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  1. I recall, as a kid, back when movie theaters were only one huge screen (before the age of multiplexes), intermissions and Entr' actes, which were very common then, were more about giving the movie goers time to "go to the lobby" and get themselves "a treat," i.e. spend additional money on over-priced popcorn and drinks, etc. than they were about giving the movie goer a break from a long movie. The entr' acte and intermission for this movie may not have been indicative of a once longer version, but only a sign of the times. Many movies back then were also preceded by cartoons, too. I'd
  2. Same here. I've heard that the credit card companies call the people who always pay the full balance, on-time, "deadbeats."
  3. I use the flourescent bulbs and some LED bulbs. You can get them both in the same warm incandescent "color." I agree, that cold, white, sterile light that some of them have is far too annoying. The two things I don't like about the flourescent bulbs are: 1) they take a while to warm up and give off the right amount of light, especially when it's cold; and 2) most (not all) of them can't be used with a timer switch, a light sensing switch, or a rheostat (which excludes them from most ceiling fans). One way around the ceiling fan problem is if the fan has more than one bulb, you can include
  4. Just taking a wild stab here, but you might try flushing your DNS cache. Since there are as many ways to do it as there are Windows operating systems, rather than trying to tell you how to do it (assuming you don't already know how), I'll direct you to this site, which seems to cover most operating systems: http://www.wikihow.com/Flush-DNS If your OS is not listed on the site, I'm certain you can find instructions by Googling it.
  5. I've always thought that Grace Kelly might have been able to play the princess in Roman Holiday. She might have erred on the princess side a bit, but for my tastes, I think it would have been an equally enjoyable film, with a slightly different flavor. On the other hand, I completely agree about Audrey's roles as Holly Golightly and Sabrina. I can't imagine anyone else coming anywhere close.
  6. Notan


    Dang. I was working the Dame and Duke angle, of course without any success at all.
  7. Yes. Yes I would. I think in such a situation I would have to put my foot down. Commercial BS in any other accent would be just as bad. (Sorry; didn't mean to slightly reference a Brit.) But seriously, let us not forget all of the non-dramatic, non-comedic programming made on this side of the pond: POV, Independent Lens, Nature, This Old House, American Masters, Frontline, Rick Steves (sort of), etc. I wonder how the content of those programs would be changed under the yoke of full commercialization.
  8. While doing a bit of travelling around the US, one of the things that struck me is how different all the PBS stations are, and how different their respective programming is. Most cities have one PBS station, but some have two or three PBS stations. And from what I could tell, PBS stations definitely have regional and local leanings, too. What may be shown in one city may not be shown in another. No doubt a lot of that has to do with what gets sponsored and what doesn’t. Not that any other PBS station I’ve seen is bad, but I’ve always been glad to come home to our area’s PBS station where
  9. Just out of curiosity, I watched it last night. I wasn't impressed. The "wild-and-zany" (by British standards, I assume) comic relief personality was particularly annoying. The baking challenges weren’t all that interesting or engaging. And the “creations” of the contestants were only remarkable in the fact that they were unremarkable. I suppose that PBS is hoping that the program’s British heritage will mask the sour bouquet of the program essentially being just another “You've-Failed-To-Meet-Our-Judges'-Arbitrary-Standards,-You-Loser” show.
  10. Didn't have any troubles with it today. Everything loaded fine, on the first try (at least so far).
  11. I can't say that I've ever paid too much attention to any film critic or reviewer, but I've always appreciated a snappy retort, especially when it employs absurdity and sardonicism, or, when the moment is just right, sarcasm. Ebert's line above is great! I don't think he would have delivered it to my taste, but full credit must always go to the writer!
  12. I can already tell that I have some hearing loss from all the loud music of my youth, my old stereo being one of the main culprits. I'd hate to hasten the decline of what hearing I have left by hooking up 6 of those things. But it sure would be fun for a minute, though!
  13. Yes! Those are the two movies. In Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick was the voice on the other end of the radio, the character whom Cowboy addressed as "Murphy," a.k.a. Sergeant Murphy. As far as I know, Kubrick's cameo character in Eyes Wide Shut had no name. I did a little digging and found a video of those cameos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0gFPGqG-Lw All yours, DGF!
  14. I have a pair of the T-100 tower speakers shown in the background, as well as a pair of thier huge Mach One speakers with the 15" woofers. I also have one of thier huge, top-of-the-line 100-watt per channel tuner amps. But I haven't had any of it hooked up in over 12 years, though. I hope it all still works.
  15. Since Tommy was mentioned: I was digging through my LPs today and found my 1969 double album set of Tommy with the London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir, with Sandy Denny, Graham Bell, Steve Winwood, Maggie Bell, Richie Havens, Mary Clayton, Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, and Richard Harris as the soloists. The double sleeve folds out into the top of a pinball table, and the full-sized booklet of lyrics has some nice illustrations of the various singers, along with some interesting photos. Even by today's standards the images are intriguing and interesting. As far a Jimi is concerned,
  16. Thanks, Mr.6s! I'm going to record that one!
  17. Across 37. Robert Downey, Jr.
  18. Here is today's viewing lineup, along with everything mentioned before:
  19. Yes, Kubrick is the director. And to complete the question, for full marks, what are the names of the two films in which he makes his cameos? And, if given, what are his character’s names in the films? (Just one web search away from a win!)
  20. The director began his professional career as a photographer for Look magazine.
  21. Tried to watch a movie just now, and this is what I got: And this: In addition to the other things I mentioned below (see screenshots), including the 503, "Service Temporarily Unavailable" page.
  22. Then there are names that mean flower: Anthea Fleur Flora Lei Leilani Margarita
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