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    I was thinking Kid Galahad (1962 or 1937), but I couldn't remember the actor's name in the first picture to research what character he represented, so I didn't mention it. But now that you've mentioned that his character is Billy the Kid, I'm going to say Kid Galahad, either year.
  2. Thanks. It seems to be working right now. However, as I mentioned, the problem has recurred intermittently. Please check back here from time to time. I'll keep you updated on any problems, or let you know if it is still working OK. I have over 10 years in infrastructure support, server and network, and just as much in desktop support. If there is anything I can do from my side to help you diagnose the problem, let me know.
  3. Primary filming for both movies in which he made the cameos was done in the UK.
  4. Good one, SF! I had a bit of a guffaw with that one!
  5. Relatively cold, bone-chillingly humid, and dismally gray. It rained this morning, and it's now in the low 30s, with ice on the trees and lines.
  6. I've tried it several times today. Sometimes it will load the whole page, but when I click on a movie, it won't load. Sometimes it won't load the whole page, but what formatting there may be is correct: Sometimes the formatting isn't correct. Sometimes the page won't load at all, ping requests will timeout: Pinging tcm.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss), and I'll get the following message:
  7. I have both IE 9 and Firefox n-1. When the probelm happens, it happens on both browsers. On Firefox, it has happened over multiple versions. Also, when it happens, I have closed everything so that TCM is the only thing I have open in the browser, and the only thing I have running on the PC, but the problem is still there. I've even tried rebooting, to no avail. When this has happened In the past, the problem has eventually gone away. But then it will return after a few days or weeks.
  8. The first film in which the director made a cameo was a war film. The second film in which he made a cameo was his last film.
  9. I've been experiencing much of the same on Verizon Fios. In fact it has been unwatchable most of the day. It seems to happen from time to time. I get the feeling that they are either experiencing too much traffic for their bandwidth, or they are doing work on the servers -- probably the former. It gets pretty danged frustrating at times.
  10. Notan


    The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)?
  11. Hear! Hear! Great collection of lobby cards, too! And thanks for sharing them with us!
  12. Across 18. Douglas Wilmer 36. Basil Rathbone Down 5. Nicol Williamson
  13. In one of the director’s films (not one in which he makes a cameo), a character resigns from a chess match and is later killed by the opponent with whom he was playing. In fact, one might argue that, in at least two of his films (again, not the films in which he makes his cameos), the director’s explicit depiction of the game of chess could be interpreted, not only as examples of his own love of the game, but also as a reference to Bergman’s films, in which Death is depicted as a chess player. I also meant to ask for the name of the two films in which the director makes his cameos, and wh
  14. Wow! Thanks, SF! That's the product! I was beginning to think that it was just some odd, false memory.
  15. Notan


    Agree. I've got nuthin'.
  16. She did such a great job in The Good Earth. And what a beauty she was!
  17. Down 1 Peter O'Toole 29 Jeremy Brett 32 Roger Moore
  18. Thanks, DGF. Next: This director made at least two cameos in his films, one as a voice, and one as a customer in the background. Who was he? What are the names of the two films in which he makes his cameos? And, if given, what are his character’s names in the films?
  19. I recall, back during the Apollo missions, there was a product that frequently made it into my lunchbox. It was a kind of protein stick that came individually wrapped in a paper that was white on the outside and foil on the inside, about 4 to 5 inches long. They came approximately 10 to a box. I don’t recall that they were particularly tasty – kind of peanut buttery, kind of I don’t know what – but I do recall liking them. They were marketed as the kind of food the astronauts ate in space, like Tang was marketed as what they drank in space. Somewhere on the box there was a picture of an astron
  20. For the last couple of days, I’ve had the opportunity to watch several films by Indian director, writer, and composer, Satyajit Ray. What a pleasure they’ve been! Even with my long-standing appreciation for World cinema, with all of its rich and varied cultures, perspectives, and approaches to storytelling, Ray’s films stand out to me as being particularly refreshing. Not only do they give the viewer an opportunity to learn more about past and present Indian culture (or at least as much as one can through the epistemological ambiguity of film), several of the films also consider complex social
  21. I've seen that a couple of times, also by accident. You're right, KD, a good, solid story, and a good watch.
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