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  1. I just read about the storms out there. Hope all is well and some of the rain soaked into the ground.
  2. Many of the mines are closed now. Did you ever hear of Centralia? It's pretty much a ghost town due to a mine fire that's still burning to this day. It's eerie when you drive past. Smoke coming up out of the ground in many places. Did you ever see The Molly Maguires? That was in a county up from mine. Sean Connery played in the movie. Oh and jenny wrens are very aggressive for their size. They are so tiny but they come right at you if you invade their territory where their nest is. One summer we had an old grill with a can to collect drippings and they built their nest in it. Needless to sa
  3. I know its a dog's life but that is a beautiful Appaloosa. Thank you.
  4. I couldn't place her so I looked on Google. She was born in Scranton, Pa. I only saw one of her movies- The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. I have The Racket but haven't watched it yet. Thanks for posting this speedracer5.
  5. Hibi, I admire you for being able to sit through it! I can't bring myself to do it although I have to say some were really funny and goofy. I had to laugh at your response of "shut up!"
  6. Our Radio Shack in Lewisburg shut down at least a year ago. So did Staples, two doors down from Radio Shack. Oh, but walmart is still right down the road.
  7. I really appreciate everyone's list. So many I forgot about and many I have never seen but would like to. I am not sure if anyone mentioned these two movies I came across while reading different reviews. Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean When You Coming Back, Red Ryder? The reviews were mixed and I don't believe they were released onto dvd. Just curious if anyone has seen them and if they are good?
  8. So jamesjazzguitar, my guess is you are from a warmer state in order to have mockingbirds this time of year? Thanks for the welcome even though I am from Pa. ☺ I'm regretting it a tad tonight. Just a bit chilly here.
  9. Thank you Sepiatone for those words of wisdom. I do not and will not have a Facebook acct. I totally understand why you renamed it. Good one. I have heard of so many arguments, hurt feelings and just plain meanness due to it. Another unusual name-Sepiatone. It's a color?
  10. Beautiful state and I've lived here my entire life (except 2 years in Deutschland). At this moment though I'd rather be a bit more south. It's already 4° and is suppose to hit -2° with lovely wind chills. Then another storm is coming Sunday. They first claimed 4-8" of snow, now it's 3-6." They don't know.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to tell me. I'm sure you've had to before. There are so many amazingly knowledgeable people on these boards and I am sure you all have answered many of the same questions often. Just saying thanks for your patience with a newbie like me.
  12. SansFin I know I certainly am not alone when I say I love your posts. I just recently come across this part of the forum and I always am very happy when I see your posts. This is a great part of these boards. Very upbeat and pleasant. What you have posted has brought me such joy. I think it's very good to make someone smile and laugh. You find many unusual and hilarious items and I am so happy you shared them. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and thought that goes into your posts. I am not an eloquent person with words but I just wanted you to know the joy you've brought me.
  13. Very interesting quiz. I scored an 8. I don't believe I am classified as a baby boomer. I forget what is the cut off-1961? What is the name of those born after the cut off date?Thanks Kid_Dabb. You, SansFin and ham radio always come up with fun and interesting tidbits.
  14. I get it now. Joe Frazier.Thank you. The only Frazier popping in my head was the Kelsey Grammer role and that was Fraser. Can't believe I never thought of that! ????
  15. Why is this considered politically correct? I'm not being a smart *** I am just curious. We are picking from a list of great movies. Either I am missing something or just not very bright. Just trying to understand.
  16. You are absolutely right. There seems to be a lot of it with the single digit temperatures. My spikes usually work fairly well but not in this ice mess. Thanks DownGoesFrazier. I like your name.
  17. TikiSoo, take care of yourself. This ice is very slippy. I even had those spike things for my shoes but they just popped right off today and then down I went. I love snow (not ice) but today I find myself wishing for spring. Give yourself some tlc and take care.
  18. I did dvr this movie because I never saw either version. I have not viewed it yet. I was expecting the talkie one.
  19. It's stories like this that renews my faith in the human race. When the news is full of negative stories it's nice to see someone cover a great story like this. All I can say is wow! What a guy and what a great bunch of strangers. Thank you for posting this.
  20. These are my choices: Passage to India (1984) Terms of Endearment (1983) The Deer Hunter (1978) Darling (1965) Marty (1955) Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) The Lost Weekend (1945) Watch on the Rhine (1943) The Grapes of Wrath (1940) Wasn't sure how they were to be listed. So I did mine by the recent year first not in order of favorites.
  21. I love Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame. I'm not sure if it is considered a screwball comedy but it is hilarious to me. Who wouldn't like to have an Aunt like her? Life would never be dull.
  22. Thanks, HoldenI know exactly what you're saying in regards to Millie Perkins. I have an old vhs copy from the tv. I do like the movie and have seen it many times but yes she rubs me the wrong way. I can't really say why. I tried so hard to get past it and like her but I cannot. There isn't really anyone that I don't like (other than her). Oh yes, and Glynis Johns. Not sure if I have her name correct. I've seen her in two movies- All Mine to Give and the other one I forget. Saw it on Netflix. She's a student who goes missing and her teacher is blamed. I always like to keep trying and maybe I wi
  23. Thanks TikiSoo. So it's a sequel to a prior one. Now I want both. I saw it on abe books. Stupid question but it was listed for £12.99 (I don't know if I got the right money key-for pound) do they take US dollars?I know Amazon has destroyed the smaller book stores. I feel the same way about wal-mart too.
  24. I'm glad you got to see The Young Savages. It was a great ending, wasn't it? Took me by surprise. I like Burt Lancaster. My favorite movie of his was Come Back, Little Sheba. I too liked Riding in Cars with Boys. Just saw it on Netflix. I liked the era and the way they displayed the humor. I'm not that fond of the more recent movies (for me the 1990's +up.) All in the Family was fantastic. Wow the "discussions" they had. I don't watch any sitcoms of today but I never see the kind of content like AITF. I mean Archie said god d*** in the episode "Draft Dodger." Have we really gone so far backwa
  25. Sorry James, my fault to presume. I made a wrong assumption. I'm glad to know I was wrong. She was unique and one busy lady. I thought she was attractive in her early roles.
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