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  1. Between this glowing review and your obvious joy when Gun Crazy plays, I'm just wondering why you love these films about murderous teenagers, but loathe films where teens may say a few curse words, like when you savaged Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Of course, you'll ignore this just like the last time I brought it up.
  2. I couldn't agree more, finance. I just can't stand Lombard in most of her so-called "comedies." She's much better in her serious roles, or at least I prefer her in more serious fare. Her persona in My Man Godfrey and Twentieth Century really hurts more than helps those films. I realize I'm in the minority here, but I am glad I'm not alone in my feelings.
  3. Nevermind. What I wrote was entirely incorrect. Edited by: helenbaby on Aug 30, 2013 11:59 AM
  4. Twinkeee--I've seen Captain of the Clouds a couple of times and it's a pretty good movie, but there are times when Cagney is not so likeable. Plus, Dennis Morgan has an equally large role in the film if that matters to you. It is beautifully photographed.
  5. > {quote:title=crazyblonde7 wrote:}{quote}First of all MissW. and Helen, This all started when I said I didn't like Casablanca. There are 2 movies of Cagneys I don't like also and I'm a big fan of his.Also, many posters compared the actors to one another, I wasn't the only one yet MissW. answered my post. Everyone has a right to their opinion but MissW. gets mad if you disagree with her. Helen, in one of your posts you didn't like that she got upset about us not liking Casablanca. Look, I respect who eveyone and what everyone likes but when people give me hard time about my likes and disli
  6. > {quote:title=crazyblonde7 wrote:}{quote} > MissW. Has been picking on me since I started posting. She started the battle. I too spoke about all three actors and didn't say anything bad about any of them. Others have complained about MissW. too. If she wants to make peace I'm all for it. Maybe we just had a misunderstanding, if so, we will leave it at that. I really think you became annoyed at several of us because we wouldn't buy into your assertion that Cagney would have made a good Robin Hood. I don't even know why you posted that remark about her posts about High Sierra. It w
  7. Like everyone else, I'm shocked and saddened by this news. I've known him almost the entire time I've been here. Although I never got a chance to meet him, I felt like he was a close friend and he was supportive of me on the board and behind the scenes. He'd been on my mind a lot lately because I noticed his absence. I'm glad to have known him, even if it was in cyberspace. RIP sweet man. You'll be missed.
  8. missw--you didn't ask me, mainly because I've never stated it on this board, but I'm another person who doesn't really like Casablanca either. And it is mainly because of Bogart. For one, I could not understand why Ilsa would ever go for someone like Rick, when her husband has so much more substance, except at the end. I don't see chemistry between Bergman and Bogart so I don't buy their love story. Having said that, one doesn't really have to explain why something that's popular doesn't speak to them. Sometimes, it just doesn't.
  9. Sheesh! I'm not putting Cagney down--he's my favorite actor of all times. I'm just saying that Tracy had a long career with a variety of roles, many of them in imprtant films and that if I were the one picking AFI's 100 years 100 stars, he's the one I'd put at the top of the list, not Bogart. And what exactly do you mean abour "all facets" of their careers? It's just some tv show where people voted on movie stars whose careers began prior to 1950. Again, this is not a putdown of Cagney. I have nothing against him. He's my ABSOLUTE Favorite Actor of all time. Edited by: helenbaby on Ju
  10. If I was going to pick someone to replace Bogart on AFI's list, it would be with Spencer Tracy.
  11. I'm a little late to this party, but my absolute favorite actor of all time is James Cagney. I'm quite fond of Robinson as well. The rest of you can have Bogart, even though I'll concede he was very good in The Caine Mutiny. Most of the time I can't stand him. Surprisingly, I find Robinson the most versatile of the three.
  12. scsu1975--I just got my Now Playing for June and there is going to be a night of Mamie's films on 6/20 including Sex Kittens Go to College. You're welcome.
  13. > {quote:title=newclassicfilmfan wrote:}{quote}TCM would never show classic tv shows. Father Knows Best was okay, but I couldn't get past that younger daughter cause her bangs were chopped over her forehead. She looked like she could play a sister to Beaver Cleaver on Leave It Too Beaver cause he had the crooked bangs that looked idiotic too. Actually, TCM has shown some old tv programming, like during the Hal Roach month when they showed some Screen Directors Showcase. Also, when Frank Sinatra was Star of the Month they showed some tv specials from the sixties and seventies. There
  14. While I appreciate how you feel about the film, the bad writing makes it hard to take seriously & get involved in the story without constant eye rolling. And I know Cameron used 1997 state of the art special effects, it was still amazingly fake looking. All that said, I don't hate it. I'm mostly indifferent about it.
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