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  1. I like Rosalind too. She was equally skilled in comedies or melodramas. She was quite good as a young girl in danger in Night Must Fall and later in Auntie Mame as the madcap aunt of Patrick Dennis. She was outstanding in this role. I would like to see Hired Wife too.
  2. I liked the show too! It brings back memories of when I was in my early teens and watched it. Later I read somewhere that Occasional Wife would like to make it legal; meaning that Patricia Hardy and Michael Callan were married to others in real life and were contemplating divorce to marry. I liked the show very much. I did think the mix-ups were really funny.
  3. Thanks. Would like to try this one. It will probably puzzle me in places too, as I don't know much about Japanese culture.
  4. I was really impressed with this one and really like the old horror films to watch around Halloween every year. I love how Frieda Inescourt's narration of the vampire (reading from a mysterious book) has a hynotic quality.
  5. Very good movie with Merle Oberon. I recall she was an heiress in danger. She and Fay Bainter and the rest of the cast are very good.
  6. An excellent review. I saw this one and thought Sylvia Sidney was very good in it. I do like Phillips Holmes whom I had seen in some other films. It seems that he usually was more effective in his roles. I think this is one of his first movies. He was very good in Great Expectations '34 and also starred with Sylvia Sidney in other films. I think A Place in the Sun while a good film, has too much empathy for the culprit and his lady love. Yes, it was pretty frightening in Raymond Burr's role as the District Attorney and how he re-enacted the murder. Here in An American Tragedy the story is pres
  7. I just re-watched this one and it brought back memories. When I was 11 or 12 I saw this one for the first time. So scary (to me) that it gave me nightmares! I of course had never seen a slasher film at the time. It is well-done, but the gruesome aspects got to me still. Like you were saying, the cinematogography was well-done. There were some other scary movies like Peeping Tem and Psychomania I saw around the same time. This one does seem to drag on. The total lack of feeling for human life still gives me the shivers.
  8. Wonderful music and good acting of Claude Rains and Susannah Foster.
  9. Sounds worth watching with the Beatnik scene and murder mysery suspense. I don't think I could take it if there was really a dead cat. Hopefully they simulated that in the film. THe movie sounds worth watching.
  10. I love the music and am a fan of Lena Horne. I like The Nicholas Brothers too. Many talents in the film. Alicia Keys may be good in a biopic Film of Lena.
  11. I love this one too. Joan Crawford and Jack Palance were great in this film. GLoria Grahame was very good too. What suspense and scary situations! I think she should have gotten the Oscar here too. Better than Mildred Pierce or Harriet Craig.
  12. I liked this around that time too. Those high school days seem like yesterday sometmes! Anyway, Mary;s voice is babyish, but I recall that Mary as Laura Petrie in Dick Van Dyke Show (I loved as a kid) had that quality too. Especially when she worried that she had Done something to upset Rob (her hubby) and his boss (Carl Reiner). Entertaining show too.
  13. Going to catch it on You Tube. Sounds good!
  14. Lovely girl. She did have talent and you are right that she should have become a super star. Later in Green Acres she became Doris Ziffel. (I loved Arnold the Pig!).
  15. Love Terror by Night! A really suspenseful Sherlock Holmes film.
  16. A very good series! Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymore are great in these films, as well as Laraine Day and a well-chosen cast.
  17. Looking forward to seeing all of these wonderful films again. BTW, my problems with the boards are not resolved yet. I have written another note to the PM Moderator.
  18. He is great in all the above films and I am looking forward to seeing him again as Mr. Cratchit in the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol.
  19. Hi, I still can't send any Private Messages. IT is still disable. THe mssage that popped out while I was typing one to a friend really meant just that. Until it is fixed I cannot send any and have not received any. I know you are very busy, but really need the matter resolved. I tried to send a PM to you, the Moderator, but cannot get through. You have all my info. and would appreciate some help. Thanks Janet
  20. Can't send any Private Messages yet. All was well until I had the sign pop up saying it was disabled. Can you please test it again. Thanks!
  21. He Walked by Night was very good with Scott Brady and I especially enjoyed his performance in a Raymond Burr film "They Were so Young".
  22. Loved Eva in Green Acres and she was very good in other roles.
  23. I have one of her films, Rebellious Daughters, in which she plays a rebellious teen. She was a glamorous young actress of the 50's and was very good in her roles.
  24. Jack Webb is another personal favorite! HE and Harry Morgan were essentially Dragnet. Both were good actors in other endeavors, but one associates them both with Dragnet,
  25. Betty is an another favorite with a great personality. Her performances were quite memorable.
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