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    Come on! Everyone sing along! Se você está contente, diga "Miau." =^.^= "MIAU!" Se você está contente, diga "Miau." =^.^= "MIAU!" Se você está contente, quer mostrar pra toda gente. Se você está contente, diga "Miau." =^.^= "MIAU!"
  2. As long as your PC is connected to the Internet, or connected to a network that is connected to the Internet, you should seriously consider upgrading your OS. MS is no longer issuing security patches for XP, and the highetst version of IE that can run on XP is very out-of-date. Security patches are one of the defenses your PC has against viruses, Trojan horses, malware, and hackers; "virus protection" (McAfee, MS Security Essentials, etc.) is another; and malware protection is the other. Once MS stops isuing security patches for an OS, virus protection and malware protection companies have ver
  3. "It's easy to be a holy man on top of a mountain." Bill Murray as Larry Darrell in the 1984 version of The Razor's Edge.
  4. I'm not sure what you're driving at. I think the observation that Pan Am was a big name in 1968 is accuate. However, you may have evidence to dispute that. Whether it was a big "deal," as you put it, is not something on which I commented. As related to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, and as related to the times, I already mentioned one symbolic possibility of Pan Am in the movie. But maybe it also symbolized "American globalism," too, as you put it, or perhaps the possible capitalistic imperialism of the U.S. I don't know. If you flesh out your "globalism" argument for us, we could ex
  5. As soon as I read "Pan Am" in your post, the first thing I thought about was the artwork on the soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey, with that long, pointed, SST-looking Pan Am shuttle coming in to dock with the space station. Although the airline no longer exists, the memory of it continues on today, in part, due to its association with the movie. Perhaps there is a bit of irony in that. Of course, Pan Am was a big name in '68, and (as related to the heated US vs. Soviet Union space race at the time) the "Am" of Pan Am implied the future dominance of the US space program in 2001. So, in
  6. “Look here, priest, enough with the sermon. It sounded interesting, at least while I kept out of the rain; but if it’s a sermon, I’d sooner listen to the rain.” -- Man at gate Rashomon
  7. My favorite line in the movie, and in the book, builds off of that: “One time, Atticus said, ‘You never really knew a man until you stood in his shoes and walked around in them.” Just standing on the Radley porch was enough.” -- Scout
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItIL72TU1mo
  9. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel/The Wizard of Oz
  10. "It's easy to be a holy man on top of a mountain." Bill Murray as Larry Darrell in the 1984 version of The Razor's Edge.
  11. Hmm. I've never seen that movie -- not a big fan of flies, or Jeff Golblum.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ4sqv7OHrg
  13. Thanks, Swithin! What a great website!
  14. I agree with you about the end being unnecessary. It’s not that I’m particularly irritated about the happy vs. sad, or sad vs. happy aspect of the end, but, to me, the writing left too many holes in the logic to support the outcome. I also think there were other outcomes – perhaps better outcomes – that would not have diminished the rest of the film in any way.
  15. Although I had forgotten what movie that scene was in, I've often thought that it influenced my dream in some way. I don't recall the character pulling out his teeth, but the rest is almost identical.
  16. I think my classmates and I were very lucky. As his name suggests, Dr. Damico was of Italian descent, and he efficiently ran the class with a steel fist in a velvet glove. He was in charge, and he never left anyone a crumb of a reason to question that arrangement. He never cut anyone any slack – you had to fully earn your A – but he would always gladly help the students with whatever they were having trouble understanding. He was also one of the most intelligent and most cerebrally funny people I have ever met. We never made it through a class without at least five or six good guffaws. He wasn
  17. I used to be a regular tobacco user as well. I finally completely quit 18 years ago. It’s interesting to hear about your dreams. I had two different kinds of dreams: one about starting to use tobacco again, and one about what my subconscious thought tobacco was doing to my body. The first time I “quit,” I went cold turkey, and I did fine: no cravings, no dreams, etc. I suspect that because I was working out so much at the time, the endorphins I got from working out helped me to go cold turkey. But that’s just a guess. Then one New Year’s Eve party, I fell off of the wagon, so to speak, and
  18. My beloved Latin professor, Dr. Damico, used to say, "Latin is not dead; it's only horribly wounded."
  19. I went to see the Met’s “Live in HD” presentations of “Cav and Pag” today -- yesterday, now. Did anyone else see them, or this season’s productions of them? The only productions I have previously seen of these two operas were on DVD or video, all of which involved Franco Zeffirelli. One was the Met’s 1994 production of I Pagliacci with Pavarotti, Stratas, and Pons, James Levine conducting, and then the two 1982 Zeffirelli films of Cavalleria Rusticana, and I Pagliacci, with Domingo, Obraztsova, Bruson, Prêtre. I suspect the 1994 Met and 1982 Zeffirelli productions may have set the bar
  20. I just got through watching the tribute to Robert’s 20th Anniversary. It was interesting to see how the various personalities handled their time in the spotlight. Some seemed more inclined to aggrandize themselves; some seemed a bit awkward in making a public encomium; and some were very sincere and gracious. Of all the well-wishers, the most notable to me was Ben Mankiewicz. I think he did an outstanding job. Of all those who did not have a long-standing personal relationship with Robert, I think Ben’s comments were the most respectful and sincere, and also the least perfunctory. He
  21. The Day the Earth Stood Still is definitely on the list of my top 10 Sci-Fi films. I probably watch it twice a year and enjoy it every time I see it. After watching it so many times, the oddities of the writing become more and more pronounced. But it has a lot of very enduring qualities about it, nonetheless. I have it locked on my DVR – think I’ll turn it on.
  22. Apropos to the general conversation, if the reports of Vasili Arkhipov's actions -- or inactions -- are true, then I would very much like to see a well done movie about him and the other officers involved in the blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Fictional drama about the Cold War is nice, but I suggest that there are plenty of actual stories that could be told as well.
  23. I can't remember when, but I was curious about her, too, several years ago, and was surprised to find that she and Michael Caine were married. And what a long marriage it has been, and still is! The pairing reminds me of Robert and Luciana Duvall, although the Caines have been together much longer.
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