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  1. Olivia and Ann look so much alike, at times, that if I haven't seen the movie before, I sometimes have to check the credits. In my book, they were both extremely beautiful, with Olivia having a slight edge in the face and Ann having a slight edge in the body. Olivia's sweet and kind persona (especially in GWTW) tips the scales decidedly in her favor, though.
  2. Here you go, DGF. I hope this is the version you wanted:
  3. Thanks, Primos. I think manners, basic civility, and common respect for others has fallen out of the majority's favor all across our country. The fascination many people seem to have with their cellphones/smartphones is a bizarre phenomenon to me. Since technology continues to progress, I wonder what will eventually become of it. In spite of having worked in the Information Technology field for over 15 years, I have never bought the premise that just because it is technology, or an improvement in technology, that it is, by default, “better.”
  4. Wait. I take that back. What I loved was Snap-E-Tom, the hot and spicy tomato drink, not Snappy Tom the cat food. And just for the record, I have no fond memories of cat food whatsoever. None. Not a one. Honestly. Uhhhhh ..... and I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- to find that gambling is going on in here!
  5. Snappy Tom? Wow! I had forgotten all about that! I used to love that stuff! I wonder if they still make it.
  6. How about all of the portraits of Lily Langtry in The Westerner (1940)?
  7. I hadn't noticed that before, Tom; It very well may be.
  8. I apologize if I missed it, but The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) -- the portrait of the captain -- comes to mind.
  9. Notan


    To Kill a Mockingbird
  10. I prefer to pay cash as well, but I'll use a card for larger purchases. Due to lack of funds at the time, I did take out loans for education and a house, but now that those loans are paid off, I refuse to take a loan for anything. Since I prefer to live simply, and don't buy the BS about having to have all of the electronics, all of the latest and greatest, or being defined by my possessions, I have found that I can happily get by on very little whenever I want to. The main thing I would like to have unlimited funds for is travelling, and more and more and more -- ceaseless -- education (acade
  11. For the most part, it is the same where I live. What used to be my biggest shopping annoyance was the lack of a "Thank you" at the end of the transaction. I've come to terms with it, though, and I'm pleasantly surprised whenever I do receive a "Thank you." I'm surprised by the change in behavior of the customers, who I think are at least partially to blame for the lack of the "Thank you" by the company representative (clerk, salesperson, checker -- whomever) at the close of the sales transaction. I've noticed that, for whatever reason, most customers are the first to say "thank you" to
  12. I have a hard time getting into musicals, too. I like opera though, mainly because of the music. The only musical I can say I truly like is Fiddler on the Roof, primarily because of the music, but also because there seems to be a bit more meat to the story. There are only a few other musicals I can sit through, but I wouldn't say that I like them. If you haven't seen it, you might give Fiddler on the Roof a try.
  13. Interesting. Discover now provides a credit score (from one of the credit rating companies, I don't recall which) with each bill. According to the chart they provided, anything above 800 is considered "Excellent," with 850 being the highest. Although my score hasn't fallen below 809, I noticed that it will fluctuate between 829 and 822 fairly regulalry, with no apparent reason: no change in payment habits; no missed or late payments, etc. With that kind of payment history, and lack of carrying a balance, I've also wondered why I've never had an 850. Maybe the fact that I don't carry a bala
  14. Dang! Someone needs to tell Guinness about Tom.
  15. Right now, it's 36°F outside. Whenever I turn the heat on, which is usually only twice a day, the thermostat is set at 64°F. Otherwise, the thermostat is turned off. At night I'll let it get down to 54°F or lower. Since I'm toasty warm in bed, I don't see a need to heat air I'm not using to stay warm. The only time I can stand 82°F inside is if it is hotter than that outside, and even then I'm grumpy about it.
  16. Ann's a hometown girl. There's a road here named King's Row. I've never been able to find out whether its name has anything to do with the movie of the same name, or if it is just a coincidence.
  17. I'm sorry; I was a unclear. I wholly agree with you about Rick's respect for Laszlo, and that being a believable reason for Rick to break it off with Ilsa. I can certainly buy that. Respect is a powerful thing. On the other hand, it's Rick's implied decision to get into the fight (as it were), for whatever reason, that I don't buy. If Rick was just making up a story to get Ilsa to go with Laszlo, and if he really had no intentions of getting into the fight, then I've been taking the scene far too literally. But, if he was sincere in getting into the fight (something we really don't kno
  18. Dang! I'm so used to seeing that mistake, I didn't even notice it.
  19. I'm certain many will disagree with me, but for me, the most overrated film is Casablanca (1942), mainly because of the weak writing. Don't get me wrong; I think the movie has its strong points, but for my tastes, the writers fail to provide the viewer with reasons to believe the motivations of some of the key characters in some of the key scenes of the movie. For example, I don't buy Ilsa's supposed continued love for Rick (at least not at that level of intensity), or her "think for both of us" because I'm too in love with you -- now that you've treated me like cr@p and thrown a jealo
  20. The "Knowledge is Power" motto, associated with a dragon, is an odd message.
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