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  1. Bobby was great in The Window and several other films. He is immortal as Peter Pan's voice in the Disney version. I read a very sad article about his life in a movie magazine. When friends visited his mother would be abusive toward him. Maybe that contributed to the failure of his marriages and eventual drug addiction. According to the article, he had a poor self-image.
  2. I just read about his accomplishments here, A great playwright and a very good actor.
  3. What a coincidence! I just saw Lee Patterson in a British film called Deadly Record.
  4. Just enjoyed Emlyn's fine performance in The Scarf with John Ireland!
  5. I just watched a great suspenseful film from TCM called The Scarf. It stars John Ireland and Mercedes McCambridge. The whole film has gripping suspense and is outstanding. Very highly recommended!
  6. Thanks! Not sure how to send you a private one. I just noticed that none of my notifications are up in the message windows.I really think there is a problem with it. The only way to communicate right now is to do it on the regular boards. Can you help?Thanks. I did not even see your message until just now. I
  7. Not sure what is going on either. THey have been too busy to respond to me yet, but I received a personal message from someone else on the boards with no trouble! So I don't know what is happening yet. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hello, I really need help with the Private Messages Forumn. I was typing a message and was told right in the middle of it that my message board is disabled. I am [...]. I would really appreciate your help. Also, a day or so ago, I was told by a friend that he received a notification of my message, but did not receive it. Thanks for your help! Janet [...]
  9. Thanks, Jarrod! There seems to be something going on with changes on the boards. WIll let you know.
  10. That is too soon for comfort - that Hinckley was released recently. GL was a good show and I tried to catch it when I could. That is interesting about that important episode. They should have aired it later, but never did. I remember Jennifer Richards, but lost track of the show when my work hours changed.
  11. Expensive but sounds like it is worth it. I am having trouble getting through on some messages. I was going to thank you for recommending British Film Noir on You Tube, The Late Edwina Black. I get notifications of messages, but none in my box. Just now I was sending a message and was told that Mesenger was disabled! Do you know who to contacT? It sounds like Mine is disabled. Thanks!
  12. That is interesting! The headboard is one piece. I just noticed how attractive it is. Funny that they had to move their beds apart AFTER they had little Ricky!
  13. Terrible timing! When I was 9 that summer and picked up the TV Guide I will never forget the article - Lucy is Humilated. So I read inside that she was fed up with his affairs and this time - the third time they were on the rocks for good. But it was awful on Desi's birthday! As a big fan of the show. I really felt very bad for both of them.
  14. I was so sorry to hear about Judy's fatal accident on her honeymoon. She and her husband were both killed in the car accident. I remember her vaguely in Romper Room and did see her in Jailhouse Rock and Perry Mason. The very episode I have is The Fan Dancer's Horse. I was so sad and shocked to read about what had happened to her. Sad about Ernie Kovacs too and Belinda Lee, the lovely British actress.
  15. I am guessing near the end of the series. IT is funny that I never noticed that and just loved the show! I watched it so many times growing up and later. All 4 characters interacted so well together. I was very aad when Lucy and Desi split up for the last time. IT must have been so hard on Lucie (my age) and Desi Jr.
  16. My sister and I loved The Munsters too. Our dad pointed out that Uncle Fester was JAckie Coogan all grown up. This would have been interesting later, but we did not know who he was at the time, except to catch him on Perry Mason episode. On the Addams Family I just loved the mystery of Thing who had a life of his own! Also, now and then Cousin IT showed up and even topped my hairstyle! Lurch had a shy personality who seemed to view everything negatively. This was until Morticia and Gomez helped him when his mother came to visit. It seems that Lurch wrote his mom that he owned the house and tha
  17. Never noticed about the twin beds when I was a kid in the 50's and 60's. Lucy and Ricky, Ozzie and Harriet, and so on had twin beds. The Bradys actually had a big bed. Anyway, I loved the interactions of the adults - we never saw the bedroom in the Cleaver home come to think of it WHen you come to think of it, they were portraying married couples, so it should not have been a problem. I guess they were real sticklers for things like that..
  18. Sounds exciting, but aspect ratio can be difficult when watching. I don't have FXM Retro yet, but will try to get it. I have so many set up on my DVR, going back to April! So to last October beat me. So I am starting to transfer. Most of mine are from TCM but the Fox Retro one sounds good too - if the proportionment is right it would be great to have access to these too.
  19. I like RAul Julia as Gomez and ANjelica Huston as Morticia in the later movies. They had some clever one liners. The Addams Family were a likeable entity unto themselves. With all their unusual clothing and dialogue, they were basically good people.
  20. This one could never hope to equal the marvelous and unforgettable Rebecca, Daphne DuMaurier's real masterpiece. IT palls by comparison. There are some good aspects of the film imo, for Richard Burton's infatuation with the lovely and mysterious Rachel is quite realistic. To be fair, both ladies were a marvelous part of the Golden Age. Yes, Joan Fontaine was unforgettable in Suspicion, Rebecca, and Jane Eyre. Olivia was unmatched and unforgettable in Gone With The Wind and To Each His Own.Returning to My Cousin Rachel, a doleful film that ends unexpectedly. I later read the book a couple of ye
  21. Gregory Peck and John Garfield were magnificent in this movie! This is an issue that has always bothered me personally and I can well see why a good story with interactions of this kind was a necessity. It is a timeless issue and the fact that if they were Muslims but good people would be a real issue to contend with! For in current times and with good reason there is prejudice i that direction).
  22. I liked Rob and Laura too. (I was 9 or 10 when their show started). Later The Addams Family made such an impact on me with their unique characters! I loved Gomez and Morticia's little interactions, Even today I say, "I spoke French!" now and then, but my hubby doesn't react except to laugh. I love this couple together.
  23. Me neither! I love the clever dialogue, the wonderful snow scenes, and best of all Barbara and Dennis Morgan in this film. S. Z. Sakall and Reginald Gardiner were great fun in it too.
  24. The Addams Family was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Every episode was so much fun! Lurch is my favorite, though every one of them were appealing in a unique way.
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