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  1. 2) The Dark Command 3) The Return of Frank James 5) Wagon Train
  2. I have a hankering to see R & G Are Dead, too. I haven't seen it in several years. But since one of my favorite scenes is the question game, the video below will tide me over until I can see it again. "It will all end like Hamlet." That is funny!
  3. Max Schreck, Christopher Lee, Jack Palance, Gary Oldman, as Count Dracula.
  4. Watching R & G Are Dead, preceded by Stoppard's The Fifteen Minute Hamlet, is also an interesting comparison. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP33oxsyDKY
  5. Thanks. That matches the movie name I'm thinking about.
  6. Should there be a space in the last word, between letters four and five?
  7. I know the Soviet space program was significantly different from the US space program, and I understand that the cosmonauts (at least at first) did not have as much input and control in the piloting of their crafts as did the US astronauts. I’ve also heard that it is a possibility that Vladimir Ilyushin may have actually been the first man into space, rather than Yuri Gagarin. Nonetheless, I still think Valentina's accomplishment is significant. Personally, I would be proud to shake her hand, or to have an autographed photo of her in her cosmonaut suit. Unlike Amelia Earhart, on her heral
  8. She seems to be a well-respected and well-lauded cinematographer, as well as now being a professor at UCLA. I would be particulalry interested in seeing her film about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to go into space. (I've often wondered why -- after all of these years -- Valentina still hasn't gotten more recognition here in the states.)
  9. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!
  10. From what I gathered from the articles I read about the book, Go Set a Watchman was indeed written first. After Lee submitted it to an editor, she was told to go write a book that focused more on Atticus. I assume that the editor thought that the original manuscript was not cohesive enough, or focused enough, or sellable enough as it was, but thought that Lee might be able to write a better book if the story were more limited. The result of the second effort was To Kill a Mockingbird. After that, I assume the editor and Lee forgot about the original manuscript, that hadn’t made the grade, and
  11. I think those are from a web-based Chinese restaurant sign generator, where folks can make up their own restaurant name and message, and the site Photoshops it to a photograph of the sign, and generates a .JPG file. There is a similar generator for church signs.
  12. 19 here. I think the fact that I don't own a cell phone took me down a peg or two, oh, and that I don't have a tattoo or piercing. It's a danged shame, too; I really wanted to conform to the Millennial label.
  13. Without trying to minimize the terrible loss of the lives of those in the plane, the fear they must have felt, and the sadness their families and friends must feel, that is one lucky van driver. I'm kind of surprised the people in the car did not stop and ask him if he was OK, or needed help. But maybe they were so shaken by what they had seen that they weren't thinking straight. Or perhaps they thought he was OK, and they knew they could be of no medical help anyway. I sure hope I never have to witness something like that in person.
  14. I have enjoyed your posts very much, and I hope you will continue to share them with us.
  15. Interesting video. The end does a particularly nice job of illustrating just how much of an impact that something, which is seemingly insignificant, can have on an entire system.
  16. Thanks for letting us know, FL. It looks like it has the potential to be an interesting story.
  17. His wheels were probably spinning in the wrong direction as well.
  18. Not many guys can add coloratura soprano to their CVs.
  19. Nice job. It’d be interesting to hear what she could do with Ach, ich fühl's.
  20. Funny -- after 7.5 million years to get the answer, and then close to 10 million years to almost get the question, and then the whole destruction of the Earth thing, followed by its subsequent recreation, and then the change of the millennium, the weapons of mass destruction, and the end of the Mayan calendar – not to mention West Nile virus, Swine flu, and deflated footballs -- one would have thought that such a revelation would have come with a bit more fanfare. But I guess, on the bright side, I can stop thinking about it now, and get back to my crossword puzzle.
  21. Wanted to hear sister Pura do a little testifyin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGChIeeAE2o
  22. And finally, Ulali is "puttin' the band back together"! This video doesn't do them justice, but I sure am glad they're back together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xlpwEfL83A This is from a soundtrack they did for the movie Smoke Signals which has a much better mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8x4_HwbjGY
  23. Hi, Emmvee. Welcome to the boards! To embed a video, put the video’s URL in-between the "start media" tag and the "end media" tag. For example, the URL to your video, put between the two tags, would look like this: When your post is saved, it will appear as below, and allow the video to be played within the thread without opening a new tab and redirecting the viewer to YouTube.
  24. Thanks for letting us know, Slayton. I have set my DVR to record them.
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