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  1. Just saw the comments about one of my favorite Pre-Code actresses, the beautiful and talented Helen Twelvetrees. I have many of her films but am hoping too that we will get a copy of The Cat Creeps! I think I read somewhere that it is a remake of Cat and the Canary '27. Speaking of Laura LaPlante, I too enjoyed her performance in The Cat and the Canary. I have several of her films. Florence Bates, a very talented actress of the 40's and 50's is highly underrated. She was an excellent Mrs. Van Hopper in Rebecca '40. Whether a forbidding wealthy snob or a gentle person (The Second Wom
  2. Hi! I love Pre-Code films too. A lot of our famous actresses of the Golden Age (Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Myrna Loy, Sylvia Sidney, etc.) were just wonderful in them! Under-rated actresses Sally Eilers, Arline Judge, Aline McMahon, Ann Dvorak, Madge Evans, Marion Nixon, etc. are not heard of much. I am glad that we are finally seeing the films of the very talented Marion Davies! It is wonderful to converse with other discerning classic film fans! Most of my friends are not aware of these great films and look blank when I mention the ones I like best. But I have the same probl
  3. I too love Frisco Jenny! I started watching a lot of pre-codes a few years ago on TCM and fell for Ruth Chatterton, Loretta Young, Claudette Colbert and many others. I had not realized that they were also in Pre-Codes until a few years ago. Previously, I had seen films they were all in later. I was in for a treat! My favorite Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were in several and I discovered Helen Twelvetrees and Sally Eilers as well.
  4. Hi! I wanted to take a moment to mention some fine actors or actresses who are not credited in films. In many cases they are excellent in their roles. In A Woman's Devotion (or known as Battle Shock) with Ralph Meeker and Janice Rule there is an actress featured who is uncredited. She appears near the beginning of the film and becomes an eventual murder victim. Does anyone recall the actress who serves "Trevor" a drink in the outdoor cantina in Mexico? I thought she was very good in the role. Also, I just love the music (instrumental) that plays just as he approaches the cantina.
  5. Hi! I love older films too! Especially wonderful to me are the early 30's films. I have a friend out of the country who may have the film you are looking for. In fact, I can check with him via e-mail and return to you. I am a Sally Eilers fan too and also like Alice White. My parents loved 30's and 40's films and it rubbed off on me and my older sister. I remember many happy hours watching these wonderful films on TV. That is wonderful that you are related to Sally Eilers. So sorry you lost your film in the fire! I really like Sally's fine acting and have many of her films!
  6. Some films lack continuity sometimes and perhaps they cut them cleverly and we do not notice this! With The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935 I had viewed it one time and taped it as it was shown on Movies Till Dawn, a local TV Channel. Not long ago TCM, I believe, taped the film in its entirety and I viewed the first scenes that were integral to the film -- scenes that laid the groundwork for an eventual murder. It is very sad indeed when period pieces are cut for no good reason. Of course we are distressed when this occurs. Not long ago I acquired The Chase '44 (an excellent film noir)
  7. Thank you! I am a big Valerie Hobson fan and was aware of the John Profumo scandal, as my daughter wrote a paper in the 90's for high school pertaining to it. She raised her hand in class and said Valerie was a good actress; her mom loved her films! I too adore Rafaela Ottiano and have many films with her. She is great in dramatic films, but I did feel she was miscast in Great Expectations. I do love this version from 1934 too. I hope to find someone who taped the film in the early 80's. They may have gotten the entire film. Thanks for posting the picture!
  8. Hi! I originally posted a statement about cut films; namely, Great Expectations, '34. It is true that other unkind cuts have occurred to our favorite films and it is best to be mindful of these. I started to remark that I would not mind commercials if we had the entire film intact, but no, this would not work out in the final analysis. . It probably did apply to films aired before the 90's. I am glad to be alerted about The Old Curiousity Shop, '75. I will be watching for a complete version. The thing that bothered me is that some films are cut for no good reason. I am h
  9. She will return soon and resume discussions. Sorry my message here has been delayed due to attempting to re-sign in on message boards. Today I have been able to do so. Best Regards, Masonfan
  10. All levity and annoyamce aside, let's look forward to the future TCM showings. The Fake must have been a glitch at the block of time allotted to show the film. That is odd, as it seems there was plenty of time. But who knows? I just remembered another one that was even worse! Seven Miles to Alcatraz. During the last ten minutes of the film all we got was the voices and we see the program information flash on the screen. This was about 2 years ago. What is really odd is that it happened again last year! Same film and same problem in the same spot. (I got the whole thing when I cal
  11. I had the same experience last night! The movie froze in the last ten minutes. I can guess part of the ending with Dennis O'Keefe and Colleen Gray romance, but resolving the murder of Colleen's dad was not accomplished. When a film freezes up it is very frustrating. The last time it happened to me was High Barbaree in the last 20 minutes or so. We don't find out if Bogey and June Allyson's characters got together or not. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I guess I will be extra grateful for all the wonderful films that did not have that problem. I am going to see if my
  12. Re: Pre-Code violence in films. I was watching one recently with Helen Twelvetrees getting married. She had no idea that her husband's best friend, Goldy, is a man of violence and belongs to a gang. Though her husband is not that way, she is soon very fearful as Goldy is violent towards her when she rejects a pass he made toward her just after the wedding. They are on a yacht (which he helped pay for). The moment her husband is out of town on business, the friend pays the bride a visit. He seemed to think that his wedding gifts and paying for the reception entitled him to the bride as w
  13. Random Harvest is one of my favorite films - Right near the top! Greer Garson and Ronald Colman are splendid in their roles as the heartbreaking amnesia nearly destroys their lives together.
  14. Around Thanksgiving every year I like to start thinking of my favorite Christmas films. I think A Christmas Carol '51 was a terrific film. It is very atmospheric. Alistair Sim is marvelous as the character he portrays! I spotted a lot of British "newbies" who were already displaying future talent in films -; Patrick MacNee, Eleanor Summerfield, Carol Marsh. Mervyn Johns and Hermoine Baddely were superb as the Cratchit parents. A Christmas Carol 1938 version is wonderful too. I loved Reginald Owen and all of the people in the story. The Lockhart family; Gene, Kathleen, and even
  15. Yes, that was a very sad film! Dorothy McGuire was wonderful in her role.
  16. Hi! I am a Newbie on the boards. Just saw your post. I have Letty Lynton which a friend sent me a few years ago. It is a pretty good print. I think it is a very interesting film. A good Joan Crawfod early one.
  17. I missed The Pumpkin Eater along the way. Now I think it sounds very intriguing. There are some wonderful performances by Anne Bancroft; The Slender Thread, Gorilla at Large, Don't Bother to Knock. I will certainly find The Pumpkin Eater. IT sounds very intriguing.
  18. I forgot to say that the co-stars (Evelyn Venable, etc.) were excellent too. Hattie McDaniel enhanced every film she was in. It is too bad she was uncredited here.
  19. I think Harmony Lane is a very good movie. I wanted to see it, as I like Douglass Montgomery who is so great in Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935 . Anyway, it is good to see a film about the late great Stephen Foster who died with just pennies in his pocket, though he was a millionaire in talent and a real romantic at heart!
  20. I am also a super fan of James Mason and I noticed a lack of films that I wanted to see - The Desert Fox, Rommel, etc. I thought I must have missed them. What about Odd Man Out, Lady Possessed, Journey to the Center of the Earth, A Touch of Larceny. In his biography James's friends and colleagues highly praised him for putting his whole self into the persona of the person he played. From military types to a famous singer (Lady Possessed), Henrik, a mythical character in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, sympathetic WW2 characters or Russian or one of Irish descent (Candlelight in A
  21. I love the picture posted. It is a very classy film from the early 50's. I do remember the scene with Jane Wyman, Agnes Moorhead, etc. A real tear-jerker. I will look forward to seeing it again. Right now my copies are either extremely blurred or incomplete. Almost anything will be an improvement. I am looking forward to one in the mail. As I was saying in an earlier post, I was home from middle school (sick one day - yeah, right) and this great film was on TV. I almost forgot my cold, as I was reaching for the Kleenex anyway. I think both Jane and Agnes were underrated actresses
  22. Hi! I would like to take a moment to mention the perfidy of film-cutting. Is is especially sad that they have done this to some classic films. Case in Point; Great Expectations '34 In the early 80's I happened to be home from work one day and noticed that this film was on a UHF channel. I taped it as I watched. Later when I was running out of tapes I sadly taped over it thinking I could tape it again. I was wrong! When the film was on again I noticed certain scenes were cut - Valerie Hobson as Biddy the governess to Pip was missing, and also a scene or two with Miss Ha
  23. I love 30's, 40, 50's films, mostly black and white since I was a kid. Favorite actor is James Mason,

  24. That is so exciting. CHarles Dickens is one of my very favorite authors and I love the 30's/40's films made of his books. I wanted to mention that Great EXpectations '34 is a great film but not appreciated today. I like the 40's one too, but this is my favorite. I do not have the complete film. I am looking for the Complete version of this film. In the early 80's I taped the film from a UHF channel. I taped over it later for something else, but found it was a big error. The next time the film was on it was cut! Valerie Hobson's part was cut out and I remembered scenes with he
  25. Hi, I am new to the Message Boards. I love The Blue Veil which I first saw about fifty years ago when I was twelve. I was home sick (from school) that day and saw this absolutely wonderful film! I feel fortunate to have seen it then, for I never saw it again on TV. I remembered my older sister saying it was a great film when she saw it. When I first got a VCR in the early 80's I tried to find a good copy. I have not been able to get a good one. Mine is very blurred. A friend in Hollywood sent me a copy not long ago that doesn't look too bad, but it is missing the front of the film
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