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  1. So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key. Already Gone- The Eagles.
  2. Are you freakin' kidding??? Ok then how about a draft so no rich kid can get out of serving in these never-ending wars and no deferments for a cyst on the ***. We never should have been there to begin with. Do you understand how many deployments these boys have had??
  3. Fred, your absolutely right. Check out the ravioli, spaghetti and beef-a-roni. It's soy as well plus it's loaded with high fructose corn syrup. It also pours like soup. Not the same product it used to be.
  4. I forgot all about the "Phil Packer episode. I think he started to eat part of his mustache. There were so many funny episodes. Bobby and the frogs jumping on Greg and his dates' pizza and the umbrella going through the convertible top. The one that i always remember, don't ask me why is when Greg's girlfriend and Marcia are trying out for head cheerleader and Greg brings her home and eggs her on to practice her cheer to tick Marcia off because she dated Gregs rival- Warren Maleny (sp). The cheer stuck in my head. FFFIL, LLLMO, OOORE Filmore junior high! Ugh remember that? Hope your carrot c
  5. Beast of Burden is also good. Respectable is a great lesser known song and Keith's Before They Make Me Run, which pertains to his drug use. The line in it where he says " I wasn't looking too good, but I was feeling real well" must have been an awakening for him.
  6. I've always felt I should have lived through the 60's not merely born then. Lucky you. Great music and passionate, spirited people. We need more of that today. Great clothes back then too. I have my moccasins and buffalo sandals and I'll never part with them.
  7. Yes, apologies to you Vautrin, I'm a bit slow on the uptake some days. Did you happen to catch the movie "Stoned" a few yrs ago? Supposedly at one time a builder for Jones told someone about Brian's death but then retracted his story.
  8. Vautrin,It was Andrew Loog Oldman. I'm not sure if it was he that coined them the bad boys of rock n roll. Love your take on Bill Wyman.
  9. I love Rockford too! James Garner has always been a favorite of mine. He always seemed like a nice person in life. Whenever I hear the phone ring and his voice saying, "this is Jim Rockford", it takes me right back to the 1970's. Very fun and nostalgic. Angel always cracks me up when he's on an episode. What a goofball. ????
  10. Laffite, Thank you so much for the recommendations. It makes it easier to choose when someone else had seen them and relays their likes. I appreciate you took the time to do that for me.
  11. They could have done so much with the show and it's a shame. I liked all the characters. As for me, I identified more with the freaks but the geeks are fun. Just as Lindsey decided to become a "deadhead", it's over. So much could have aspired. That's great you got the dvd with the music. To me that's extremely important. It's part of what makes it great. I watched the season a few times and each time I cannot believe they canceled it.
  12. This guy, Theo Bronkhorst said "If we do not use wildlife sustainably, there will be no wildlife." I don't know what he means. Is there an overpopulation of lions with tracking devices? No wildlife should ever be hunted into extinction.
  13. Yes I did, actually we are re-watching it again. What a perfect song on the last episode, Badfinger's Baby Blue. I found myself really liking Walt. Skyler not so much. I get where she was coming from. Just something about her irritated me. Bryan Cranston was very good. I liked the character of Jesse as well.I've watched a few series on Netflix. Now I'm at a loss of what to watch. Dexter?? I actually got my husband to start enjoying the old movies, especially pre-codes but since Weeds and Breaking Bad he's having a difficult time going back to them.
  14. I watched three tv programs- Breaking Bad, Weeds and Freaks and Geeks. Enjoyed all three although BB was a little more violent in some episodes. F&G was only one season. I did enjoy it especially the first episode when Nick says "Hey I've seen God, I felt his power. He plays drums for Led Zeppelin and his name is John Bonham baby!"
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