as well as mid-60's and onward. Wherever there's great harmony, I like it. I have a big doo **** collection and "classic rock". I do like some rock-a-billy too. Every day there is something new on You Tube. Just recently I found some great Karaoke Beatles songs. Another "recent" favorite of mine is Echo in the Halls on You tube. A doo **** collector has a 10 volume set of great classic rock from the late 50's and early 60's. He has pictures from old yearbooks he displays as you play the music. Most of these I had never heard before. Really
  14. Yes, he was very private, but a wonderful presence in our lives. He will long be remembered as an inspiration for wonderful film viewing. His presence enriched many lives.
  15. I have always had an interest in older or "classic" films since I was a child growing up in the 50's and 60's. IT has been a pleasure to see Robert Osborne introducing so many wonderful films. I will continue to watch TCM, but will miss Robert. His insight and love of films has made our lives more enriched as we saw and heard him. Many of Robert's favorites are mine too. I too love Sunset Boulevard and Waterloo Bridge. I really enjoyed the article about his life works as well. It is interesting that he was a friend of Jane Darwell, who inspired him to move to California. Also, Lucille Ball was
  16. I fit in part of the way. I love music with a beat too. My favorites are Rock and Roll from the 50's and 60's, as well Pop Rock. Another favorite kind of music for me is Latin music. I love some of the Mariachi Music. My all time favorite group is The Beatles, who came to the States when I was 12. I remember the thrill of seeing them on The Ed Sullivan Show..
  17. That is really neat! It sounds like they could be watched on the projector. It is great that the frame rate was later resolved for TV viewing too.
  18. I know what you mean about the frame rate of speed. When I was a young kid in the 60's, we had a show called Fractured Flickers narrated at times by Hans Conried. I remember my dad saying that the Silent films weren't all slapstick and meant to be at fast speeds. At the time they did not have the equipment to enable them to show these films on TV at the right rate of speed. Today we are lucky that most of them are shown at the right frame rate like Lorna Doone, '22 and Cat and The Canary '27. My dad loved Silent films and remembered the serious ones as well as the comedies with Charlie Chaplin
  19. I am still in awe of the late Lon Chaney, Jr. His unforgettable performance in The Wolf Man and man other films is very riveting. That is surprising that he still had great handwriting after being a severe alcoholic. He left behind a great legacy of special horror films.
  20. Song of Bernadette - A moving and haunting film. I just re-watched a fabulous film I had taped in 1986! (The commercials are within the film. As long as they are brief I do not mind. Kind of fun to see what year it was - "Get your Dodge Vans at 1986 prices!" It was the end of the year). But I am spoiled by our wonderful TCM. Frankly, it was irritating to sit through The Federated Group's three minute commercial selling electronic equipment -- and demonstrating the sale cut in half by splitting it with an axe! And then Ajax no wax floor cleaner, etc. Just when we think the film is coming back o
  21. Robert was like an old friend. I am handicapped too with spinal stenosis. I had Scoliosis as a child and it seemed like it would not escalate after I was out of my teens. Just a few years ago my spine was collapsing and I had the first surgery in 2011, Since that time I have had 2 more surgeries, but have not regained my posture. I am awkward, even with the walker! But I am lucky to have a hubby who brings me to appointments and does a lot. I always looked forward to seeing Robert on TCM. He brightened my day considerably. I think he will long be revered and remembered as a great host who real
  22. What a lovely dream and so true! Robert Osborne was the embodiment of all those virtues and would have been as wonderful person to know.
  23. I can agree up to a point. I am glad that Robert Osborne loved The Razor's Edge like me. It is in my top ten films. However, I respect your favorites too.. Over the years I came to love and respect many of Robert's favorites like Sunset Boulevard. ... Regarding The Razor's Edge; though I like Elsa Lanchester's performances as a rule, it was not for her singing that I love the film. She did display an act of kindness in letting Larry and his friend take the coveted invitation to Elliott, who was dying. The profound acting of Tyrone Power's great sincerity in his role of Larry Darrell, Gene Tier
  24. Me too. I did think it would cheer me up to watch it, but I was very sad to know that he will never return. However, we can all feel comforted in having had this wonderful man's influence on us over the course of several years. Robert Osborne was a class act we were privileged to see and hear as he hosted our favorite films.
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