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  1. and pray tell why do we not have an opposing military force in iraq??????????


    somebody withdrew it despite gop objections. :D

    Are you freakin' kidding??? Ok then how about a draft so no rich kid can get out of serving in these never-ending wars and no deferments for a cyst on the ***. We never should have been there to begin with. Do you understand how many deployments these boys have had??
  2. I was eating some Hormel chile and beans several weeks ago and a friend of mine said those little things in it that look like hamburger meat.... well, they are actually "soy products" stamped out to look like the shape of hamburger meat.

    Fred, your absolutely right. Check out the ravioli, spaghetti and beef-a-roni. It's soy as well plus it's loaded with high fructose corn syrup. It also pours like soup. Not the same product it used to be.
  3. Since I'm trying to bake... (we'll see how well a carrot cake recipe converts into cupcakes)


    I've got a disc of The Brady Bunch playing as background noise. It's the episode where Greg needs to find a date for his date's cousin. He ends up enlisting Peter to be "Phil Packer" to fix up with the girl. Peter, rocking an awful fake mustache, is awkward and bumbling. He ends up dumping popcorn all over his date's lap. This episode is funny.


    Greg and Marcia were always the Brady kids I liked the most.


    Call me a weirdo, but I always thought Greg was kind of cute.


    PETER: What's that wild scent you're wearing?


    PETER'S DATE: Buttered popcorn.

    I forgot all about the "Phil Packer episode. I think he started to eat part of his mustache. There were so many funny episodes. Bobby and the frogs jumping on Greg and his dates' pizza and the umbrella going through the convertible top. The one that i always remember, don't ask me why is when Greg's girlfriend and Marcia are trying out for head cheerleader and Greg brings her home and eggs her on to practice her cheer to tick Marcia off because she dated Gregs rival- Warren Maleny (sp). The cheer stuck in my head. FFFIL, LLLMO, OOORE Filmore junior high! Ugh remember that?


    Hope your carrot cake cupcakes were good.

  4. From SOME GIRLS, "Shattered" and "Miss You" are both great tracks. That's the period when Mick was spending most of his time in NYC, and the lyrics reflect it.

    Beast of Burden is also good. Respectable is a great lesser known song and Keith's Before They Make Me Run, which pertains to his drug use. The line in it where he says " I wasn't looking too good, but I was feeling real well" must have been an awakening for him.
  5. When I used to watch them on Shindig, Hullabaloo, and shows like that in '64 and' 65, it was Wyman who gave me the best kick with his bored gum-chewing, suit-wearing thing. Where the Beatles wore uniforms, smiled and shook their heads all the same, the Stones all dressed differently and affected an individual stance.


    I loved being a teen in the 60's. Greatest time to be one EVER!

    I've always felt I should have lived through the 60's not merely born then. Lucky you. Great music and passionate, spirited people. We need more of that today. Great clothes back then too. I have my moccasins and buffalo sandals and I'll never part with them.
  6. I was joking a bit about his name. It was actually Oldham. Quite a mouthful

    no matter what, and it doesn't exactly have a working class sound to it.

    But I think he did try to exaggerate the bad boy image of the Stones so as

    to garner publicity in the early days. I think Watts was a bit more animated

    than Bill Wyman, though they both looked rather bored with the whole proceedings.

    Yes, apologies to you Vautrin, I'm a bit slow on the uptake some days. Did you happen to catch the movie "Stoned" a few yrs ago? Supposedly at one time a builder for Jones told someone about Brian's death but then retracted his story.
  7. I was joking a bit about his name. It was actually Oldham. Quite a mouthful

    no matter what, and it doesn't exactly have a working class sound to it.

    But I think he did try to exaggerate the bad boy image of the Stones so as

    to garner publicity in the early days. I think Watts was a bit more animated

    than Bill Wyman, though they both looked rather bored with the whole proceedings.

  8. You're welcome. It is one of their best country send up songs. I also

    like Dead Flowers, which has a country feel and those great lyrics.

    I think their early manager Andrew Loo Oldman or whatever his name

    was, encouraged them to be, or at least seem to be, a rougher, street-

    wise version of the Beatles. They may have gone along with that for

    a bit, but then just did what they wanted to do. I like Mick's act, but I

    also get a kick out of Wyman's and Watts' barely registering a pulse

    vibe. The orginal bathroom wall cover of BB was deleted and the

    vanilla one used instead. The album was still great. When I was a

    teen I wouldn't listen to country music if you paid me. Gradually I

    started to like the older country music of Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb,

    George Jones and others. Whenever I hear country music now, it

    usually sounds like outtakes from a later Eagles album.


    It was Andrew Loog Oldman. I'm not sure if it was he that coined them the bad boys of rock n roll. Love your take on Bill Wyman.

  9. It is wrong to judge all liberals as the same. My dad was a lifelong liberal. He served in the Army Air Core in WWII. His shoes and all his rifles were shined the rest of his life, although were he alive today he would be disgusted by the nra and these never ending wars. My mom was a lifelong liberal as well and she loved church.


    If one is anti-abortion that is their choice but to try to shut down planned parenthood is not right. I myself at one time had no insurance and if it wasn't for them I would probably be dead from cervical cancer. They provided my testing and surgery to remove the cancer. My sister passed away from cervical cancer.

    If we can't understand and communicate how can we ever expect to make our country better.

  10. I'm watching The Rockford Files, season 1 eps. I have the DVD series. Love this show!

    I love Rockford too! James Garner has always been a favorite of mine. He always seemed like a nice person in life. Whenever I hear the phone ring and his voice saying, "this is Jim Rockford", it takes me right back to the 1970's. Very fun and nostalgic. Angel always cracks me up when he's on an episode. What a goofball. ????
  11. I purchased FREAKS AND GEEKS Complete Series (one season only as you mentioned from 1999- 2000) on DVD.

    It was a little pricey for a single season but they were able to secure all the music rights for the songs that played during the original broadcasts.


    I love that show,



    They could have done so much with the show and it's a shame. I liked all the characters. As for me, I identified more with the freaks but the geeks are fun. Just as Lindsey decided to become a "deadhead", it's over. So much could have aspired.

    That's great you got the dvd with the music. To me that's extremely important. It's part of what makes it great. I watched the season a few times and each time I cannot believe they canceled it.

  12. You watched all of BB?

    Yes I did, actually we are re-watching it again. What a perfect song on the last episode, Badfinger's Baby Blue. I found myself really liking Walt. Skyler not so much. I get where she was coming from. Just something about her irritated me. Bryan Cranston was very good. I liked the character of Jesse as well.

    I've watched a few series on Netflix. Now I'm at a loss of what to watch. Dexter??


    I actually got my husband to start enjoying the old movies, especially pre-codes but since Weeds and Breaking Bad he's having a difficult time going back to them.

  13. I watched three tv programs- Breaking Bad, Weeds and Freaks and Geeks. Enjoyed all three although BB was a little more violent in some episodes. F&G was only one season. I did enjoy it especially the first episode when Nick says "Hey I've seen God, I felt his power. He plays drums for Led Zeppelin and his name is John Bonham baby!"

  14. We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.


    Albert Einstein



    I do love quotes. They not only make you think, they make you think about yourself.



    Lao Tzu lived in the 6th century BCE. I wanted to put that down but I forgot.


    I must dig out my James Gang and give a listen, though I'm not sure if I have their first album.

    Tonearm- thank you! I couldn't think of that word for nothing!

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  15. I truly do not understand the mind of a man like this. He paid $50,000 to do that!! There's no possible way that he could feel like a real hunter doing this.

    I did see that 400 people were protesting at his office.

    The two men from Zimbabwe were released and supposedly the Zimbabwe police were looking for this dentist. If it's legal why would they be looking for him? Appeasement? Ugh.

    It's disgusting and he is a vile, despicable human being.

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  16. These are great, and she included my local drive-in! - Silver Moon


    Thanks for the link!


    We had a Silver Moon in my hometown too, although it's been gone for many years. Now it's a produce market/antiques and a Golds gym. So many beautiful places are gone...in just one lifetime.
  17. Watch your thoughts;

    They become words.

    Watch your words;

    They become actions.

    Watch your actions;

    They become habits.

    Watch your habits;

    They become character.

    Watch your character;

    It becomes your destiny.


    Lao Tzu





    It's funny about Her Majesty at the end of Abbey Road in that I can't recall when I learned that little song was there. I had the album and played it often, never knowing it was there...until one time I was a little slow to remove the record player arm. Very surprising but then again so was the strange one at the end of Sgt Pepper.

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    Ever go to a Disco? Remember those days?
    The only disco I ever went to was in Germany. It was called 50/50. It was a big hangout for the soldiers as well as the locals. Every time I was there they always played Born in the U.S.A. by Springsteen. The Americans loved it although it usually made us want to go home to "the world."
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  19. There were some great quotes on here. Mine is probably not considered a quote but it is how I try to live.

    "And in the end

    the love you take

    is equal to

    the love you make"


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