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  1. Called Comcast. They are receiving many reports. Stephen L
  2. Having same problem I posted on Technical Forum: Posted Today, 07:53 PM Tonight, Wednesday Feb 8, descriptive audio on both HD and SD 789 and 501. Not my TV or cable box settings. Is occurring on both my TVs. Tried an On Demand movie and does not occur. Am I the only user with this weird problem? Stephen L
  3. Comcast TCM 789 Is back in perfect sync as of this morning (when I turned on 'Giant' about an hour ago.). Comcast recommended I have a tech install a new cable card. I will if it goes out of sync again notwithstanding no other channels do. On the other hand, due to no ohter postings, I must assume I'm the only one who experienced this on TCM HD 789 last night (PST). So a mystery why back in sync. StephenL
  4. I advised Comcast. Hopefully they will corrrect. Am now watching 'Too Late for Tears' on Comcast TCM Std Def 501. Again, due to HD 789 HD way out of sync. Might only be in my Comcast region (Santa Cruz, CA) Stephen L [...]
  5. It is 4:56 PST and TCM HD on Comcast is channel 789. Have been trying to watch ''The Racket" but is wldly out of sycn --audio and video. But not on SD TCM channel 501. I'll call Comcast but will, as usual will be useless. M Stephen L
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