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  1. 1. As mentioned in the curator's note, this scene operates as a prelude to the main story. What do learn about the character of Uncle Charlie in this prelude? Be specific. -- Uncle Charlie comes across almost lifeless, emotionless until he throws the glass.
  2. I was very impressed by the clip of The Ring. I liked the shots showing the mirror reflections. The superimposed shots (?) were very well done, I thought. As the Boxer gets more agitated and anxious over the thought of his wife with the other guy, the musicians and the music highlighting his agitation and distress- effective
  3. My Top 5 HItchcock films are: 1. Lifeboat 2. Rope 3. Shadow of a Doubt 4. The 39 Steps 5. Rear Window But this will definitely change as I may want to switch out one and put Notorious in it's place....and Psycho, haha. This is hard.
  4. 2. Identify elements of the "Hitchcock style" in this sequence? Please provide specific examples. Even if you are not sure if it is the "Hitchcock style," what images or techniques stand out in your mind as powerful storytelling? Or images that provide an excess of emotion? The first thing that really illicited strong feelings in me was the close-up of the woman screaming, and then the words "To-Night Golden Curls" flashing a few times on the screen followed by the woman dead. I am looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts, because I feel I'm still not able to really discern Ger
  5. Have the dates for 2015 Cruise been released yet?
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