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  1. Called Comcast. They are receiving many reports. Stephen L
  2. Having same problem I posted on Technical Forum: Posted Today, 07:53 PM Tonight, Wednesday Feb 8, descriptive audio on both HD and SD 789 and 501. Not my TV or cable box settings. Is occurring on both my TVs. Tried an On Demand movie and does not occur. Am I the only user with this weird problem? Stephen L
  3. Tonight, Wednesday Feb 8, descriptive audio on both HD and SD 789 and 501. Not my TV or cable box settings. Is occurring on both my TVs. Tried an On Demand movie and does not occur. Am I the only user with this weird problem? Stephen L
  4. My cable provider confirmed same issue with TCM HD On Demand cuts off and flips to recently viewed about 15 or so minutes into. I ran on Demand on other NON TCM channels no problem. So at this point TCM SD and HD VOD are both useless. Stephen L
  5. Now problem with TCM VOD HD movies stop and flip to recent viewings. And, when I press resume flips to 'Animal House' and then start of movie again until it stops again. Anyone else have this problem? I am running another station's VOD to see if its my HD box. Stephen L
  6. I did not mention name of my "cable" provider due to fear of being banned from forums again. Stephen L
  7. Same here stuttering, skipping and tiling on TCM VOD "SD". I noticed today nearly all SD movies are gone and only HD versions available. Except for one or two that still skip. I presume only ultimate solution is to junk my one SD TV and buy a second HD TV. And, of course pay for HD box rental Stephen L
  8. I can't help but wonder if the problem is caused by the dated (played in theaters AUGUST 14 and 17) Animal House ad (I can't stand) that precedes all On Demand SD movies. And, another ad just before Animal House. Stephen L
  9. Two CXXXXX (can't name provider due to fear of being banned again ) techs came to my location and saw problem. They found nothing wrong with my boxes, TVs or signals. Called their office and had person there turn on TCM On Demand in SD on office TV. Confirmed same issue, skipping, stuttering, tiling. I have no idea if it will ever be resolved. Stephen L
  10. RE: only on my standard CRT............... I just turned A Date with the Falcon on standard definition TCM ON DEMAND on my HD TV and it is skipping and thus missing dialogue. But, picture not tearing as it is on my CRT TV (in bedroom). Stephen L
  11. Where did this topic transfer to. I too am experiencing picture tearing and skipping only on TCM ON Demand. So impossible to watch. But, unusual ---- only on my standard CRT non HD TV. Yet all other on Demand Channels and TCM live broadcast ok. Stephen L
  12. Also, AGCW is now on on TCM On Demand and both HD and SD version still cut off same as when broadcast. StephenL
  13. AGCW second line of subtitle and very bottom of single line was also cut off in both HD and SD on my Plasma HD TV. Moreover, was also cut off on my CRT SD TV. No adjustment resolve so must be a TCM issue. Others who have no problem are indeed fortunate. I agree: Evidently TCM didn't see this same complaint by past TCM reviewers: http://www.tcm.com/t...er-reviews.html Stephen L
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_Classic_Movies Turner Classic Movies operates a high definition simulcast feed, with programs broadcast in HD presented in an upconverted 1080i resolution format; the HD feed of the network was launched in June 2009. Initial programming was not available in native high definition and was instead upconverted from standard definition, but benefited from the greater bandwidth allocated to the channel. As of mid-November 2014, it appears TCM HD is actually broadcasting at least some content in native HDTV as evidenced by full-frame 4:3, 16:9, and wide
  15. We are not alone: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-most-common-customer-complaints-about-Comcast
  16. If Watch TCM on Xfinity Go is in HD feed , and not SD, then there is a massive coincidence of all our HDMI cables out and the HDMI on the lady's who saw it out of sync on her office TV.
  17. RE: I's this guy where the buck should stop: CEO of Comcast: Sorry my error not CEO of Comcast site.
  18. I's this guy where the buck should stop: CEO of Comcast: https://www.facebook.com/events/384854651622784
  19. Key Largo also out of sync via TV everywhere and Watch TCM fed to Xfinity. Could be my internet connection but I doubt it. Have used Watch Live before and was never out of sync. Besides, I only want to watch on my HD TV. Stephen L
  20. Chat was useless. Sending refresh signal, unplug and re plug your HDMI cable, change channel to - and + from 789, what is set box serial number? etc. I told her can she find somebody at Comcast who can turn on a TV and see out of sync. No answer. Incidentally, she had me describe what out of sync audio with picture means. I told her only solution is to dump Comcast and switch to Direct TV. What a nightmare. Stephen L
  21. Dark Passage on now terribly out of sync. I'm going to try chat -- maybe CSR has a TV(but not6 if --in Vietnam or Philippines). Stephen L http://arstechnica.com/business/2015/09/comcast-customers-filed-2226-complaints-in-3-months-fcc-records-show/
  22. https://www.facebook.com/xfinity I don't subscribe to any social media sites. However, although a hassle, if you use Comcast chat they will provide an incident number. If they have many incidents on this issue might help but I doubt it. Stephen L
  23. From: Welcome to Comcast Help & Support Forums TCM HD Channel 789 out of sync Re: TCM HD Channel 789 out of sync Posted by XXXXXXXX 08-19-2016 09:58 PM Regular Visitor I'm seeing the exact same thing. Very disappointing (but not surprising) that this hasn't be fixed. Posted by 08-20-2016 03:30 PM I have this same problem on the Toms River NJ system. It really detracts from enjoying the TCM lineup.
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