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  1. Marvelous music and great film! Everything is in perfect synch. throughout. The songs are beautifully sung and the instrumentals are superb!
  2. Two other beautiful songs on Soundtracks. In the little known "The Darwin Adventure. 1971" with Nicholas Clay, is a marvelous musical score running through the film. The great interplay of flutes and various other instruments running up and down the scale is quite beautiful. In a 1952 British film called Star of My Night with a ballet being highlighted, very similar inspirational music appears in two or three places.
  3. I love the movie and the marvelous soundtrack. I was looking for a song I really like on the Soundtrack and discovered that it is the one under "Dances" precedig the Polka song.
  4. Song of Bernadette Soundtrack makes me feel inspired. The entire film is outstanding, in my opinion. I have other soundtrack favorites. In the 1951 film "Half Angel", Loretta Young sings Castles in the Sand beautifully. In the 1934 Barretts of Wimpole Street I like the song "Wilt Thou Have My Hand?" by Norma Shearer. Sometimes we watch a film to hear the soundtrack. I do like to do this now and then. The marvelous film Odd Man Out has a wonderful soundtrack running through it.
  5. Thanks for the great list. December will have a lot neat things for us to enjoy!
  6. Yes, Elvis had a lot of talent. I really like his early films like Wild in the Country. That is a good point that he was not trained; his talent came naturally.
  7. I like the earlier Elvis movies too. One of my favorites is Wild in the Country co-starring the lovely Hope Lange.
  8. I like the original Gaslight too. Diana Wynard was really excellent in her role her and Anton Walbrook as the nefarious Sergis Bauer. Dame Mae Whitty is always great to see and I realized that she is in both Gaslight versions. This film is a great chiller and actually scarier than its scccessor (in the beginning).
  9. That sounds great with the remake of Witness, though noone could replace Charles, Tyrone, or Marlene and Elsa, come to that. I would like to catch a remake of that film too.
  10. Yes, I had forgotten Richard Egan was the leading Man in Barbara's film. He was great too in A Summer Place as Sandra Dee's dad.. I too like the suspenseful DeHavilland film, The Screaming Woman. I think Olivia could have gone on to more films. She was certainly a strong figure in Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte.in the early 60's. A decade later she was in this good tele film.,
  11. Hi Jarrod, It is one of those Christmas movies we do not hear much about. Our British film Christmas repertoire usually includes A Chrisimas Carol and the others on our usual lists. But sometimes we learn of another poignant and heartwarming film like this one. I had never heard of it either until the day I sat down to watch it. A friend who also collects British films gave me the VHS. Here is where I first saw Celia Johnson - and led to me watching Brief Encounter. Margaret Leighton was great here and it led me to watch a great (set in war-time England) murder mystery at a defense plant calle
  12. Thank you. I like the tele films of the 70's too. I did see this one years ago and it was pretty scary. I think Barbara was the mom and Joan Hackett the daughter. Talk ab loout an evil parent! Won't spoil it for those that have not seen it. Very well done with a strange punch line..lol It is nice to see our favorite actresses in later TV films - Olivia DeHavilland in The Screaming Woman, etc.
  13. I like this version of Northanger Abbey too. A few years ago I taped an early 80's version which I enjoyed as well. I have never read the book but am planning on it. Jane's Pride and Prejudice is so superb and makes you want to read more.
  14. Looking forward to your post!
  15. Such a vressatile actress! She does seem like a different lady from the actress of the tele-films of the 70's or The Big Valley. Every performance is unique and outstanding, whether it is The Lady Eve, Christmas in Connecticut, or serious films like Jeopardy or Sorry, Wrong Number. What a wide range of characters and roles over the years, Most surprising of all was her role in The Thornbirds. As usual, Barbara carried it off with great aplomb. Which reminds me - Last night I watched a 60's Barbara film I had not seen in years; The Night Walker. Barbara was great there as the frightened lady.
  16. Good wish list of all of them. I like some others that seldom air; The Holly and the Ivy and Beyond Tomorrow. Both of these evoke the Christmas spirit and have romance and pathos. Another favorite we do see aired often is The Bishop's Wife. I have seen it a number of times and it never fails to cheer us up come holiday time.
  17. Yes, I saw Stardust recently too. I really enjoyed seeing this special about Bette's career unfolding. Susan did a great narration. When will there be a series coming up about Bette's life? Yes, that B.D. is some piece of work. She was trying to match up to Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford. But she could not. This was unnecessary and certainly hurful to her mother who was very ill.
  18. I love this one too. Barb really perked these guys up! They were used to a quiet, more sedentary lifestyle. Barb could do it all with class; drama, crime, comedy. I love Gary Cooper and the rest of the cast here too.
  19. Thanks! I will catch Out of the Blue on You Tube. This actress had it all with poise, charm, and sentiment. Though I had pretty much seen her in melodramas, I really enjoyed her performance in Masquerade in Mexico. I loved the one liners of a sparring match between her and Dorothy Lamour. ... Speaking of John Candy, it was a very sad loss with his passing all too soon. I like his genuine sense of humor in his roles which which often radiated kindness and sympathy,. I like Uncle Buck and Home Alone especially...
  20. Well, I cheated and looked up Vera on IMDB, The two movies (there were two scary ones!) I remember seeing as a teen were Lady and the Monster and Murder in the Music Hall. I just recall thinking her performance was great in both. I am going to try the skating movies.
  21. I agree. I first saw her a few years ago in Three on a Match with Bette Davis and was quite impressed.
  22. Haven't seen this one, but it reminds me that I once saw a great movie with Vera. This was years ago and I am going to look up the title. I just remember being quite impressed.
  23. Sounds great. WIll try to catch this one.
  24. I like the show too. Though it is over the top at times, it is pretty hillarious. My daughter who just turned 25 likes the show, so I bought all the seasons on DVD. Last night we watched the one about reunion. IT was really funny, but scary with Rose having to go in hospital with a heart attack. I like the one about Blanche's sister writing the novel and she thinks it is about her. This evening we will re-watch some more. She and I like the funny ones about Stan, Dorothy's crafty ex.
  25. Speaking of Dead of Night, I am a British Film fan, so I thought I would try it. AS you were saying, it is interesting in some parts. Michael Regrave and Mervyn Johns were quite good as well as Sally Ann Howes and Googie Withers, etc. in their roles, as well as Elizabeth Welch as a classy and magnetic singer in a nightclub. As each vignette unfolded, I should have seen the pattern which pointed toward the denouement of the film. This I will not spoil in case anyone would like to see it. I recently re-watched it with a friend who really did not care for it. There were a couple of intriguing sce
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