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  1. And he was not Soon Yi Previn's adopted father; that was Andre Previn, Mia's second husband. From what I read, Woody & Mia never lived together. Allen always kept his own place and Mia lived with her children somewhere else.
  2. Eric--sorry I just came back to this board after taking a couple of weeks off. Hoping you'll see this. The things that were problems to me weren't as important to 98% of the other passengers. I found the ship to be for younger fitter people than myself and the many elderly on board. There were many people with mobility problems and none of the doorways seemed to be easy to open except there was a big button to push to open the door to the buffet area dining area. The elevators were tiny, tiny, tiny. If someone came on it with a scooter or wheelchair, then no one else could ride. My room wa
  3. I got an email about the next cruise in October this am. They're going to start taking reservations for returning cruisers on April 1. It seems we just got back from the last one. I'm torn. I've been on all 3 cruises but I really didn't like the ship and some of the changes in the way they did things this last time, so I'm torn. I'm afraid I'll miss something if I don't go, but if I do go, it will still be the same ship and the problems I perceived on the cruise. Anyway, just a heads up for those who might want to go for the first time.
  4. If it goes to be recycled, then how do you know that it's not going to"poor people who need floor covering"?
  5. I don't think they do the show when it's 31 Days of Oscar or Summer Under the Stars because there's not much to add to "this month we're showing Oscar nominated films" or "every day we'll show 24 hours of films of a certain star." The other ten months do have the show, I think.
  6. I remember seeing Bates on OLTL back in the 80's and she was very good, but I never thought she would do anything because she was chubby and offbeat looking. I do love her though. Russell Crowe is someone whom I thought would do well after I saw The Sum of Us with him and Jack Thompson. It did take him a few years to get attention in the US. Another person who caught my eye was Seth Rogen in 40 Year Old Virgin. John Goodman had a short stint on One Life to Live and was in a lot of commercials when he started but I took notice, mainly because he reminded me of my former long time
  7. I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but wasn't Astaire the star of the month in December?
  8. Jackie Cooper is dead, Mickey is 95 or so, Dick Moore is not doing well, according to Jane Powell. Margaret O'Brien is doing well and is supposed to be at the TCM Film Festival.
  9. I just found out and I got a tear in my eye. She is one of the reasons I'm a movie buff. I grew up watching her movies. There may have been better child actors, but she was a great talent.
  10. I've noticed that when people travel in films, most of the time the person will have one small suitcase but will wear a variety of outfits with accessories. I don't know about any of you but I carry my toiletries in a similar sized bag. I need a larger case for clothes and shoes. Were these people shipping a trunk ahead of time?
  11. Thank you AndyM. I'll concede my memory isn't what it used to be but I knew there was something different about SOTM involving Mitchum. I did mis speak when I stated that the films were shown in one 24 hour period. Thanks again. I was beginning to doubt my quickly failing memory.
  12. I guess I'm wrong but I do know the difference between star of the month and summer under the stars, and while I am a senior citizen, I'm pretty sure there was another person who was star of the month that had all of the films shown in s short period of time and not throughout the month. I don't have any copies of the schedule prior to 2012 but I could have sworn it was Mitchum. Do you have copies of the schedule for back then? Because if you do I'd appreciate it a lot if you could check it for me.
  13. I'm pretty sure it was SOTM. It may have been that they showed all of his films in one week but it wasn't spread out through the month. Do you have the schedule for that month? ETA: I think it was in April for whenever he was honored. ETA.2: I just checked and you are correct. That was the only time he was SOTM, but I still think those films were crammed into brief time for Mithchum. Edited by: helenbaby on Feb 3, 2014 7:34 PM Edited by: helenbaby on Feb 3, 2014 7:40 PM
  14. He's very funny in The Freshman as the crazy chef. I won't say more than that.
  15. When Robert Mitchum was SOTM about 5 or 6 years ago, they did the same thing. Showed all the films in a 24 hour period, so it's not unprecedented.
  16. Sepiatone--it's going to be on again tonight (Sunday) at 10 est. Edited by: helenbaby on Feb 2, 2014 10:30 AM
  17. I think the guy said Sham-ba-la, which, if I'm not mistaken, is similar to Valhalla or any other heavenly type place.
  18. FredCDobbs says "I didn't hear any cursing in the Godfather movies..." Must have watched them on AMC because there is cursing in the unedited version, especially from Sonny (James Caan).
  19. I caught the last hour of this last night after I hadn't seen it in forty years. I'd forgotten how good it was with Timothy Bottoms and John Housemann as particularly stellar. The tv show based on it was good too, although the only cast member to go to the series was Housemann. I know it screams Seventies, but the story is timeless. I hope everyone got a chance to see it. It's a shame Bottoms didn't last as a star, but I've read a few things about him and I think I understand why he quit working. In fact, the 1970's were pretty good for all the Bottoms brothers.
  20. Thanks darkblue. McKinney is from my home town and when I really started getting into films, my mom would mention him and told me he was friends with her younger brother (my uncle Roy.) Anyway this was before IMDB or Google. I couldn't recall his name or face so I didn't know what films he had on his resume. After she got the internet we were talking about him so I decided I'd look for his credits and realized that indeed I'd seen him in a couple of things, most notoriously Deliverance. She had never seen the film so I had to explain how truly evil he was in that movie. All she knew abo
  21. I just Googled "old fabric" and got a lot of hits. I'm not a seamstress so I don't know these providers or the quality of the products. But it may be worth checking out the sites.
  22. Bill McKinney was a character actor throughout the 60's and 70's and he could be quite menacing. He was the guy who "assaulted " Ned Beatty in Deliverance. He did a lot of villian roles.
  23. Oh look. Mike Mcgee is back. Has been since September. I guess I haven't been around much lately.
  24. I like Joan's version more than Rita's because like everyone else is stating, it's just more raw. However, Swanson's version is effective too. I totally buy Crawford as someone who's down on their luck running from the law. Hayworth seems too clean cut in that particular version, even though I have seen her play sorta sleazy characters before this, like in Gilda.
  25. I wasn't having problems yesterday when everyone else does, but on my crappy tablet, when I click on Community it automatically goes to CFU then I have to click on Message boards to get here. This morning I was transferred to the CFU board but when I clicked on Message Boards I got the error page. I'm on here now because I'm using my BF's laptop and could use the pull down menu, but then I was still having log in problems. I logged in but got an error message, clicked the "back" button and I was logged on. I guess I should have posted this on the problems board. Off to do that now..
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